Progress Report: Sunroom

Sunroom progress reportHi, loves! Today I’m here to share the major progress we’re making in the sunroom. I can already feel that it’s going to be my favorite place to hang out ALL spring and summer and fall every year (too cold in the winter though).

This room is hands down what made us fall in love with this home. It’s the perfect place to sip a morning coffee or late night glass of wine. It’s a space to practice painting and open all the windows for a nice breeze. And we’re working to bring it to its full potential.

But first, a little reminder of where we started last spring! (click here for BEFORE pics)

6a00d8358081ff69e201b7c7f1d72b970b-piThis room was formerly an outdoor, second story porch. I know this because the previous owners left the original blue prints for us. Then, at some point, it was turned into a screened in porch.

We instantly knew it was a space we’d spend a lot of time in, but we wanted to really change up the vibe of the decor. The carpet had to go, we thought the bricks would be nice in white (something we eventually would like to do to the whole exterior!), and we envisioned string lights instead of these fans.

Fast forward nearly a year, and we’re making some really nice progress!

Sunroom progress report If you’re an old school blog reader, you know I used to be really into painting, and I even used my Etsy shop (selling a lot of paintings and art prints) to support myself for a couple years in my twenties while I transitioned my career. I made so many paintings, sometimes staying up till five or six in the morning to try to make money to pay our rent in those days. So as my career developed, I hit somewhat of a burnout phase and stopped painting for a long time. In recent years, I’ve been practicing, strictly for fun. It’s something I want to get more into, and I feel very inspired to have this new corner to set up!

Someone on Insta said it was like The Notebook…. into it!

Sunroom progress report The biggest change I want to make in this space now is that it needs WAY more plants. I want it to be a jungle in there. So I’ll be aggressively hunting this month for more, more, more! That’ll probably be my new weekend hobby.

Sunroom progress report The string lights are from West Elm last summer. We just got them hung this past week. The gold sconces are from Schoolhouse Electric (I love them).

If you want to learn more about painting brick, see here. We used a sprayer for this room.

I am still planning to update the paint color on the trim… we’ve got a pretty intense to-do list these next few months. We’re working to complete ten rooms by June!

Sunroom progress report These chairs are one of the two things that came with the house. I love them in this room, so this is their home. Maybe just need some cushions?

Well as you can see, we’ve come a long way, but we still have quite a bit to do. I’m happy we have a photoshoot deadline in June, though, because that means it will be complete to just LIVE LIFE IN for the rest of summer and autumn. What a nice thought! 🙂

Thanks for following along throughout this whole process! If you have Snapchat, my username is @elsielarson and I post random house updates almost every day over there. Have an amazing day! xx- Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • I love plants! I want a jungle, too. 🙂 It’s looking great so far. You might want to check out Moore & Moore on Highway 100, right by Chaffin’s Barn, close to Loveless, for more plants. Good luck in your hunt!

  • I’d be honored to serve you fine ladies!

  • I haven’t been to Nashville, but might it not get too hot in there without ceiling fans in the summer?

  • I love these photos. I love sunrooms. We have one here at our home as well and it is totally my favorite room. I’m even sitting there now. I’ll tag you on Instagram, Elsie so you can see. Love all the progress you’ve made. That white brick is SO much better.

  • wow 10 rooms…. My house has 7 rooms and I don’t have a small house. So funny the dutch houser are so much smaller than the american…

  • Thanks Alyssa!!
    We actually do have one, but with these progress reports I’m not always ready to share the whole room… it’s still very disheveled. It’s coming through! I promise!

  • We’re not. So, the room has an AC unit (for those HOT summer months) and it works REALLY well at cooling the space. Then when it’s nice out, like during these spring months, we open the windows a lot. So hopefully we will not miss the two fans. 🙂 The new lights are much more pretty at night.
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi!

    Check out the Bertoia Loom Chair — I think it’s amazing and is *defo* up your alley! I bet you can make something amazing in that style, if you like it!

  • Are you going replace the ceiling fan with perhaps a corner wall mounted one on the days when you need a bit of breeze? love the artist corner!

  • Please please please get a wide angle lens. These house updates are killing me without wide angle shots.

  • It is looking absolutely great! I love the colors that you chose. The sunroom feels so fresh and vibrant.

  • Hi Elsie! Found you have a great project there!! I am delighted to see how the trim color matches a tissue I have bought for my barbecue table benches pillows and something like that would certainly enhance your chairs! I will send you a photo through the Instagram!
    Tks for sharing!
    kisses ML

  • It already looks amazing,I can really imagine sitting there on a lazy Sunday. And the light is perfect for painting!

  • So jealous. I wish my house had a sunroom! What a beautiful space to relax & be inspired in.

  • This is BEAUTIFUL – I want to have a room like this to do my own art work 🙂 It’s gorgeous and I can only imagine how it will look when it’s full of plants.
    Lucy xoxo

  • It looks amazing!
    However – i wondered if maybe you could share some pictures of your garden? I am so intrigued overtime you share pictures from your sunroom! 😀
    It really is a beautiful home! wish you lots of happy years in the new home 😉

  • Don’t forget to check craigslist for plants! I found some of my best house plants there 🙂

  • Scored with the left behind chairs!
    And I still think it’s a pretty brave thing (though popular) to jump in and paint brick. It’s like, not easily reversed! But, looks great … And was the right patio move.

  • Oh my, that looks like a great place to enjoy a drink of tea and just enjoy the view. Great progress 😀

  • Those are Bertoia Wing Chairs, made by Knoll starting in the 1950s! You can buy colorful cushions from sites such as Metro Retro Furniture, which are modeled after the original cushions that the chairs were sometimes sold with. I’ve also seen people drape a sheepskin throw over them, which looks so comfy and inviting!

    Whatever you decide to do with the chairs, keep in mind that they are antiques so thought and care should go into their use. What a great bonus that they came with the house!

  • That’s a great idea!! I have never had ANY luck with it, though! Do you have any tips??
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Liz! I got them from a local place in Nashville (Floors Direct if you’re in the area), but they have similar 12×12 marble tiles almost everywhere. :))
    xx- Elsie

  • I’ve never seen string lights used in quite that way – very pretty! It looks so open and bright!

  • I absolutely love your house pics! That room is looking so great! What style of home did you buy?

  • This looks SO beaut – I love crisp whites with greenery abound!
    It’s going to end up phenom, just like all your other do-overs, though seriously I could just chill in this room as it right now.

    Great work yew! x

  • this room looks so idyllic for a sunday morning in the summer, once you have completed the whole house and can just enjoy and relax. great job with painting th brick, looks so fresh and clean =o)

  • LOVE! Are those real Bertoia Diamond chairs?? if so I’m incredibly jealous they came with the house. That’s one of my all time favorite chairs (I actually just splurged on one). Anyways, can’t wait to see it finished!

  • I love the string lights so much! How dreamy 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • What a gorgeous room Elsie, and the view outside is stunning! I can see why you’re looking forward to spending lots of time enjoying this space.

  • This looks so lovely! I love this colours. You guys are so creative! Hopefully (when I own a house one day) I’ll be able to decorate it beautifully (like this haha).

    Thanks for posting!

    My blog:

    Please check it out – thank you very much 🙂 xx

  • This is actually a sunroom worth hitting on. So fresh, so bright, so….sexy? Think I’m in love.

  • I just love how much brighter the room is with the change of the brick color and the aqua molding! Beautiful space!! Oh and the lights!! So much fun!

  • It’s looking’ good! I love you design style. So inspiring. I just bought a house, so it’s been fun to watch you decoration your new home. I love the painting corner. Makes me want to give painting another try too!


  • Oh yes … I can see that room full of plants. The more foliage, the better!

  • Love the space Elise! I would look into propagating plants you already own to fill up the space and save some money. The plant you show in the first picture can be spilt up into several plants, so can succulents, cactuses and many house plants. I often due swaps with other people to add variety and save some cash.
    goo luck

  • Being an old school blog reader myself, I have a copy of the Creative Studios book that featured your old painting room! So cool to see “throwback” Elsie, whose been true to herself all along. Hope your “Notebook” corner helps inspire you to paint more, so you can keep inspiring us <3

  • Incredible, this looks amazing, like you’ve copied and pasted the sky onto the ceiling

  • I really like the tiffany blue and marble accents ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • Adding a big pop of color by painting the windows and trim is a stoke of genius! Oh my goodness! I would never think to do that, but it looks incredible! Our sunroom also completely sold us on our home. It’s our favorite room in the house – hands down!

  • Love this! We’re moving into a fixer upper with a very similar space. Can you share where the floor tiles are from? Thanks! xo

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