Print + Organize Your Life (FREE Mini Course)

I am super excited to share our latest (mini) e-course with you today, called Print + Organize Your Life! For this course, we partnered with Canon USA. We love our Canon printers and use them for projects on the blog all the time, so we were super excited to get to partner with Canon on this mini e-course. So, what is the course all about? Here’s the cliff notes version:

-Mini Course = Six easy to follow lessons
-Sponsored by Canon USA so it is completely FREE to you (yes, it’s 100% free, for real)
-All content is geared around organizing your life and home

I looooooved working on this course and I can’t wait to see you all put this course into action in your own life. I am pretty passionate about organization in general, but I am especially excited to share about how I organize my memories through simple (anyone-can-do-it-yes-that-means-you) photo albums I make myself and print each month so it’s easy to keep up with.

Print + Organize Your Life might be a mini course, but it packs quite a punch. Here is everything the course contains:

Six Lessons
1. Organize Your Memories – Why & How
2. Organize Your Memories – Storage Ideas
3. Organize Your Office
4. Organize Your Kitchen & Bathroom
5. Organize Your Closet
6. Organizational Gear & Supplies

Throughout the lessons, I share before and afters from the spaces in my home I organized, as well as tips and ideas that can make things work in your space.

There are also eight printable downloads for you to use:
-Photo Album Labels
-Desk & Office Labels
-Agenda Labels
-Printable Calendar pages
-Printable Notepad pages
-Bathroom Labels
-Pantry Labels
-Closet Labels

And there are three step-by-step DIY projects:
1. Fabric Transfer Photo Albums
2. To-Do List Notepads
3. Printable Wall Calendar

Everything is easy to do, so you do not have to be an advanced crafter to enjoy this course. I know how good I feel when I get my home and life organized, so I wanted this course to be as super useful as it could be to everyone!

This course was truly a joy to work on, because I got to get super organized in the process. So I know how good it’s going to make you feel too, and I’m really excited to see what you all do with the course!

If you have questions about the course, let me know! Otherwise, go check it out now because, again, it’s FREE, friends. All you need is an account on our courses site, and you will need to go through the normal checkout process but you won’t be charged.What have you got to lose? 🙂 xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Katie Day and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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