Project ReStyle: Elsie’s Necklace Display



I've been collecting a few wicker and rattan pieces for my home. One of my styling goals is to work a tiny bit of the pretty gypsy 1970s vibe into our little home. I recently found this rattan circle at a flea market. It was $7, so I snagged it thinking I could use it in the shop if Jeremy wasn't crazy for it (he favors the more classic 50s styles for home decor). Anyhow… I talked him into hanging it in the bedroom near the dresser to store random accessories. It's perfect for necklaces, earrings and even glasses. I'm not exactly sure if it's original purpose was decorative or if it was maybe a table top, but it's a super fun home for my pretty things now! Take a peek at some detail shots…





I love low maintenance and neutral colored decorations. So happy I found this little treasure! 

Here are a few of my favorite ReStyles from other bloggers (found via our flickr group!). If you have an itch to ReStyle and repurpose things, it's not too late to join in the fun…. 



I LOVE these honeycomb shelves by Sarah & Josh. They're made from reclaimed wood and I think the colors they chose are perfect! 


I really love these lace shorts made from a skirt! Anything lace has me this season. Swoon! 


Love this skirt made from an ill-fitting dress. Such a pretty pattern! 

There's a lot more where that came from, so check back later this week for my Project ReStyle love! XO, elsie 

  • love me some fuji instax..and wicker..

  • I have the same rattan circle, a Indian friend gave it to me as a birthday present, he say here (in Colombia) is used to clean up some seeds and cereals, I have it on my room but never thought using it for something else!!
    really great Idea!!!

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  • as in, they arrange vegetables nicely pour salt over to make preserved vegetables and such, or place orange peel to dry them up to be used in drinks or even hanging herbs to absorb the moisture!

  • its a perfect idea! Asians used the rattan trays to make dry food in the sun! fyi! 🙂

  • Elise I love your ideas! Thanks for the wicker idea it is so cute. I thought you might like to know what its origonal use was. I live in Cambodia and these baskets are everywhere. They are used to display fruit and vegetables or even fish in the market. It is nice to see another use!

  • I’ve been looking for something to hang my necklaces on…great idea!

  • I love the honey comb shelves, due to a 3D class, I could probably build something similar! I hope I get to try sometime soon, they are so cute!

  • I love this idea!! You just opened my eyes to a whole new section of the thrift store I never knew to explore 🙂

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  • Love the rattan, love the shorts. Love the shorts. The shorts. I think I shall endeavor to make my own. In the meantime, I’m thinking a restyled kite from old sheets is in order. Springtime betokens flying fancies. 😀

  • I am in LOVE with those two toned glasses! Please do tell where you got them from!

  • Such a good idea! I especially love the glasses and polaroids hanging. Genius!


  • what a terrific assortment of restyles today and so happy to see Renee’s lace shorts featured!!! when i first saw them i almost swallowed my gum with excitement. love your necklace display Elsie, reminds me of those really big, wing backed wicker chairs (retro love rules!). i’d kill to see one of those covered with adornments in the corner of our room. most excellent!

  • So cute! I’ve been looking for a fun way to display my jewelry. The problem I run into is finding something my cat won’t decide is the world’s largest cat toy.

  • love the earring holder you made and the honeycomb shevles are awesome! and of course the shorts by ohrenee are fab!

  • this is awesome! You are the smartest little lady when it comes to recycle. I need to take a page from your book. 🙂


  • so clever! And i love the color of your wall behind the wicker! Excellent contrast

  • I love the idea for the necklaces and other things. i have so many just laying around and I need to get organized. I think I might actually try to do something like that. Thanks for the idea! (:

  • Thank you so much for adding my skirt Elsie! You completely made my day. And here I was thinking it might be a crumby day when I started it by putting my bra on inside out 😉

  • hehe. I have one like this at the shop for accessories too 😀 They aren’t toooo hard to find…but I bet they will be NOW! Thanks a ton! haha.

    I love how last seasons elsie would have spray painted it pink, but this seasons elsie is cool with it’s natural state – just shows how moss dosen’t grow on a rolling stone (you rock)

  • great idea for accessories! i brought an old magnolia branch home from the flower shop i work at and have it displayed on a lovely shelf in my washroom, with all of my necklaces, hairclips, feather hair pieces, earrings and bracelets hanging from it and it does the trick…. but i do love this re-style! great idea 🙂

  • I want a pair of those lace shorts!!
    Great idea for storing accessories too =) x

  • I love this display. (And the necklaces on it. 🙂 I’m a big fan of 70’s decor.

    I’m also totally crazy about that honey comb shelf! amazing!

  • Hi, Elsie!

    I recently did a really cute ReStyle of a men’s business shirt turned adorable summer dress. Any chance I can be part of project restyle?

    Here’s a link with photos:


  • Those shorts are darling! I’ve got some skirts I could easily make into shorts…good idea.

  • i love this idea! im looking for a fun way to display my accessories in my new place. totally stealing this look!


  • Elsie!!!! You just totally made my whole freaking day! Thanks SO much for featuring my lace shorts….I feel like I need to go put them on and rock them for the rest of the day! You’re such a sweetheart! Am seriously flattered to be featured with such amazing creative ladies up there. And love the rattan piece…what a fun creative idea for something that most people would walk right by at a thrift store. Love it. Have a fabulous day!! xoxo, Renée

  • What a creative idea hanging the rattan! And the lace shorts are lovely.

  • Super cute restyles , im loving the lace shorts.

    Zoe x

  • I am totally loving Project Restyle! It is so inspiring and I’m really excited to start restyling some recent finds! xx

  • What a great idea Elsie…i spy a familiar necklace in your collection! I wanted to thank you again and again for my makeover story…i was so nervous reading the comments, but i’ve never felt more beautiful than i do today thanks to your awesome and encouraging readers! I am not a super emotional person, but i teared up with each and every one!
    Love Thursday’s restyle!! Have a lovely day, i hope to see you again this weekend (wearing vintage of course)!

    P.s. thank you for shipping my makeup back to me!!

  • What a cool piece! I need an efficient way to hang my necklaces, maybe I should go thrifting!

    Love all the restyles that are coming out of your project, people are so creative! ♥

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