Pet Lovers Shopping Guide!

Pet guideA lot of our readers tend to share a love of crafts and food, but many of them also share a love of something else—pets! We certainly love our fur babies here at ABM, and we are always looking for cute ways to spoil our little pals (although, let’s face it, we do it for ourselves too, right?!). That being said, here’s a few ways to show your pro-pet spirit from the practical to the completely-unnecessary-but-really-cute…

1. If you’re looking for a sleek feeder for your dog, this elevated side-by-side bowl system will easily fit in with any home decor scheme (the small size works for a cat too).

2. If your dog gives you longing looks every time you eat pizza in front of them, maybe it’s time to get them their own slice (looks like supreme to me!)

3. Don’t be shy about the real reason you cancel plans every Friday night, you crazy cat lady you…

4. These custom name tags can be made in lots of glitter color options, and it even glows in the dark!

5. This retro-style kitty camper is the perfect lounger and scratcher combo for your fur baby.

6. Don’t be fooled, these donuts are actually a yummy treat for your best puppy friend—so cute!

7. So true, right?!

8. You’ll love the cat shaped bowls on this feeder, and your kitty will love the side of greens that comes with every meal.

9. Keep your doggy treats accessible but discreet in this pretty white “treats” tin.

10. This cute and funky side table also doubles as a cat hideout/nap zone—everybody wins!

11.  Why should you be the only member of your family that gets to have some bling? Treat your dog to a bit of that gold life with this pretty collar.

12. You’ll bring a whole new meaning to the term “sushi roll” when you throw these toys around the room with your cat!

13. Walk Fido in style with this colorful retractable leash…

14. …and don’t forget this adorable sweatshirt if it’s a bit chilly outside!

15. How sweet would this little bamboo house be for your small dog (or cat) to curl up in?

There you go—lots of ways to treat your best bud to something fun! I would swear those doggy donuts were real, so make sure to keep them out of sight of unknowing houseguests, or they may be in for a bit of a surprise! Make sure to check out all the pet projects that we’ve done to find more ways to display your pet pride! Have fun!

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