Plush Fox Doll D.I.Y.

Plush fox 1A few years back I made and sold these cute plush fox pillows through Red Velvet. Since it's a retired product now, we decided to teach you how to make them! These foxes are a fun one-evening sewing project that you can do with even the most basic sewing skills! Enjoy! 

Plush fox steps1: Supplies Needed- Simple solid, print, and white cotton fabric, scissors, card stock, plush stuffing, sewing machine/needle and thread and child safe snap on button eyes and noses. (You can find them in the doll section at your local craft store.) 2. Cut out the back and front of the fox. We made ours an estimate 1×2 ft. 3. Cut out and trace a circle from card stock on the back of your patterned fabric. This will be for the fox's belly! 4. Next, sew on a triangle shape for the snout with the white fabric. For the eyes and nose, make a tiny hole with scissors, poke the eyes and nose through and secure it with the back snap. 5. After you've sewn on the snout, sew on the belly! You'll always want to sew on the snout first, guaranteeing that the belly won't be too high or too low. 6. Once you've decorated the front, place both sides together with the outsides facing in and sew them together, leaving a small gap at the bottom. After you've sewn your fox together, flip him inside out and fill with stuffing! Last, hand stitch the opening. All done!

Plush fox 2Plush fox 2Plush fox 2Plush fox 2Try adding different details and embellishments to give your foxes cute personalities! Have fun. XOXO. elsie

  • I made these TODAY!!!! Well I made one, it is such a cute idea. I made it out of red velvet, and used lace as the white between the eyes and checkered for the tummy. I haven’t added eyes yet, but it’s looking great!

    I have a bunch of empty vases, what should I do with them so they don’t just waste space? I can’t afford fresh flowers eery week!



  • i absolutely fell in love with this so i just had to make one:

    I’m really proud of how it turned out! but i kinda feel like you guys made it too easy–almost foolproof! thanks 🙂

    …you don’t know how much money you have saved me in future christmas gifts! <3

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  • So ridiculously cute! Particularly like the addition of the doily. Thanks for sharing your tutorial for this little,cuddly friend.xx


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  • I adore this post! I made a fox with different coloured fabrics last week. Thank you for such amazing inspiration!

  • I made one for my dearest friend, and she loved it!
    It’s a lovely present. Thanks for sharing the diy.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this, will be trying my hand at them as I <3 foxes. Cheers, Elsie!

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  • I had a go at making my own fox using your tutorial. Obviously, yours are much better though 🙂

  • I tried this out last night. She’s missing eyes and a bottom hem, plus I don’t know how to sew, but I had a lot of fun. I think I will make a litter of these, too.

    Thanks for this great idea. 🙂

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  • Oh man! This is so darling!! I may have a girls craft night soon and this would be perfect.

  • I tried this DIY! Here’s my first attempt. I’m going to sew another one tonight!

  • These cushions are so cute. I remember them from when you shared them originally and love them just as much now as back then. They look especially lovely as a family group 🙂 I’d want to sit right in the middle of them!! Thank you for sharing this cute and fun pillow diy – it has given me an idea for a birthday gift coming up soon 🙂

  • I just helped my daughter and her friend make these for a sleepover project. They had so much fun and their foxes turned out really cute. Thanks for sharing this project, Elsie!

  • Thank you, thank you! I really wanted to make one of these foxes for my daughter’s birthday but did not know where to start. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is so perfect. I’m making a quilt for my brother’s wedding and his fiancee loves foxes. I’m going to have to make them a couple coordinating fox pillows. Thanks!

  • Ijust squealed of joy and pure delight! These are fantastic and oh so very cute 🙂

  • These are so adorable. My daughter would just love one. I’m going to attempt it asap! I love how you can vary it so easily. Thanks!


  • Wow, those are adorable! Kinda wanna try making a kitty out of that pattern also, just add some whispers! 🙂 What a great idea. This with a little mason jar of home-made jam and some bread would be a cute house warming gift to give as well, I think.

  • I totally want to make these as bookends and put them in my sons room. We have a fox the kind of lives in our yard and my son loves seeing him.

  • What a cutie that fox is!! I love the photo of the chair overflowing with them – so sweet!

    Stephanie May*

  • This inspired my pregnant by 32week butt to get out of the house and go fabric shopping. The theme for our gender neutral nursery is “Green, Orange and Fox”. So far it’s been hard to find orange or Fox elements. I added a frisky tail to the back of mine and intend to make a whole family.


  • My best friend is having a baby and I have had no clue what to get her but between this and that bleached shirt DIY, I think I’m set!

  • I don’t have much time for crafting, but I think I’ll have to make time for this! I love love love this tutorial, and I want one (or two or three!)

  • I’ve always lived these things. They’re so cute. I’m glad that you’re finally sharing your secret to make them.

  • OMG they are so adorable!! They would be great in a baby’s room =)


  • All of them looked so lovely! I shall try it out myself xD Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  • I just wanted to say, I love reading your blog and it always inspires me!

  • This is really great! They can definitely make awesome throw pillows!

  • these look fantastic and totally like the Aubin and Wills foxes – I’m not sure you have then state side but they’re a big brand here in the UK. Have just whipped up diy chocolate easter eggs – divine!

    Laura x

  • Hello Elsie
    these Foxes are so cute and lovely, I like them sitting on the grey chair. Your blog is great it’s so inspiring!
    Greetings from Inga

  • So sweet I think this might be a little project to make for my little girls room, its adorable!


  • Oh my – this is serendipity! I have an 8 year old daughter who is OBSESSED with anything to do with foxes! We are SO going to make this together – thank you so much for sharing such a brilliant design!

  • Oh my god, this is adorable! :3

  • I absolutely love this! I’m not the biggest sower you’ve ever met but I may just try this because it’s so cute!

  • Awww these are so stinkin’ cute! love the one with the heart on its belly, and how each one is so different!

  • I actually giggled at the sight of that chair full of foxies. So sweet!

  • Ohhhh, what a darling tutorial! Foxes are my favorite animal, so of course I adore this 🙂

  • So adorable! I would love if you would add this to the Lovely Things Thursday linky party!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  • Just a few changes and this could be an owl, for the owl lover in your life!

  • Sweet Family of Foxes. Love it!!

    Makes me wanna make a Family of Iguana.

    Hee. Cute. 🙂

  • Oh my word! I totally live this so much! It’s so cute and easy! Thanks so much!


  • Um those are ADORABLE! I’m thinking about making one for a present for my boyfriend’s younger sister!

  • Those are adorable ! They are like the owl pillows I made and sold over the summer. Two little girls took them home and seeing the love in their eyes for them made the project so worth it!

    Amanda Rose

  • Eeek I love these!! They look so cute all together like a family!

  • Very cute!! I love fast and easy projects, and my kids love when I make them animals! Thank you!

  • my favourite is the one with the blue heart! he’s so cute!

  • ACK! I adore them! I am making a family of foxes as soon as summer break hits! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • These are adorable! I’m going to try to make some for my new apartment this summer!


  • So cute! Thinking of trying it this weekend. 🙂

  • As soon as I re-teach myself to use my sewing machine, I’m making 30 of those! so cute

  • Aww, foxes are my favorite animal, so these are perfect! 😀 Such a cute idea.

  • These are so beautiful. Wow. Thank you for sharing, I think they’d make nice gifts for a new baby girl!

  • This is such a cute pattern that could be slightly altered to fit so many different designs. i can see it now: raccoons, owls, or even a parrot. endless opportunities.

  • aww so cuteee!!!! love love love them! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  • we’ve got a new baby coming along in our family and my newborn: i’m making these!!!

  • Ahh! I love it! I think ill make a little family to go with my little family!

  • Okay, this is really one of my favourites this far, and I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now! Wonderful stuff! Really cute, I should make one for my one year old cousin! 🙂

  • Oh so cute! I am going to have to make one of these for a gift coming up. 🙂 thanks for the tutorial.

  • These are so cute… wish I had any artistic talent lol

  • these are lovely, such a great idea! i think i will make one for our home since my boy and i love funny plushies. thanks for the idea! (:

  • They are lovely!
    I made this owl pillow few weeks ago with an old t shirt…

  • Good and pretty idea. I love them and I want one:)
    The Stylistbook | Street Fashion Blog

  • These are so cute and funny. I want a chair full of fox pillows, too!

  • So so cute! I think I’d make these tiny, so you could wear it as a brooch 🙂

  • Aw, these foxes look so cute! I wish I had some filling here, I would make one right away.

  • So cute! I love the collection:) They remind me of the fox I bought at a craft fair for the baby’s room right when I found out I was pregnant:) Now we can make more. I love the idea of different embellishments. I think that a variety of vintage fabrics–like a wool skirt in the right red or orange–would also be adorable.

  • SO cute! :] I want to make some of these for my baby’s nursery!!!

  • Oh my goodness!! Sew adorable, tehehe. I will have to build a fox army :]

  • Charming. I love how they all look together in their little foxy pack.
    Megan K.

  • That picture of the chair filled with foxes is just too cute. 🙂

  • Haha, too cute! If I make one in greyish brown it will look like my dog! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh! How sweet and FOXY are these! Love them! Definitely pinning this idea!


  • i’ve had it in my mind to make one of these foxes for a while now. thanks for sharing the diy, i’ve got the perfect chair for a little foxy friend. 🙂


  • Such a cute idea! I love the chair full of a family of them!

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