Printable Healthy Snack Tag For Kids!

If you have kids, then you know that most of your day is spent feeding kids either a main meal or a snack (or preparing/cleaning up from that meal or snack!). So finding things that are healthy as well as easy and portable are always a huge win for everyone! Since most kids are involved in either sports, clubs, or play groups throughout the year, we partnered with Wonderful Halos to make little printable tags to give out some sweet treats to teammates or friends for special occasions or when you’re the parent on “snack duty” that week. We made our fun little bags to hold Wonderful Halos mandarins that check all our boxes for being delicious, healthy, and easy to take on-the-go for any event. And since they are so sweet and juicy, free of common allergens, and easy to peel for little hands, they are bound to be a hit with even the pickiest of eaters in your child’s group!

-5 lb box of Wonderful Halos
-snack tag download (here’s the general tag and here’s the sports tag)
-card stock paper
-scissors and hole punch
clear snack bags
-twine or ribbon

Print your snack tags onto thick card stock and cut out your tags along the printed lines. Use a hole punch to punch a hole to put your twine though.Cut a piece of 12″ long twine and tie the middle of it through your punched hole.
Add some Wonderful Halos to your clear treat bag and then tie the twine and tag onto the bag and make a knot. Tie a bow and your healthy treat is ready for gifting!
While we can definitely use the general friend tag already with our 22-month-old’s friends (it would be great for Valentine’s Day, Easter or for other holidays instead of candy too!), it may be a little longer before she’s on a proper sports team and we can use that tag. She’s definitely obsessed with balls and playing soccer with her dad already though, so I don’t think it will be too long and she’s more than happy to help eat any mandarins around the house in the meantime! Hope these help inspire you to bring a sweet Halo treat next time you are in charge of snack duty! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Makes me feel like you’re only promoting sustainability when you get amazon affiliate links for it. Hoping that’s not the case and you will think of a better, more sustainable option next time. Ick.

  • I am going to agree with the others. The extra packaging seems so wasteful.

  • Gotta agree with everyone above, the extra plastic is off putting. The tags are cute tho!

  • These are so cute and would be perfect to hand out as treat bags!!! Thanks for sharing.


  • Cute idea but will agree with others that this is an unnecessary use of plastic 🙁

  • Really cute but would love to see you promoting biodegradable options too. Another quick thing, are you guys only doing one post a day now? It’s a shame as I love your ideas!

    • Hi! Yes, we are at the moment. Not sure yet what we’re doing long term but it’s something we’re trying out. 🙂

  • These are so cute! And I love mandarins – they’re just like oranges (my favourite fruit!) but easier to peel… so maybe even better? Mmm! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Cute tags, but this project uses lots and lots of unnecessary single use plastic (oranges already come in their own wrapper). Maybe just tie the tag to an apple stem?

    • I was going to make the same comment. You could even use paper bags or repurpose something, but to buy extra plastic when, as was stated, nature packages oranges safely already, there’s got to be a better way. Thank you!

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