Photo Dot Journal DIY

Photo Dot JournalToday I'm here to share a cute polka dot journal cover that you can make with your own photos. Like our Instagram Journal, this project is easy to customize with your own photos. It makes a great gift! Enjoy…

Photo Dot Journal StepsSupplies Needed: Journal (ours was provided by Miro), photos you don't mind cutting up (magazine pages work great too), scissors and glue. 1. Use a small bottle cap to trace circles on your photos and cut them out. 2. Use glue to adhere photos all over the front of your journal. Be sure to leave some circles hanging off the edges. Allow to dry completely and repeat this step on the back cover. 3. Trim circles along the edge of the cover. 4. Use washi tape (ours was provided by Freckled Fawn) to create a cute spine for your journal. Enjoy your new book! 

Photo Dot Journal ProjectPhoto Dot Journal DIYWe're back in DIY mode with week… can't wait to share another fun glass etching project, a DIY swiss cross wall art project and Emma's everyday makeup routine! xo. elsie 

  • this diy journal is awesome. thanks for sharing..
    just out of curiosity, what brand is that purse?! i’m in love haha!

  • This is such a good idea (especially for photo storage inside the album, too!)

  • The fashion of the louis vuitton belts .You can see it for here

  • couldn’t have to many journals! I need them for all my lists!
    I really like this diy.

  • Eeek! This is super cute…I can see so many applications for this. I am a dance teacher, and I could make journals to record my class plans w/ “dancespiration” pictures. Or you could make a recipe book with food pictures, or a work out log with exercise photos…

    Plus, I’m sucker for polka dots…

  • LOVE!!!!!!!!
    Great idea, I’m obsessed with circles right now.
    I have been meaning to do something my with recipe scapbook.

  • I LOVE your eyes, Emma! 😀
    I also have blue eyes, but they never look as bright as yours!

  • This is just so lovely 🙂 I’ve had a creative itch for something along these lines lately, and this little DIY was just what I needed. I just finished my version and it turned out darling! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Limp lank hair – the bain of my life!!! My eldest daughter has the EXACT same hair, she’s gonna be cursing her baby sister when she is older as she is sprouting think luscious curls!!! I love your ombre highlights, I have been wondering recently if that would work on my type of hair – you just answered that with a big fat yes – thank you!

  • I love this! It’s much simpler than it looks.

    Will definitely be trying this on some school stationary. 🙂

    Ammy x

  • That is a nice idea i might make one w old Hollywood actress 🙂 black and white

  • The journal is super cute, but I can’t stop looking at your purse! What purse are you using for these photos?

  • What a cute idea!

    Could you tell me what that bag is? What I can see of it looks amazing!

  • wow!!! i LOVE this Elsie!! I did too my own Instagram journal from your DIY post. I can’t wait to try this 🙂

  • this is incredible! I’m going to try this out…I was looking for a way to spice up my black moleskine. Thanks!

  • What a cute idea!
    Things are always better when you make them yourself.

  • This is an extremely adorable and simple idea. You just gave me the best add in to any gifts I give! So simple and creative (:

    -Tara Joy

  • Oh wow, it’s really cute and a nice idea! The only thing I’d be worried about is cutting my photos into circles, as I wouldn’t know what to cut out, haha. xx

  • This is great fun!
    Look at these two I made about 17 years ago.

  • This is such a cute and simple idea! I need to try this. My kind of DIY – short and sweet!

  • This is so cute! Another idea would be to paste a photograph or pattern on the first inside page of the notebook and then cut circles into the cover with an exacto knife! You gals always keep me on my toes, looking for the next hands-on project. I really want to do the magnetic spice containers.


  • Cute!

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    Cheers 🙂


  • This is so cute, definitely a great idea for a lovely notebook! I carry around a little yellow poppy covered notebook, it’s adorable!
    Dreams In A Poppy Field…

  • Love this notebook!
    I always have one in my bag, but they are more boring!

  • Magazine collage is always fun. Has been since I was 12!

  • oh wow. like the creative idea, well done!

  • this is awesome! i might try it out soon.. 🙂

  • I love this idea, and the images you cut out look perfect on the journal! I’m going on a road trip this summer and I need to keep a journal of my findings, so this is perfect! Thanks for the DIY girls. 🙂

  • My new goal is to comment more on the blogs I read and love so hello! This project is so cute… I might use the same process to decorate some plain paper bunting for this weekend’s party 😉

    Chloe x

  • Love it! I must make my own. I have so many notebooks and I need to make them cute.


  • This is so adorably cute!!! I love the dots made of magazine cutouts! 🙂 This is so perfect for a gift! Thanks for the brilliant idea!!!


  • This is so perfect! I think maybe I’ll make one to keep my summer memories in…


  • It’s so niiiiice to spend time here, in your lovely blog! 😉

    Greetings from Brussels!

  • This is such an amazing idea! It’s my best friend’s birthday soon, she’ll love this!!


  • A really cute idea to pimp a simple/boring journal!
    Another great but easy project for my To Do List, thanks a lot!

  • Emma’s makeup routine! So excited! I’ve always found her incredibly gorgeous- both of you are anyway. Can’t wait for your new projects! x

  • Ohhhh, it’s Father’s Day in England on Sunday, I could do this with photos.Rx

  • What a great idea!! They would be so nice to give to friends especially if you used pics of special days together on them.

  • I’m so inspired to create artwork and writing and just jot down notes!!! With a DIYd notebook like this, possibilities would be endless 🙂

  • Brilliant! I also love discovering creative new ways to use washi tape.

  • Very cute idea guys!


  • totally cute! I think I’ll plan to make one of these to keep my bible study notes in 🙂

  • I love this selfmade cover! this cute dots 🙂
    and your bag is so lovely!

  • I love the colours and textures you’ve picked out for the circles – they look fantastic. And coloured edges on a notebook are always a Good Thing, too. 🙂

  • I love your blog! No one can compete with you two!

    Boo by Insane Bazar (from Italy!) 🙂

  • Awesome: I have a purple mokeskine I can decorate! This reminds me of creating & decorating text book covers in school.

  • yay for getting creative with the jcrew catalog! I was planning a scrapbook layout similar to this but with different sized polka dots of patterned paper and pictures 🙂

  • Elizabeth, I tend to fill about one journal each month. More if I’m traveling. 🙂

    Kat, same here… totally random stuff mixed with “important” ideas… haha!

  • Supercute and so much fun!!


  • What Elizabeth said! I know I fill mine up with to-do lists and ideas I jot down for my novels and websites. (And the occasional game of hang-man with my boyfriend while waiting at restaurants. Classy.) I think I’ll try this with either magazine clippings or my art!

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  • my friend is moving to colombia in two weeks and i wanted to make her something special! this is the perfect little project to add photos of her and me together onto a journal that she can write all her new adventures in! thanks for the idea!!!

  • I’d love to know how many journals you get through in a year? 😉


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