Pink Salt Hairspray Recipe

OK, so I’ve blogged before about how I don’t really use too many hair products (and yes, I still love this shine spray). But recently, I was thinking it would be fun to try my hand at making something. I wanted it to smell good, keep my hair hydrated, and be good for spring/summer beachy waves.

So, I made a pink salt hairspray! And after a couple tries to get the recipe just right, I am excited to share it here with you today. 🙂

-1 cup pink salt crystals (I stole some from my kitchen.)
aloe vera leaf juice
spray bottle (I use these for all my homemade cleaning products.)
-essential oils (I used lavender and sweet orange, but you can choose whatever you like for the scent you favor.)
-a funnel (here’s a good set—I use these ALL the time for projects like this.)
-filtered water

Using the funnel, add 1 cup pink salt to your empty spray bottle. Next, add six drops (each scent) of the essential oils.

Next, I added 1/2 cup aloe vera juice and 1.5 cups filtered water. Keep the proportions 1 part aloe to 3 parts water, and you can use whatever you need to fill your container.

The aloe vera juice is important because it is moisturizing and the essential oils are what adds the scent to your recipe.

Shake the spray before each use. After many uses, the pink salt will begin to fully dissolve (mine took a couple weeks, and it still wasn’t completely dissolved), but the spray will remain pink.

Use this spray to create beachy waves when air drying and after being outdoors in the warm months. It’s great for adding texture on days when you want tousled, messy hair. xx -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Amber Ulmer and Elsie Larson.
  • Also instead of aloe you can use coconut oil instead and it makes it super healthy for your hair as well. 😉

  • Hey!

    Does your spray not get jammed by salt buildup from spraying? I keep having issues with my sprays. Do you think it’s the bottle? I used a store bought sea salt spray bottle, but poured out the content as I reacted to it.


  • Could you boil the water to dissolve the salt and let it cool and then mix with the aloe? Or would that change things?

    Thank you so much for posting! Such a fun DIY!

  • Oh wow I have never even thought about making my own hairspray. Totally have to give this a try.

  • I made this and really like it so far, but my spray bottle keeps clogging up. I’ve tried 2 different kinds of spray bottles and both are having issues. Any suggestions?

    • I’m going to try this but I think I’ll heat the water first and fully dissolve the salt before mixing with the other ingredients. That should make it more effective. And if there are any particulates in the salt that won’t dissolve they can be strained out ahead of time to prevent clogging.

  • I wanted to comment to let you know that I made this a few weeks ago and I love it. Instead of pink salt I used some Dead Sea salt and the mixture turned out really well. I have straight hair and like a commenter above, it doesn’t give me waves but it does gives me full hair with great texture. Thanks!

  • Hi Elsie! Love this. Do you think you could use aloe vera gel instead of aloe vera leaf juice? I don’t know the difference or how it would affect this recipe! Would love your thoughts!

  • What a cool idea, and what an amazing colour it has!

  • I love this idea! I hate using to many hair products but this nice project sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  • Beachy waves are my go-to (I do live in LA after all). 😉 I’ve got some sea salt spray but hardly ever use it – going to change that this summer!

  • I work in a scent-reduced environment and people would lose their minds if I came in wearing essential oils. If those were left out would the spray be mostly scent-free?

  • The packaging looks top notch! Like if it came straight from a drugstore 🙂

  • I never even thought about making my own hairspray actually! Plus it makes a pink hair product, what’s not to like?!
    That is such a great idea, thanks Elsie! xo


  • Thank packaging is absolutely gorgeous! It’s so aesthetically pleasing, haha, it almost looks store-bought.

    I’ve been looking around for good salt sprays since the last few have left my hair feeling weird after every use (or are way too expensive). I’m excited to give this a try though, I’m digging the natural ingredients and gorgeous pink hue!

  • Soooo I’m a diy beauty blogger and I have NEVER heard of this! Genius! I’ll definitely be trying this one out.

  • Oh wow, who knew you could make this kid of thing at home??? So awesome!

  • I can’t wait to try this!

    I’m not sure why, but salt sprays never work for me! I have naturally wavy hair so you’d think it’d be ideal, but I always end up with more of a frazzled look ?

    • I was thinking the same thing because I have straight hair. It barely holds curls so I’d assume the salt would make it more clumpy than textured. I’m gonna give it a try, though. People seem to love it!

      – Greta

      • I have very straight hair and can’t get any waves from salt spray (just like mousse and other products) but it makes my hair dry real full looking and messy in a good way and then when it’s dry and I curl my hair so it’s wavy it will hold that way for daaaays, and without being crunchy like hair spray

    • I’ve had it for about a month now (not in the fridge) and it’s ok. With homemade beauty products it’s always really easy to tell if they’ve gone bad because they smell bad. I don’t know how long this one will last because I haven’t had the time, but if you’re worried about it maybe just make a smaller bottle?

      Hope that helps! Elsie

  • Very cute but salt is not safe for color-treated hair. Any form of salt makes hair color fade much faster (even with the moisturizing aloe) but red dye as the smallest color molecule is the most susceptible to salt fading. .

  • Ooohhh I’ve tried sea salt hairspray, but never this! A much more appealing color to keep on my dresser.

  • I thought your hairspray was storebought at first glance! You even aced the packaging!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • Thank you!! Making the packaging pretty is one of my favorite parts about DIY beauty!
      xx- Elsie

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