Playing with a Golden Half Camera

Golden Half 1Golden Half 1A little while back the folks from Four Corner Store asked me to pick out a camera and I chose this special Golden Half Camera. I picked this camera mostly based on it's cute appearance, but it turned out to be one of my favorite toy cameras ever. Here are some shots from my first roll… 

11111I am pleasantly surprised by this roll and can't wait to take more. I love the way the images are spliced together with irregular lines. I'm super excited to try more image pairing on my next roll. It takes 35mm film too… XOXO. elsie 

  • Where did you get the photos developed? Did you have any trouble?

    I had a Diana Mini camera which also shot half frame and found Boots had a real problem developing it. Puts me off buying half-frame again as most of them didn’t turn out! xx

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  • Love these!


  • I have the Chelsea Maika edition and I still have yet to develop my film. These are inspiring to finish my roll ^_^

  • I LOVE the last photo of Jeremy and the painting on the wall that looks like him 😀

  • You’re making me covet toy cameras….maybe something I’ll have to look into playing with. 🙂

    –Jaclyn T
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  • That camera looks amazing! I love the half photos, and the quality of the images is good too! What more can you ask for in a fun camera toy? : )

  • Love that camera. And so lucky that it takes 35 mm film. I need to start using my cameras again that take this film, although I will have to find a place to get them developed first.

  • It is really amazing how toy cameras can turn out to be real art!

    Thanks for let me disovering Four Corner Store, I actually use an old Pentax, pretty cool too!

    Have a nice week

  • So cute! I love that shot of Jeremy next to that painting 🙂

  • Four Corner Store has an awesome customer service! I love your photographs, the one with the flowers is really beautiful!

  • The camera is adorable! & I have to say, those shots did turn out pretty nice! 🙂
    xo Heather

  • I ADORE! ADORE! your little picnic set up and that camera is so cute.

  • oh i love that! i’ve never seen film camera’s that do that! love!

  • I’ve been wanting a toy camera! They seem so fun. I have a random question (that would probably be better asked via email, but I’ll start here): how do you do the custom post titles? (font, color) I also have a typepad blog & have wondered if I could this. It looks like there must be a way. 🙂

  • oh this is so cool! At first I thought you’d just edited the images together, but that’s amazing that they come like that right out of the camera.

  • oh wait! jkidding. that’s photojojo X___X fourcorner sends a camera button pin!

  • I freaking adore fourcorner 🙂
    especially the fact that they send a toy dinosaur with a purchase!!

  • Love the granny square picnic blanket! I love to crochet and will have to try making one of those!

    ~ Hanna

  • I’m loving all your posts on film cameras lately… can’t wait to see more!

  • I loooove them! You look like Zoey Dechanel in the bottom left photo!

  • Ok, now I have to get a toy camera too lol! The camera is adorable, and the pics are cool 🙂


  • The camera is so cool
    photos so amazing!

  • Oh my starry eyes! That pie looks delicious, guess I need to take a trip to the refrigerator!


  • I have one of these too! I’m having trouble getting it to work but it’s made me realise how much I’ve gotten used to digital…eek!

  • Your pics have come out really well! I was given a golden half camera for birthday and I love it but I was thinking about getting a flash for it. Does your one have a flash? Or is there one you could recommend? I do love your photography posts! <3

  • I kind of need that camera now :P! you think they will let me pick out the same :D? lovely shots Elsie!

  • you look just like zooey deschannel in that photo above! aka beautiful. I think I have a ridiculous obsession with film like you!


  • I got one of these and when I had it developed they did each shot as a 4×6. They turned out horrid! Where did you get yours developed? They turned out great!!

  • I hadn’t heard of this camera, but love the pictures. looks cute also.


  • Those turned out very well. I agree, it’s a super cute camera! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  • It is a cute camera! I love toy cameras!

  • Katie, yes, each photo has two frames on it! It’s really fun.
    I haven’t had as much luck with 35mm cameras, but i also LOVE the Lomo Super Sampler. I have a roll fromt that too, will probably post it in the next week! 😀 It takes 4 frames per photo and they happen really fast… sorta like a really fast photo booth. XO

  • Not only do you feature awesome pictures, you feature cameras that take the pictures. It seems like such a no brainer and so helpful, but nobody else does it!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • Very cool! So each picture actually has two pictures?! With the line down the center? I’m so checking this out. I’ve got some 35mm film that needs using! Do you have any other 35mm toy cameras that you like?


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