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Spring scentsIt’s a new season so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite scents! Some of these I’ve been loving for a long time and some are recent additions. The Garden of Good & Eva by Benefit, Wish and Imagine by Lollia (I actually want to collect all of the Lollia scents, they’re incredible). I love the Orla Kiely fragrance, Holly gifted it to me before my wedding and I wore it on my wedding day. Still loving Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh as well. What are your favorite scents for spring and summer? xo. elsie

  • just got kate spade’s twirl a few weeks ago and so far LOVE it! it’s the perfect citrusy sweet scent for me! i’d love to try the orla kiely scent some time.

  • I am such a perfume hoarder! Love twirl and anything by Benefit!
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  • I really have such a hard time with perfumes. I find people overload them, especially in the mornings if you’re stuck on a subway car with a person who has bathed in their cologne, and the scent is so strong that its burning your throat. I would be so much happier if people just stuck with soap and water.


  • I love the Marc Jacobs scent! My bottle is almost empty too which rarely happens. I have a such a hard time using up perfume! Is that normal? Haha. I also love Stella by Tocca. I wear it all the time. 🙂

  • I like all of these, but I guess I’m not in love with them. I sort of hate wearing perfum because I feel like it gets stuck in my nose all day and I get tiered of it pretty fast.
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  • My pref is Marc Jacob’s eau So Fresh!!… Can’t stop wearing it!!… I will check your list, seems like a fab selection!! Cheers!!

  • I have few favourites, I guess I’m not very original because I love Dolce & Gabbana “The one” and Coco mademoiselle and Femme by Hugo Boss. I do not know any of these you like. Have to find them somewhere to check 🙂


  • i can’t get away from miss dior cherie l’eau- fall, winter, spring, summer . . . it’s doesn’t matter!

  • I don’t find that I switch with the season. Rather, I switch for the reason! These days I love Armani Mania and Lancome Hypnose. But I can always use more so I have my pen and paper right here and am noting some of the loves listed!


  • My all time favorite, for any season is Victoria’s Secret red plum & freesia… love it!

  • I love wish too! and the MJ Eau so Fresh. I just bought bath & body works fine fragrance mist in Forever Sunshine + I love it. It’s light + makes me feel like it’s Summer. It’s a fun, cheap scent!

  • god, i looove benefit’s good and eva. everytime i go into a perfumery i put lots of it on my clothes. i’m always to mean to spend this much money on it, but for some reasons i always think that i won’t love it as much as now once it would be available every day 🙂

  • I love INCREDIBLE by Victoria’s Secret. I get compliments all the time on that! And, it’s not too pricey.

    Another recent favorite is Tokyo Milk Kabuki. So delicious! I run out of it so quickly, and it’s hard to find. Amazon sells it. Yum!

    One of my other favorites has always been Lucky You. Reminds me of my youth!

    My husband’s favorite is Hugo Deep Red. It’s a great winter scent.

  • Daisy is my absolute favorite. I fell in love last summer after snagging a large bottle for $35 at Marshall’s- I’ve been hooked ever since!

    I really want to try the Orla Keily.

    I really love this photo, by the way. Also, I can’t believe I used the word ‘really’ so many times.


  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is my current fave. And when I’m not feeling the “full on perfume” thing I like the Lavanilla scents (especially vanilla coconut and vanilla grapefruit), they are super light and smell delicious.

  • I love your perfume display! I actually use Nollie (the green bottle) which is sold at Pacsun. It’s only $20-$25 depending on the size and, contrary to the price, it smells exceptional and perfect for spring and summer. I always get comments when I wear it and people are always shocked it isn’t more pricey.

    I also like most of the fragrances at Anthropolgie; they smell so simple and natural. The woodsy scents they sell there are my fave (they aren’t overly masculine or anything). It might be more for winter. But wood burning over an open fire is my favorite scent in the world, so…it’s good any time. Plus, when it comes to summer at the beach, bonfires! Who doesn’t love the smell of bonfires? ; )

  • obessed with Fresh’s Brown Sugar. It’s not very spring-y but i can’t stop smelling it. and when i have that addiction, i will spend whatever it costs to get it. I also love Princess & Viva La Juicy, for brands, and Victoria’s Secret Wild Scarlet!

  • I love the Imagine by Lollia! In fact, I am a big fan of all their scents, including Breathe. When I switch up the Lollia I often go for Kiehl’s Musk or Philosophy’s Pure Grace (it smells like rain). 😉

  • I love Be Delicious by DKNY! my husband got a bottle for my birthday and i could not have been more thrilled- also clinique happy is a close second- although jardin sur le nil by hermes is an unobtainable jewel (almost a hundred dollars a bottle)

  • My favorite is the lemon summer vanilla from bath and body. It makes me happy every time I spray it.

  • My absolute favourite is Lush’s Icon. Myrrh, sandalwood, orange blossom; it’s intense, heady, and earthy. I love it in the summer with a long layered skirt and tons of beads.

  • I love the imagine scent by Lollia I bought a few years back at anthropology and have been hooked. It’s so girly and feminine.


  • Lucky Number 6 is my favorite for all times of the year. I used to love wearing Adidas’s Adrenaline during summer, but they stopped making it shortly after I found out about it. Bummer!

  • Such pretty bottles. Wish I could wear perfumes. I’m hypersensitive to the chemicals, and they make me feel sick as soon as I spray them on.

  • I adore imagine ( a lovely gift from a sweet friend). My go to scent for spring is vanilla grapefruit by LaVanillla Laboratories. It is sweet and fresh and smells natural, not synthetic.

  • I’ve been loving my Coach “Poppy” sample that I just got from sephora. But I can’t buy the scent…I hate the bottle. Does that happen to anyone else?!?

  • I really love the True Religion perfume. It smells so good and light.

  • I would like to smell them all now, like a mouse!:D I love Benefit perfumes, they’re fantastic, my favorite is Carmella!:) Happy Friday!!!

  • My go-to scent is Flora by Gucci, but I also love Paris by YSL and L’Eau d’Issey Florale by Issey Miyake.

    After reading this post I actually ordered the Orla Kiely perfume (so excited to try it!), and tried to order some of the Lollia mini scents, but I live in Australia and they only ship to the states 🙁

  • I own Imagine by Lollia & I LOVE it. They made a candle with the same scent & it’s delicious but the shop in my town where I bought the perfume stopped selling their products. Sad day =( I’ve also worn Daisy by Marc Jacobs almost every day for 4 years so I’m a little biased against Eau so Fresh. I love this piece!!


  • Blue Charm by AZZARO – fresh and delicate,perfect for the spring 🙂

  • I’ve been loving the world of essential oils recently — my favorites are the spicy, earthy patchouli and the sweet,sassy white ginger.

    They remind me of Indonesia in the monsoon season, when the air after a heavy rain smells alive and green.

  • Bvlgari omnia crystalline it’s clean but not citrusy. it stay on you all day and you still smell fresh by the end of the day.

  • I LOVE Haiku, Viva La Juicy, Tenacious and various home-made scents on Etsy!!! I also LOVE Imari Seduction.

  • For winter I wear Belle D’opium but I find it so heavy for spring. Most of the time I just love splashing rose water on my skin. It’s such a beautiful but subtle scent.

  • My signature scent is Angel by Thierry Mugler. I get stopped by strangers quite often who ask for it’s name. It really is heavenly.

  • I love Marc Jacobs perfumes… Eau so Fresh one of m favourites!!!
    I’m new in the blog area, ( I posted our button…
    Love your blog…

  • I have the benefit one, “ring my Bella”, I got it for my birthdat. It’s a wonderful one!

  • I have fallen in immediate love with those Lollia bottles – they are gorgeous!! I live in France so will have to “sniff out” where I can find them here 😉

  • Coco Chanel Mademoiselle is so perfect for spring (year-round, really, but hey, PERFECT for spring) and Miss Dior….My goodness. Both pack light floral notes that are just a tad sweet, but just the perfect amount of floral and “clean” scents. UGH! My favourites.

  • I’m wearing the Eau So Fresh is what I’m wearing right now but I’ll go from that to the normal Daisy and then I LOVE Coach’s Poppy Flower

  • I’m obsessed with Lancolm’s Midnight Rose. It’s so delicate and pretty. I also like to customize my scents by spritzing two different perfumes. It’s definitely tricky though.

  • Chanel’s Cristalle has long been my spring/summer go-to scent, and in winter I mix it with musk. But I also love Quartz by Molyneux and MAC Creations Greenify.

  • the benefit one was the background on my phone for the longest time because thats my name! And i love their graphics…

  • B Spot by Benefit is one of my favorite scents…unfortunately they stopped making it. So sad. I love scents with jasmine and lilac undertones to them. Sandalwood also draws me in!

  • Happly by Clinique and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana and Coconut Lime Breeze by Bath and Body are my favorites. Not long ago, I realized that they are all citrus based and that I need to look for that when I am looking for new scents because I am a bit perfume sensitive.

  • clinique’s happy in bloom. i first got it in a makeup store in union station in dc, and i’ve loved it since. it’s only available in the spring, so buy it now!

  • Narciso Rodriguez for her. I used to be a perfume hoarder but after trying this, it’s now the only perfume I wear… love it x

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  • Elsie! I tried the Garden of Good and Eva, and it didn’t smell right on me, but have you smelled the Carmella one? I love it! It’s like a nice light vanilla smell. You inspired me to find a new fragrance, and for that, I thank you 🙂 Sadly, I couldn’t find the Eau so Fresh, but I’m still on the lookout for it!

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  • I LOVE Orla Kiely too. I got it for mother’s day last year but it’s nearly gone because my kids keep asking for a ‘little bit of orla’ each morning! I’m Irish too – and it’s the first ‘modern’ Irish perfume i really like!

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