Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Pom Pom Wall Hanging — Simple to make and so cute!Wall hangings are the décor de jour for bohemian, flower children these days. I can't say that I'm much of a hippie, but I can appreciate a little textile art in my home. I thought I'd put a bit of a refined, though simple, spin on a wall hanging that would add a pretty, delicate touch to any home.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging — Simple to make and so cute!Supplies:    
-handmade pom poms with tails still attached (check out this post to learn how to make them with scissors and a fork)
-yarn (I used a delicate pom pom yarn for added texture)
-sharp scissors
-lace ribbon in length and style of your choice
-wooden dowel 2" longer than your length of lace
-embroidery needle (not pictured)

Pom Pom Wall Hanging — Simple to make and so cute!Step One: Loop the plain yarn through the lace and around the wooden dowel. An embroidery or darning needle is helpful for this. Leave a long tail for the next step. If you run out of yarn, knot another length of yarn to your remaining strand and tuck the tail into the looped yarn using the embroidery needle.

Step Two: Knot the ends of the looped yarns to secure them in place around the wooden dowel. Then use the tail of the yarn to create a string for hanging. Knot it in place and tuck the ends of the knot into the yarn-wrapped dowel using the embroidery needle.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging — Simple to make and so cute!Step Three: Tie lengths of yarn through the openings in the bottom of the lace ribbon. Knot them tightly into place and trim off the excess yarn. Don't worry about keeping the lengths the same—the total length can be trimmed later.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging — Simple to make and so cute!Step Four: Use the tails of your pom poms to tie them onto your hanging yarns, creating a pattern or even trailing randomly.

Step Five: When your pom poms are arranged how you wish, knot them into place and trim off the tails.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging — Simple to make and so cute!Pom Pom Wall Hanging — Simple to make and so cute!This wall hanging is a relatively easy way to get a large scale wall hanging for your home, and there are so many ways to customize the design and size. Change up the yarn, lace, and pom pom size and arrangements, and you can make something unique to you! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection.

  • Beautiful! Stunning! A delicate Statement! One question: Do you know the brand/name/collection of the pom pom yarn ? I can’t seem to find any yarn with those small pom poms already in it.

  • By far, my favorite blog site! Such a creative pair, just splendid and so awesome to share so many tips! I shall be definitely making one of these over the cold season in 2015. Lots of love from Sydney town, thank you xx


  • I really really want to make this! Can’t wait till my next uni break. So gorgeous!
    x Julia
    Peyton McKee

  • Great job, what a fun craft! So adorable and simple. We love the bohemian, yet modern feel! It would look amazing hanging on the wall, with one of our rugs on the floor. http://bit.ly/1EBkKnv

  • I adore this idea. Much simpler than I imagined. I am also wondering on the wall colour name. It is stunning.

  • WOW! This is gorgeous! You going to have me crafting rather than working. 😉 Love your blog.

  • I love this! Perfect weekend project to help dress up my tiny apartment walls.

    Thanks for sharing!



  • I don’t tend to love wall weavings, but I do love this! I can see making one of these to hang in my home.

  • We love how delicate this wall hanging is – very fitting with our bohemian style at AMaVo Boutique. Thanks for innovative idea – We’ll definitely be trying out this DIY.
    – Sent with Love –

  • this is so pretty! i love it against the blue wall, too!

    xx nikki

  • Oh this is so cute! What a creative idea. I’m thinking one would look gorgeous in my living room….

  • Beautiful! I wish I had wall space left in my home to have something like this hanging 🙂

  • Wow, this is so cute! I wish I was that crafty!


  • Loving the boho look, especially the white selection! Pompoms are surprisingly so easy to make – thanks for the tutorials 🙂

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • As usual Mandi, you knock it out of the ball park!!! So clever lady!!! I find myself only commenting on your posts!!

    Much love!


  • This is so ridiculously stunning, I can not even take it!!!! Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.

  • I LOVE love LOVE this! Totally making one for my room…

    But I really don’t like the “Lazarus Effect” ads that are on your blog now… 🙁
    (I’m fourteen and that creeps me out.)

  • What a fun little project! I could definitely see this in a little girl’s room 🙂

  • Seriously, you make this look so doable but I will probably be staring into space for an hour before I figure out what to do!

    Maybe I’ll try to give it a go this weekend!


  • Hi there! This is absolutely GORGEOUS and I literally cannot wait to make it. I think it looks very chic yet so simple and artsy.

    Thanks for sharing girls!

  • This is so cute, I totally might do this when I get round to furnishing the nursery! thanks for the great project.

  • This is neat! I think it might make really good wedding decor!


  • Oh, I love this!! Definitely a little more doable than the weavings I’ve been seeing! I think this would look great against the dark teal wall I have in my room!!

    Neha // http://nehasharmaphoto.com/blog

  • I don’t have kids of my own yet, but I know that my students would love to see something like this in the classroom! Thanks for the idea!

  • oooh love this, it’s gorgeous especially keeping it all white! xx

  • I’m obsessed with this! One question – did you tie the pom poms to several strands of yarn or to individual? Sorry if this is a duplicate, my other comment seems to have disappeared.

  • I love this! I was looking for a craft to do on my birthday today, so this couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks for sharing : )

  • Oh, I am ALL over this. I love that there’s no colors so the texture of it really emphasized. I imagine this would be great for a nursery as well.


  • Great blog!

    I’m new blogger. I’d be happy if you would check out my blog!

  • For sure! Just be aware that it tangles easily when moved about, so the large the piece the more work you might have to do when moving it into place, getting out any tangles. -Mandi

  • It’s in my brother’s home, so I can’t say. But I asked him and he said he might be able to figure it out. I’ll let you know if he responds! -Mandi

  • This is so gorgeous and would love amazing on my light lilac wall. Would love to do this with friends!

    Warm Regards,

  • I have to say that of all of the wallhanging DIYs I’ve seen, this one is my favorite! I love how it can be used to fill a substantial space but still has a very delicate feeling to it.

    My walls are white so now I’m trying to imagine what colour what look best or how this would look maybe even multicoloured. Would that ruin the beautiful and delicate simplicity of this? I’m not too sure. I’ll let you know when I get around to trying this though!

    xo Kathryn

  • Oh man this is adorable! I love this idea – might have to try this one day! x


  • I have this huge bump on the bedroom wall and it drives me crazy. I’ve been trying to come up with something to cover it and I think your post just gave me a great idea 🙂 I only hope that I won’t be needing home cleaning services after (like the last time khm O:) )

  • Redecorating my room soon so will defo give this a try! Thanks I loveeeee <3


  • This is so cute! I also think it would look good if you angled the bottom in the same way that the larger pompoms are. Such an easy DIY and it looks so great! Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh, if there’s ever been a project that I’ve wanted to rush and replicate right away it’s this one! I absolutely love how light and airy this is – beautiful!

  • That looks adorable! I’m about to move (again) and am looking for sweet things to decorate- thanks for sharing!!!

    Love from Italy and a lovely day to you!


    XO Bambi

  • This is so simple, but so perfect. Can this type of wall art be done on a much larger scale?

  • The wall color (dusky blue) is gorgeous and to die for. Please, I must know. What color is it?

  • This is so pretty! I love the way you always find ways to ways to cover bare walls that are not too heavy or loud, but still offer a really nice contrast in texture. Really beautiful – thanks for sharing!


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