Project Restyle: Outdoor Couch

How we restyled an outdoor couch www.abeautifulmess.comI found this cute outdoor couch at a flea market with Elsie about 3-4 months ago. I'd been meaning to give it a little TLC, as it wasn't in the best condition when I bought it.Outdoor couch restyleThe "bones" of the couch were really cute! I could immediatley picture this looking really great and adding extra seating to my back deck. When I bought it the structure was pretty dingy and showed a lot of wear. Also the seat cushions were not all-weather friendly. If this couch was left out in the rain, I could see the seats being soggy for days afterward. Not ideal for outdoor furniture. Restyled outdoor couchThe first step I took to giving this little couch new life was to remove the cushions and give the overall structure a fresh coat of paint. I used Valspar's (spray) paint for plastic in white. If the structure hadn't been mostly white to begin with I would have painted on a few coats of primer first. But since it was already white, it didn't need this added step. If you're working on outdoor furniture always check that your paint choices are outdoor friendly and will be able to hold up against the elements for a reasonable amount of time. I imagine in a few years this will need another fresh coat of paint. But since it only took one can of paint and about 30 minutes of time, I GUESS I can manage that every few years. 🙂How to update an outdoor couchNext I needed to update the cushions to be more outdoor friendly. First off, if your budget works to get a project professionally reupholstered I highly recommend it. Espeically if you are a novice at reupholstering (you can't see it but I'm raising my hand right now). But if your project is pretty simple, on a small budget then don't be afraid to go for it. I choose to cover my cushion with oil cloth that I bought on Etsy. It helped me to think of each cushions like wrapping a birthday present. I started on two opposite ends, pulling the fabric tight before I stapled it (with a staple gun) to the underside of the cusion. Then I moved on to the other two edges, folding the edges in and pulling it tight before stapling.Restyled outdoor couch www.abeautifulmess.comI really loved how this simple update turned out. I'm excited to enjoy a cup of coffee on my back deck, sitting on my "new" couch. Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

  • Impressive! It looks like a great area for outdoor entertaining, and I love the wooden tables.


  • Super cute idea! I’ve definitely picked out items that are ready to be trashed and experimented on them-(just did it recently with a steamer trunk!) whats the worst that can happen, right? The result really looks great!

  • That’s really gorgeous! Love it for an outdoor space.
    Is there a label on it that says Lloyd Loom at all? It’s a famous British brand who pioneered this kind of woven furniture… It’s actually made from tightly twisted and corded paper, so if it is indeed Lloyd Loom, you might want to bring it inside on rainy days, even with a coat of paint. It would be so sad if it succumbed to the elements :))

  • This is gorgeous! I need a new couch for my patio – maybe I will go see what I can find.

  • What a transformation! Love the cushions too 🙂
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • this is genius! love the look you created here.


  • oh the dog is sooo sweet amd the couch looks nice!

  • Wow!!!
    This is fantastic!!! 😀

  • Thats what I call simple yet so beautiful! Love it like crazy. The re-modeled look of the couch is just magical. I have a old one kept with me, Gona do the same re-modelling to it. Great idea.
    PS I love the dog sitting on the couch too.. Looks extra adorable hahaha 😉

    Jessica x

  • super cute! won’t the inside of the cushions get moldy/soggy though? maybe they should have been covered completely.

  • Wow, that turned out really well! I had no idea oil cloth comes in any other color than boring 🙂 Extra points from the doggie!

  • Oh my gosh. That fabric. I think I know what love is now. So cute! Thank you for sharing!


  • I love it, it looks so cool! Too bad I only have a little balcony..

  • This turned out great! It’s nice when simple projects like this work out so well! 🙂

  • Your outdoor couch looks fabulous. The oilcloth pattern sets off the white of the couch. Great pairing. Looks like someone else also enjoys sitting on the new couch. 😉

  • This is wonderful, you’re an inspiration! It makes me itch to have my own home and start decorating xx

  • Wow, that couch looks sooo much better than it did at first! Really pretty that way.
    Have a great day,
    xo Flora //

  • Its amazing what a bit of time and some simple materials can do. I am very impressed!


  • aahh i love this couch! It looks fab now!

    Hannah xx

  • I LOVE this!! Going in the project box 🙂


  • Oh wow, you really made something out of this! I love how the couch turned out.

  • yippie, job well done the white gold it. what a fun project to undertake.
    That why i love abeautifullmess 🙂

  • Looking good girl! Love the oil cloth you choose, very pretty and it turns out really great!

  • Wow! This is awesome and tons better than before! Now I want a couch just like that haha!

    Lulu xx

  • cool idea!! 🙂 i love this restyle idea! 🙂

  • That’s really cool! I love the modern, simple glam that fabric gives. Great job 🙂

  • I love how you have made me look at more used items rather than newer while redoing my own little home.

  • so pretty. I wished my future house will have one like this too 🙂

  • This is so impressive! Love the stripes! And your puppy just adds to the cuteness! 🙂

  • The oil fabric is to die for! Total inspiration! Love it!!!


  • This is why I love this blog: simple and trendy DIY’s. My hubby and I might be moving soon and I’ve pinned this to attempt later on. Great post!

  • Oh this is so perfect! Definitely gives me the inspiration to restyle more furniture!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • oh my gosh! I’m so very thankful that you wrote this post. I was actually given almost the exact same couch and matching rocker for my new patio. It’s in such need of new paint, you have inspired me! Will probably be a project for next weekend. Thanks so much.

    here’s my very similar couch if you are interested…

  • Great project. Sometimes all it takes is a little of paint to give a new life to an old furniture.

  • I love this!!! It looks amazing!

    x Sara from

  • Oh gosh! Emma, this is waaay cute. Thanks for sharing! I love it! Makes me want to get to work on our backyard!

  • Love the fabric you chose. Such a glam update! This looks amazing!

  • What a fun idea, looks great!

    Emma, please consider cropping the photos while keeping the original proportions (e.g. 10×15), the other formats do look a bit awkward! 🙂

  • You gals did such a great job – I love how it looks! So cute!


  • what a great idea! i always shy away from trying big projects like those because I’m afraid they won’t turn out the way i’d want them to. i think i’ll give something like this a shot… i’m in need of some backyard seating as well!

  • The remodel looks great! love the stripes !


  • This looks so nice- you did a great job tidying it up:)

  • Oh, this is gorgeous and so simple despite looking so chic! We’re very, very slowly working on our garden and I would love to eventually have something like this sitting outside over the summer.

    Thanks for the inspiration xx

  • An outdoor couch!? Why did I never think of that!
    It’s very pretty, I love how it really fits with the rest of decor.


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