Place Setting Placemat DIY

Place Setting DIY from A Beautiful MessEmma thought it would be fun to create a placemat with spots for each item when setting your table! She chose aqua placemats with lace details for her bohemian styled home. Here's how we made this simple project…

Place setting placemat DIY steps1. Supplies: Place mats, white cotton fabric, lace fabric, scissors, craft or fabric glue, sharpie, and card stock. 2. Begin my tracing and cutting out patterns for the knife, fork, spoon, plate, and cup. Make each stencil a little larger than the actual object. 3. Then, cut out this pattern on the cotton fabric and lace. 4. Layer these two fabrics on top of one another and glue in place onto the place mat! Allow to dry completely + enjoy!

Place Setting DIY from A Beautiful Mess : completed project(Here's how your mat will look before you add any dishes…)

Place Setting DIY ProjectPlace Setting DIY ProjectPlace Setting DIY ProjectThis is a fun little project that can be whipped up within a few hours. You can make a set of two, four or six. This is a great gift idea for newlyweds or a housewarming party! xo. emma + elsie 

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