Progress Report: Elsie’s Bedroom

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016You guys! You guys! You guys!

I am so embarrassed because I was searching through the archives for this post, and I realized I never posted it! Haha.

When Alyssa Rosenheck photographed my home for domino, this was the first time our bedroom was photographed in its current state. It’s really close to where we want it to be. It’s light, airy, simple and relaxing.

Sources: Painting/Teil Duncan, Console Table/Amazon, Tray/Schoolhouse Electric, Wall Planters/West Elm.

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016 This really is my dream bedroom. I regret zero choices we’ve made in here, which is pretty much a first for me. I think it helped that we designed it to be really chill and a good place to sleep and that’s pretty much it. Originally I was afraid it would be kind of a boring room, and then it surprised me and turned out to be a favorite. And do you remember what it looked like before???

I seriously ordered this chandelier the week it came out. It’s just such a dream (and so affordable!), I think it went into my shopping cart the moment it came up on the website. It was one of the last rooms I swapped (and we went without any light up there for several months). Good things come to those who wait, I guess!

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016 Sources: Bed/Room & Board, Chandelier/West Elm, Ceiling Medallion/Amazon, Pom Tassel Curtains/Anthropologie, Fiber Art (above bed)/DIY, Painting (left)/by my amazing mom—Elizabeth Chapman, Painting(right)/Teil Duncan, Rattan Chair/Shop Candelabra, Pink Bullet Planter/Hip Haven, Bed Cover/Anthropologie, Pink Sheepskin/Amazon, Bench/Amazon (we painted the legs gold), Blue Pillow/The Vintage Rug Shop, Area Rug/Amazon. (Haha—now you know my secret—ALWAYS check Amazon for price comparisons. Sometimes you can find crazy good deals there.)

Want to hear a funny story about this bed? My parents bought it for me almost ten years ago. It’s a queen size, and I love it. I moved almost every year all through my twenties and squeezed this big metal bed frame into some tiny, very awkward apartment bedrooms in the past. We almost got a new one when we moved because we wanted to try a lower bed (because of our dogs and their delicate little backs—that’s why the bench is there now). But then we were going over budget in all kinds of areas. So we decided to keep it, and we painted it white to match our new vibes. Then I fell MADLY in love with it again. So much love. And then, after we moved, we needed a new mattress, so we invested in an organic one. Everything was absolutely perfect. Until we went on a trip to Palm Springs last month and slept in king size beds all week. And Jeremy (the man who never asks for anything, especially things that cost $$$$) says we should change to a king size bed. Sigh. (I told him maybe next year.)

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016 Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016 Still loving our DIY IKEA dresser. Originally we had a mirror up there but realized that with our bathroom with double mirrors right in our room, we didn’t need it. So instead I opted for a gigantic Max Wanger print from Urban Outfitters. Love it so much!

Found that salt lamp at Home Goods. The pretty brass hand is Jonathan Adler from Lulu & Georgia.

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016 That’s all, you guys! Hope you enjoyed these peeks into our master bedroom. And if you have any advice for us, whether for or against the king bed situation, we’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you want to see more of our bedroom posts our inspiration you can check out our pinterest board here! xx -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck.

  • Love your room!

    Definitely a queen bed. From a feng shui perspective, king beds are almost worse than a twin. Here’s a little explanation from one of my fellow feng shui experts, Ken Lauher:

    “A Queen bed is recommended over a King or California King size bed for two reasons. A King size bed leaves no room for upgrading. Since you’ve already reached the maximum level, the only way to move is downward, so your next bed might be to move to a single bed. .Additionally, a King size mattress typically rests on two box springs, which can suggest a separation between partners who sleep in the bed together. ”

    Love your blog and ideas! =)

  • Elsie, I am SO inspired by this room. I second your notion of regretting nothing: it’s perfect.
    My dining room ceiling is pink, and I want to freshen it. What paint color did you use on the ceiling?

  • What a change!!! I love it, so bright and comfy!
    You always surprise me!

  • I get them from Amazon! They’re an amazing deal. I use them in every room. xx! Elsie

  • The walls are white, but the pink ceiling casts a little pink tone on them.
    xx- Elsie

  • My husband uses a box fan to sleep so I haven’t needed one. But I think I saw a modern fan guide on the blog “Almost Makes Perfect”! xx- Elsie

  • Hi Leigh!
    I don’t really read in bed often, but our overhead light works well when I do. I keep my water on the side table right now, but I would like to find bedside tables sometime (but the height makes it kind of difficult because most are too short). I’m always on the lookout!
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Abby!
    The ceiling is baby blush by Valspar. I am going to do a guide to ALL my paint colors on here soon!
    xx- Elsie

  • Interesting! I haven’t noticed anything like that. Maybe I don’t keep it lit long enough?
    xx- Elsie

  • Yeah- I’m a little concerned too that if we switched it would throw off the proportions. But we’ll see. :))
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Caroline,
    You know- I’ve been trying to find the right night stands for YEARS, but since our bed is taller it’s not super easy. I would love some still. It’s kind of annoying not having them. 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • Your style is so amazing. Currently in a tiny apartment with my new hubby. One day we’ll have space for a room like this.

    P.S. I absolutely adore the little bench with the blanket.

  • Give the man his king bed. Your husband sounds like mine. He doesn’t really care at all about the way I decorate so when he wants something. I never fight him. At least you don’t have 6 deer mounts in your 2 story living room. It’s all about compromise, I guess.

  • Thats really cool, I think something like this would look good in there too.

    unique floor lamp

  • I’m totally in love

  • I live in Texas. Ceilings fans in the living room and definitely the bedrooms are almost necessary. But what you have going with your light fixtures throughout your house is soooo beautiful. Do you have any sources on fans with great design or do you think those are meant to blend in and be ignored? Some of the “snazzier” ceiling fans I’ve seen are too futuristic looking. From, a big fan (I’m a dork)

  • The pink is so dreamy! We just upgraded to a California King. It longer than a king and slightly less wide. No regrets! I’m almost 6 foot and my husband is over 6 foot. We LOVE it!

  • Wow, this is so beautiful! Great work! I love all those pink details around the room!

  • This is so funny! Because I was literally googling your bedroom makeover this week and couldn’t find it! AHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS! Thank you for inspiring me. Another amazing makeover. I hope when my bedroom makeover is done you also find a little inspo as well. 🙂

    xo, Heather

  • I don’t even know where to begin – the bedroom is so dreamy!


  • Love your blog so much – had a question about the adorable kiddos room you did a while back. What was the bubble gum pink paint color your used for the bunk beds? Would love to surprise my daughter with them! Thank u so much! Jessica

  • But the queen fits perfectly in between the two windows! Besides they say a king is bad feng shui because the box spring is two separate halves therefore causing a separation effect on the couple. You could try that argument… although sleeping in a king is fabulous. All the more reason to look forward to vacations!

  • Oh please please please tell where you got your brass curtain rods! You’re room is absolutely perfect and I’ve been searching like CRAZY for brass rods!!

  • Pleasing and relaxing room. Way to go! I can’t figure out where the lights are to allow you to read in bed. Also, where do you put your glass of water? No nightstands?

  • Super dreamy, and very relaxing. I am still not brave enough to have a no phone rule in the bedroom but I’m working my way up to it. Also love your crystals – team #rosequartz for lyfe!

  • This is so dreamy and relaxing and PERFECT. Bedrooms are for sleeping anyway, so I love that you kept it nice and calm. All the creams and pinks are so beautiful.
    Also, I one day dream of owning a California King size bed, but I know my husband will never jump on board with that, haha.

  • Beds and shoes are two things I consider investiments instead of splurge, and that is for the simple fact that the time we spent on/with them seriously affects the quality of time we spent off them!

    I’d go for the king and an amazing mattress whenever possible. Cudling is always an option, just no longer mandatory – specially during heat waves!

  • My partner is also very frugal and low-key, but at his request we got a king sized bed. I’m pretty indifferent about beds, but he loves it SO MUCH. We also splurged and got a tempurpedic, and he comments at least once a week how happy he is with our bed. (This is a year and a half later.) We’ve put off some other necessary purchases — like replacing the ELEVEN YEAR OLD Klippan loveseat from Ikea….I really don’t think a $249 couch is supposed to last that long– but the bed was worth it.

  • Such a beautiful space, so much to love! We switched from a futon to a king after we bought our first house and found out that my husband had cancer. He had chemo night sweats and I was doing some serious teeth grinding (stress!) and a king bed was nice to have a little personal space when sleeping. Then when my husband would spend a week in the hospital for his 5 day long chemo infusions, that bed seemed so huge. And empty 🙁 Now, several mattresses (and cancer free!!) later, I notice that the “king ridge”, which is an actual term that they use at mattress stores, that always runs down the center is so annoying and after a long night can sometimes feel like I have created a sleep ditch for myself. Plus, now I would personally prefer to be close and snuggle my guy because I am so lucky to have him around still. Maybe try and draw up a scaled design with the king bed, you might not have much room on the sides of the bed or you might need to reconfigure the space. And you will probably have to get a bigger rug, which would be a shame because this room is utter perfection!

  • So so so so lovely! The ceiling is such a nice touch, it feels like such a quiet and comfortable room

    – Natalie

  • I would love to know what mattress you purchased! We are looking to change ours, and have been having quite a time finding a good organic one.
    Also LOVE the vibe you’ve created!!

  • I love the look of your room! About your salt lamp- I have one at home and personally I would not have it lit near a paper print- because I have found that it attracts moisture, almost like a natural air purifier, and it has damaged paper and paintwork nearby- dimpling and buckling, paint peeling off. I would leave some space around it. Not sure what surface it should be on, would love advice from someone in the know as I love salt lamps.

    Maybe this is not an issue where you live, but it has been for me with the Irish air where I live. Your space is stunning, and if I were you I would go king for the bed, because of the luxury (!) though I hate parting with furniture with a history.

  • These photos are lovely and wow your room is seriously something out of an interior design magazine. No wonder it was photographed for domino! Loving the colors and the airy-ness!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  • Yes to the king bed! We just bought a house last month and after spending ten years with a full-size bed, we were planning on getting a queen. Everyone thought we were bat-shit crazy to buy a new bed and skip out on getting a king so we reconsidered it and ended up getting a king. We are big-time cuddlers so we don’t always need tons of space but it is truly amazing how well we sleep with room to stretch out once we actually fall asleep. Then it’s back to all cuddles in the morning 🙂

  • You definitely have my dream bedroom! A lot of light and windows is one of the most important things for me when looking for rooms:)

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • It looks really great. What are the sizes voor Kings en queens. I’m just curious, since in holland beds are measured in centimeters. For instance we have a 180 by 200 bed.

  • I’m also in the king bed/queen bed struggle right now. We just moved into our house in February and upgraded from a double to a queen and were briefly in HEAVEN, until we also went on vacation and slept in a king bed! Our room is pretty small though, so I’m not sure a larger bed would even fit.

  • My mother and father about 10 years ago went back to a queen bed after some years with a king size. They missed bumping into each other at night, which didn’t happen in a king…so now in their 70s, and a sleep apnea machine, they still prefer their queen. Haha…I personally like a lil space in space….

  • I second the nightstand question, where do you put your glasses at night? Or alarm clock/phone?

  • Lovely vibes in here. Kind of like Palm Springs meets Hygge 🙂
    I couldn’t live without nightstands personally, are you planning on adding some or are you happy without?

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