The Perfect Holiday Hair Tutorial

Holiday hair 1Katie always has amazing, fancy hair! Today she's sharing her secret technique for perfect holiday hair…

Holiday hair stepsStep 1:  Gather a section of hair from the top/center of your head. Step 2:  Give it a little back-combing to add some texture and volume. Step 3 + 4:  Take a piece of fabric and fold in half one or two times to make it thicker. Note: The fabric I used was 4.5 x 4.5 inches and then doubled over to make it thicker. Begin wrapping the hair around it like a curler. Step 5:  Continue rolling the hair until you reach the scalp.  Pin in place. Step 6:  Add random braids throughout to add a little extra character.

Holiday hair 3Complete this look by adding a bow to the back! 

Holiday hair 4 Holiday hair 5Holiday hair 6Thank you, Katie, for sharing this technique with us! It's so cute. I love that the bump is understated and not gigantic like our beloved beehive. This style is easy to wear to most any occasion, whether a party or a more casual event. Have fun styling! xo. elsie

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