Pom Pom Sweater DIY

I totally have that problem where I get “jealous” of baby clothes that I find for Lola and I want one in my size! I found a little pom pom sleeve sweater for her, but I wanted one in my size so bad that I decided a DIY was definitely in order! I decided to use a rainbow of poms to make it a bit more fun, but it’s so easy to make that you could do a few in different pom colors. Supplies:
1″ pom poms
-safety pins
-needle and thread

I used about 26 poms for each sleeve, so make that a bigger or smaller pile, depending on how full you want the look to be. I went through and tried to make sure I had the same number of each color in each sleeve pile so the sleeves would still feel like they matched, even if they weren’t exactly the same placement.Take one of your sleeve piles and divide those poms into two piles with the same amount of cool (blues, greens, purple) and warm (yellow, red, orange) poms per pile. That will help each side of the sleeves look balanced as well. Place your front side poms in a random but evenly spaced pattern on your first sleeve.Use safety pins to pin each pom in place from the underside and then repeat the process of spacing out and pinning the poms on the back side of that sleeve, and then again on the other sleeve until all the poms are pinned in place.Turn your sweater inside out and use a needle and thread the same color as your sweater and sew each pom in place. You’ll definitely want to do this while you watch a movie or something as it’s kind of a tedious job, but it will be totally worth it! Once all your poms are securely in place, you’re ready to show off your colorful sleeves!OMG, how fun is this plain sweater now?! This is totally a statement sweater after adding all the poms, and since you have so many colors on the arms, matching other outfit items should be easy since you basically have every color to choose from! I would hand wash this sweater (which is a “boo!” for some people I know), but it’s so special I think it’s worth a little more effort to keep your poms intact. Have fun! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

P.S. Want some round sunnies? This pair is so cute!

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