Punctuation Rock Top: 3 Ways

3 Ways To Wear ItIt's time for round two of 3 Ways To Wear It! This time I am styling the Punctuation Rock Top. This polka dot printed chambray top is super easy to mix and match. Out of all the pieces I designed, I will probably wear this one the most often. I designed this piece with everyday wear in mind. Special Thanks to Emma for modeling this look! 

Look 1Look 1: This look has a bit of 1990s grunge inspiration. The cut off jean shorts paired with boots and socks are casual, but still work together to create a strong look. This styling is perfect for everyday wear. The red hat adds a bit of color. I would wear this to brunch, on a shopping trip or even when traveling. 

Styling Details: Top/Boots/Shorts (DIY cut offs made from an older pair of jeans)/Hat

Look 2Look 2: This second look is also casual. The colored denim and bright scarf adds personality to the outfit! Cozy scarves are one of our autumn staples. I would wear this outfit just about anywhere. 

Styling Details: Top/Jeans/Scarf/Shoes

Look 3Look 3: This look is a little more dressy. It would be fun for a date night or happy hour with friends. A tied up denim shirt is one of Emma's favorite everyday styles. 

Styling Details: Top/Dress(similar)/Shoes

Thanks for following along! I'll be back next week with more 3 Ways To Wear It posts. xo. elsie

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