Try This: Potato Stamped Curtain Panel Tutorial

Use a potato stamp to add a sweet bowtie pattern to a simple curtain panel. Get the full details over at www.aBeautifulMess.comSometimes you hear about a craft technique for years without ever feeling any desire to try it out, and then one day you just have to! In my case this was potato stamping. It sounded kind of gross, and I wasn’t convinced it would get me the results I wanted on a DIY project I would actually want to use in my house. Then one day I needed a curtain panel that would compliment the rest of my daughter’s new room decor without competing with it. I wanted something with pattern that was still simple. Something graphic but still whimsical. I wasn’t finding what I wanted in stores and realized I would likely need to take matters into my own hands. Enter the potato stamp.

Potato Stamped Curtain 1CurtainSupplies
-cotton curtain panel
-potato of choice
-steak knife (not shown)
-fabric paint
-foam paint brush
-cardboard to place behind your curtain

C1I knew my potato carving skills were going to limit me to a few simple shapes, so I went with a tried and true triangle and then turned them into a bowtie shape. It feels a little whimsical and girly without being overly so.

To make your own stamp, cut your potato in half at the thickest part. Then cut a triangle with angles that meet at the edge of your potato for the largest size. Then lay it on its side and cut down until you meet your first cut and gently nudge that section off. Repeat on the other two sides. If your triangle isn’t perfect and you want a consistent print, cut a notch near one of the angles to act as a point of reference.

Once you’re happy with your stamp, place your curtain on top of a protected surface and smooth things out.

C3Use your foam paint brush to layer an even coat of paint onto the potato before you stamp it onto your fabric. Don’t skimp and start stamping twice before adding more paint unless you want the faded effect. Work slowly and pay attention so you don’t drip any paint onto your panel for best results.

Potato Stamped Curtain Tutorial 1
I was really pleased with how smoothly my paint transferred from the potato and it wasn’t gross at all. I do suggest letting it sit for about fifteen minutes after cutting it open to have some drying out time. I might be an official potato stamp convert, guys! Have you ever used them to print on fabric? –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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