Peanut Butter + Honey Milkshake Recipe

Peanut Butter + Honey Milkshake RecipeSo, remember the Peanut Butter + Honey Cupcakes that we're so crazy about? I thought it would make a pretty amazing milkshake too. It's pretty much the most indulgent treat ever, but soooo delicious! 

Peanut Butter and Honey Milkshake, serves two 

In a blender mix- 1 pint vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream, 1/2 a banana, 2 tablespoons honey, 4 tablespoons peanut butter (I used chunky), 1.5 cups milk (or coconut milk). Blend and enjoy! Honey DrizzleBefore you pour your milkshakes be sure to drizzle a little honey on the glass! Peanut Butter + Honey MilkshakePeanut Butter + Honey MilkshakeMy husband was pretty obsessed with this milkshake and I hope you enjoy it too! xo. Elsie

  • I tried this without the ice cream because I didn’t have any around. Still worked great! Delish recipe

  • Just finishing my second glass for breakfast. It is so good!!!! I like that the peanut butter is subtle even though it sounds like a lot to put in.

  • Oh my god, I didn’t think you could possibly combine SO MANY of my favourite things, PEANUT BUTTER,HONEY,MILKSHAKE! I am going to HAVE to make this!

  • I just went into every milkshake place in town but nothing sounded as good as this so i just bought myself some ice cream and the rest is waiting at home :-Dim too excited

  • PB+Honey+Banana is my favorite sandwich, and as soon as I saw your recipe I knew it would be delicious. I made it for dinner today (oops 😉 and it was AMAZING! I topped it with a few pb chocolate chips and a sprinkle of cinnamon. SO. GOOD!

  • okay… this looks amazing! so yummy! definitely want to try that.


  • wow, thanks for introducing me to the most dangerous thing to ever exist. oh my lord, yum.

  • I bet this would be AMAZING with trader joes cookie butter too!! MMMM!! Going to try tonight!!

  • So now I have to get up and make that thank you!! that just looks so great!

  • Looks absolutely amazing/yummy! Since I’m not such a baking whiz perhaps this version of peanut butter/honey is a bit more attainable! Delish!

  • this sounds so yummy! I’m complete peanut butter obsessed, so i can’t wait to try this out some time.

  • this. looks. uh. mazing! i’m about to go and eat peanut butter – i don’t care if i don’t have any bread! 🙂

  • You’re kidding me right? Did you just put two of my favorite flavors into a milkshake? YUM!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Wow. The boyfriend will definitely love this, as will I. His birthday is Wednesday…hmmmm…


  • Ohhh!! I’m going to make this for my husby! He’ll love me forever…especially if I put a little nutmeg in it!! mmmmmmmm

  • Mmm, those look absolutely fantastic! I wish this could be a hot drink though. It’s chilly out today!


  • I cannot wait to try these, I love peanut butter, he loves honey! <3
    Thanks for always sharing!


  • Whoa ladies! This just made the top of my to do list. YUM!

  • These look yummy, trying it out later today!

    My blog:

  • oh my goodness!!! YUM. i know what I’m having for dessert tonight!!!

    dayna @

  • This really made me laugh when I saw it- there is rarely anything I make in our home that doesn’t get snaffled up by Steve and Ben a.s.a.p. BUT imagine my delight when I saw not one BUT TWO things they both despise in one recipe! They won’t touch peanut butter (except in thai noodles with sweet chilli for some reason) or honey! I’ve struck gold! I can actually make this and know it won’t disappear out of the kitchen before I get a chance to even try it.Rx

  • Love the drizzled honey. Gives off a Winnie-the-Pooh vibe.

  • I loved peanut butter when I was living in EE.UU but here in Spain it is not easy to find it. Looks wonderful!

  • thats actually pretty healthy! yogurt,honey,peanut butter!! yummy AND nutritious!! thanks for the recipe!

  • this looks so decadent i’m almost afraid to try it!


  • wow, these look delicious! I love smoothies or “milkshakes” with peanut butter so much! 🙂

  • Ooh I love this combo on toast- it’s my favourite breakfast!So I bet it tastes amazing in a glass! Yummy.

  • Wow, it looks so yummie! I just found your blog and I thin it’s amazing, so cozy and inspiring! I just wonder, wht do you do besides blogging? 🙂 xx,

  • Sounds Amazing! I can’t believe I used to hate peanut butter as a child what was I thinking! 🙂

    Becky, K

  • Wow that looks so delicious! I have a love for peanutbutter that has never faded from my elementary years. Definitely have to make this!

  • My 8 year old daughter has just said “oh wow I wish we could have that” unfortunately we can’t due to my youngests nut allergy but once he is cured this will be at the top of our list!!! It looks so yummy

  • OOOOOOOH that looks amazing! 😀
    Check this french chocolate cake I made yesterday, your husband will love it too! so delicious!!:

  • This sounds AMAZING. You’re trying to ruin my Halloween diet, aren’t you? 🙂

  • This is actually an all-time favorite of mine – either in ice-cream form like this, or in smoothie form with yoghurt for breakfast. YUM. When I lived in France I wasn’t able to find peanut butter, so it was such a relief to move to Holland and find myself amongst peanut butter lovers once again. (:

  • Cool! I dont like too much peanut butter…but I will try for sure 🙂

  • Bananas + pb + honey together are one of my favorite snacks (+ cinnamon and nutmeg, too!), so with some delicious vanilla ice cream I have no doubt that this milkshake would taste spectacular. I love the drizzle on the sides – so fancy!


  • Sounds delicious! I was just searching through your read list and I was wondering if you could tell me some pet related sites you like (since you have a couple of pet posts I thought that you might know some good blogs).

  • Oh wow. Makes me wonder about a hot, winter version. Hot banana toddy? Ha! I’m anxious to try these and LOVE the mason jars as glasses 🙂

  • Hmmm…sound delicious! Also, where do you guys find those cute straws? I really want to have some at my place just for all the smoothie recipes you’ve posted 🙂

  • have you ever tried a peanut butter and marshmallow shake? It’s soooooooooo yummy! 🙂 pb and marshmallow are my FAV peanut butter combo. So happy together! 🙂

  • Interesting combo…
    Those pictures are really superb!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

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