Playing with an Impossible Project Polaroid

Impossible Project CameraImpossible Project CameraOne of our biz friends sent us a very sweet gift last week. It's an Impossible Project Polaroid Camera + film! I haven't used a polaroid in a few years (since my last box of expired film from eBay). I was super excited to try it out. I used to take polaroid photos all the time and was pretty devastated when the film stopped being produced. Here's how it's different from old school polaroid film- 

Impossible Project Polaroid FilmImages are blue while exposing. They are also sensitive to light, so you are supposed to leave them covered for a bit. 

Impossible Project Polaroid PrintsHere's what my first few photos look like. They definitely look and feel like polaroids, but I can tell that the film is completely different. I am so happy that Impossible Project exists and that I've had a chance to try it out! I have some color film to try next. Happy dance!

Have you tried this film yet? What did you think? xo. elsie 

  • I really love impossible film. They worked great with my cameras, but it’s so expensive I only buy it when I have extra money. You can get it at some Urban Outfitters too I believe…. xoxo good luck with your polaroid endeavors!
    Sarah Jasmine

  • My friend and I have been having trouble with the impossible project film and that model of polaroid camera. What technique did you use for covering your photos when they come out of the camera? How long did you keep them in the dark/how long did you let them be in the light after developed? Also did you use any settings on the camera to produce your images? Indoors or outdoors? Thank you for your help!

  • Lela, I took all these photos indoors with the flash on. In the second photo you can see that the impossible refurbished cameras have a little plastic “shield” that comes out with your photo. I just leave mine under that for a few extra seconds before removing it!
    Sorry to hear that your friend is having problems! xoxo. elsie

  • I think Allister Ann who takes pics for the civil wars uses it?
    Your pics turned very pretty, I really want to try a polaroid someday, even through digital photos open up to a milion oportunies (as take 100 pics and delete the 98 you looked like if you were drunk and additing filters) I think the good old polaroid and film cams bring a special beauty to the photos. hehe
    Just my opnion.

  • My Polaroid isn’t refurbished – I bought it at Urban probably 10 years ago, before they stopped producing them. The Impossible film has been pretty good for me – I definitely had to shield it when it comes out, and the colors are much lighter, very muted. I haven’t used the b&w yet, though, so I’m glad to see samples! And definitely keep it in the fridge! I noticed the colors are much different after the film’s been sitting in the camera for a while… Please update us on how your color ones come out, Elsie!! <3

  • I have a vintage polaroid I’ve just started using. I haven’t had great results so far and at $40 for 10 photos, I’m not entirely sure it’s worth the price. I’m going to continue to tinker with my camera but I can’t say that I’d continue to use it if the photo quality doesn’t improve.
    Have you heard of their new iPhone attachment that allows you to turn your cellphone photos into Polaroids?

  • wow… this looks pretty awesome. i have 2 polaroid cameras and i miss using them!! maybe i should buy a box or two from them!

  • I’ve been wanting to order some film from them for so long! I have several Polaroid cameras, but I haven’t had a chance to see if any of them even work. Looks so fun!

  • A few years ago on New Year’s Eve, a friendly guy at a club we were at offered to take a polaroid photo of my husband and me and gave it to us. It’s one of my favourite pictures and I treasure it. And now that I realize the film is very expensive and hard to get, I appreciate this kind gesture from a stranger even more!


  • Polaroid saw this hole in the market and amended it by producing Polaroid cameras and film again. And they’re really cheap and easy to get your hands on.. And the film isnt inconsistent and dodgey.
    So worth getting!

  • Ive been looking around for a camera like this. Im IN LOVE with vintage anything!. Where do you find this stuff? Shopping online intimidates me alittle. Well anyways this is soo awesome!!

  • Thank you SO much for experimenting and posting this!!! I found an old Polaroid in my Dad’s office and was super pumped– uuuuntil I found out how expensive the film was on eBay. $20-ish is way better than over $100! Hooray!!

  • Love a Polaroid! Such satisfaction when you get a photo straight away! I was thinking of getting one for my birthday, yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. Bummer though!

  • oh my gosh, how exciting! my friend just bought a polaroid camera off ebay and we’re all so excited to play with it once we can get our hands on some film 🙂

  • the pics are super cool looking, but what makes it different from polaroid film other than blue while developing and light sensitivity? is the impossible project something for people to join? it sounds fun!

  • I’ve had a Polaroid on my wish list for ages! Love the look of them. I really like these Impossible Project snaps. Very unique.

  • I ABSOLUTELY love this film. A bit on the pricey side, but still super fun to use! I read that they have a device that prints phone pictures like this too!


  • I haven’t tried this film, but I bought a Fuji Film instant camera last year. The photo’s I make with that camera are just magic!

  • Hello! My name’s Katie and I read this blog every day. I just wanted to say what an inspiration you all are to me! I am a photographer and I absolutely love the photos you all post on here. The composition, the colors, the mood, and just ugh, everything about them are always so personal and perfect! You all inspire me so much that I took some photos today with you all in mind. Thank you so much for being so motivational and inspirational. You all are my muses! *hug* Thank you!

  • Can’t wait to see the colour film, I adore the tones warm tones and hazy vibe of colour polaroid. THe website is pretty cool too, love how you scroll down through a wee story to get to the homepage …

  • My friend gave me some Impossible Project film and a thrifted polaroid camera for my birthday but honestly I’m scared to try it. I’ve never used a polaroid camera and could use some tips!

  • I have used the color film, Blush I believe its called, and I’ve had some really great results. That nice vintage picture feel. It is really important that you keep them covered while they develop (especially outside) because otherwise it will be a near total wash out. I use mine with an old polaroid I picked up at the thrift store. (:

  • One interesting thing I just heard about the Impossible film folks (and that I didn’t realize before) is that they just purchased the equipment and factory, but not the chemistry or instructions on how to re-make polaroid film. They’ve had to start from the ground up, with the assistance of a few previous polaroid employees, developing their very own film. That means that they have had to start from the beginning and are actually going through the exact same learning curves as Polaroid film did when they first started (with film that can’t be exposed to light and is sensitive to temperature, etc.) The more people support Impossible the more they will be able to continue on with their learning process and develop an even better product. I just purchased my very own first pack of Impossible film and it arrived last week (for an SX70). I haven’t used it yet, but I’m excited to begin.

  • Oh my word! These are so cute, I don’t have a polaroid but I’ve always been insanely fascinated with instant photos. (When I was little I went to a church childcare thingie and there was a polaroid camera… I took about ten pictures before the leader realized that I had stolen her camera). Hey, what can I say? I couldn’t understand why the pictures were all coming out black.

    xo, Deanna

  • Wow! So so jealous! Ultimate dream is to get my hands on a Polaroid camera and some film! Looks amazing and I hope you’ll share the colored results?!

  • I really like impossible project film. We used a lot of it at our little wedding last year. I agree, it is very different from the original stuff. Also, once they have sat around for a while the image will totally disappear, they require this special process to make the image last. A little weird to get used to having to cover them up while they expose too, but thank god for impossible project!

  • So fun!! Love the look of old Polaroids – they’re so charming and nostalgic. 🙂


  • Yes I have! I have an Impossible Polaroid camera and it is the best camera I’ve ever owned. The film is amazing but make sure you don’t leave it in the camera for too long without using it because the film starts messing up a little bit. Other than that, I just love love LOVE Polaroid cameras! 😀

  • IMPOSSIBLE are great! I wish their film weren’t so pricey, but hey, for an independent company bringing back the beauty that is instant photography all on their own, I don’t mind sending $20 bucks their way when I can swing it.

    I’m pretty sure they just made a new batch of film that self-develops without having to be shielded! I don’t remember if it was 600 film or not, but the shielding process always made me a little weary… I currently shoot my instants with Polaroid’s old 60’s automatic land cameras and use Fujifilm peel-apart instant film which is lovely (and extraordinarily affordable)! I absolutely adore instant photography. Spontaneous, but classic!

    Kayla //

  • How fun to be able to try this out! I am not as big of a fan of the new pictures compared to old polaroids, but its always so fun to take instant photos!

  • Oooh…i found a pretty mint condition polaroid at a thrift store a few years back for $5, and recently stumbled across it in my camera drawer(lol) – I noticed our local photo store carried some Impossible Project film, and I *almost* bought a roll – maybe next time I go in? 🙂 These are lovely shots!

  • I love photographs with poloroids. My husband had one when we first got married and he had so much fun with it but the photo store closed and we couldn’t find film anywhere. It is a pity. Love your shots.

  • I’ve been contemplating buying Impossible Project film for awhile. I wish they made something similar to Polaroid’s old Time Zero film. I miss manipulating the emulsion during development. Sigh.

  • Have a polaroid that belonged to my Dad. Have his photos from long ago and the colors do not last. I have some that were taken with an old Kodak Brownie and they are good. Daddy liked to see them immediately but they did not stand the test of time.

  • I am so glad this exists, I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera but have put it off because of the film being so ridiculously expensive!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • I adore The Impossible Project. I’ve been a fan of instant photographer for the past 3 years. I recommend testing out the Impossible Project’s new color protection film. It’s incredible and not light sensitive like their other stuff. My love for instant film photography has grown so much that I created a site to share for all the images I take:

  • Warning: The film eventually fades almost completely. Out of a full pack that I exposed a year ago only three are still visible and only because I had left them inside a book (forgetfully) for the majority of that time. 🙁

  • Thanks Elsie for the link. Had a good read through and am ready to give it another go. Wosh me luck!
    Becky, xo

  • I used PX100 Silver shade on my SX-70 but because it was meant for different kind of poloraid cameras, my film came out just slightly over exposed. So I have to find a filter to cover the film pack so it’ll darken the exposure when it hits the film but other than that, I like it! Just need to buy some more, they’re kind of expensive for a broke college student, haha!

  • This film works perfect with a standard old school Polaroid camera – it has for me. The color film is just as fun!


  • My friend had one of these at her wedding a couple of weeks ago with a cute photo booth. It was such a blast! Hanks for sharing I am going to have to check it out for myself!

  • I happened on your site while looking for others results with the new polaroid film.
    All the films so far were experimental. About two weeks they have released what they are calling their final film as they have finally perfected the film. It doesn’t even really need shading when it comes out. I used some today and it is pretty good.
    With the older film I have been using photos that haven’t worked as my shader. They slide in really well and don’t tend to slip like the dark slides.
    I generally put them in my pocket straight away and leave them there for ten or twenty minutes.
    I have also found buying them from unknown places tends to lead to unknown results. It is really reliant on being stored properly.
    I was buying from a local store, but have found it is cheaper straight from the impossible project site.
    Hope some of this helps.
    I like your photos,
    Good luck and happy instanting.

  • Very cool! I never had a chance to use a Polaroid camera, but I always wanted one as a kid. They’ve always looked like so much fun! I also thought I was a “photographer” when I was a kid so I wanted to snap a picture of everything, haha. Great shots, Elsie! 🙂

    xo, Adriana.

  • They actually just came out with a new color film that isn’t as light sensitive! So far my photos have come out great!

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