Project ReStyle and other New Years Plans!

Wow… more than 400 people have joined Project ReStyle! I'm super excited to get started and glad that we're going to be in good company. If you're thinking about joining, it's fun and free and encourages green living! If you've already joined, please blog and tweet about the project to spread the word. More details here. I'm sorta in (happy) shock because some people have already started ReStyling… here are my two favorite projects so far…


i looove what Andrea did! This is so inspiring.♥ I love that she transformed this little poly dress from something i'd pass at the thrift shop into something i want to break into her house and steal. LOVE.


totally into this necklace that Kara made from a broken necklace and a $5 grab-bag full of vintage fabrics. Super cute! 

I've started on two pairs of shoes at home. They're both completely different, but fun to work on. Can't wait to share my first project next week. If you're in the market for a New Year's (creative!) goal, check out Project ReStyle.


In other news… I love starting a new year. My #1 goal for the year is to design my first dress line for Red Velvet. I am so excited for Red Velvet to take on a new form as an independent fashion label. I've been dreaming about taking this leap for over a year now and I'm so thankful and excited that it's finally almost time. It's a good feeling to have a big project on the horizon. I'll keep you updated on the progress/process of creating the line. We're starting next weekend!!!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to Kansas City to pick up my lovely friend, Vanessa! She's staying with us for a couple weeks and we get to spend New Year's Eve together. We'll probably take tons of photos, play dress up and eat ice cream. love, els


(here's my favorite photo with Vanessa from two years ago)

  • I can’t wait to see what people make either. My number one goal for this year is to make some “real life” friends. I love reading about you and your gals.

  • Oh what a lovely new years this will be. I’m super excited for the new year too. I feel like this one is gonna be huge! I cant elieve how creative everyone is with the re-styling! I must try and have a go. Maybe it can be a new 2011 goal! I hope your year and everyone elses is fabulous!

    Love Danielle

  • I’m feeling the pressure! (gulp) I’m not that clever yet but luckily that’s never stopped me in the past 😉
    And is that super cute dark hair and bangs you are sporting?

  • I think I’m going to take the plunge and attempt Project ReStyle! Do you ever worry you’re going to hit a creative wall? Sometimes I feel like I have 7,000 projects going at once! It’s good to be busy. 🙂

  • yay! so glad you guys are gonna be involved! 🙂 especially you, barbara! the best challenges are the scary ones.
    Haha.. I can’t believe that brad pitt’s visit was on a gossip blog. his family lives here. people get so excited when they’re in town… it’s cute.

  • i’m really happy for all your exciting news, elsie!
    i also love that you’ve been sharing a lot of smiley pics of you lately.. that really shows your current happiness and makes you look sooo pretty!!
    hope you have a super cool, crafty year full of love and excitement..
    lots of love from argentina 🙂

  • Those two re-styles are gorgeous. I’m already inspired to get started.

    Will the re-styling be limited to clothes? I usually focus on furniture 🙂

  • Love those restyles! Talk about getting the party started! :> Looking forward to seeing what so many people have in store for 2011!

  • that first one makes me wish i could sew….sigggh.
    and funny enough, i was just wondering if you still get to hang out with your friend vanessa cause there aren’t a lot of mentions about her.:) hope you have fun! i’m spending new years eve with one of my seldom seen best friends as well!

  • i have officially joined. i am SO excited! the dress you featured is so gorg. not sure i can pull off anything that great but i will sure give it a go. and glad to see you and vanessa are still friends. i haven’t seen her “around” lately so wasn’t sure.

    and this is off subject but i have discovered two new stores i want to visit[eventually].. wasn’t sure if you knew of them so thought i would share just in case. ;] and you can find location info on their sites. the stores look kick-ass. for realsss.

  • I can’t wait to see the dress line and all you come up with! I know it will be great.

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Hi, Elsie! LOVE that outfit! I love Alice in Wonderland! =)

    Just wanted to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful and awesome New Year!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration you never fail to give and may you never tire in spreading your love and joy! =)


  • Oh, just loved the dress in the first picture! project restyling sounds like a great project!
    Maybe I will turn my jeans that have holes here and there in to a cool shorts, It’s winter but I can use it when the spring comes=)

    Happy new year!

  • This is such a great project! I’m always looking for vintage linens to sew with, but I don’t really think about re-fashioning dresses and other garments like this. What a great idea!!

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