Q+A (part one)

Q: so… what’s your favorite day of the week and why?

A: I love Sunday because it’s the most chill day of the week, my phone doesn’t ring as much and I get to hang out with my parents.

Q: which character from a wes anderson movie can you relate to the most?


Q: I also live in Springfield and I know you’ve named a few of your favorite places around town… But I was wondering what is one of your favorite places to go in Springfield where we would never think we’d see Elsie? Somewhere totally random? 

A: Jeremy & I like to eat at Pappy’s. It’s tiny & so quirky. I love it. I like to visit the DAV thrift shops weekly and Mama Jean’s as much as possible! 

Q: Hello! Nate and spencer saying Hello from H-wood! I am staying up all night and crafting! We are going to our favorite pancake joint with some friends in a few! We’ll eat some extra for you! Question Who is your favorite band to see play live?

A: Hi Nate & Spencer! My little sister lives in Hollywood too. 🙂 My favorite band to see live is David Bazan. I love him. If I could see any band I’ve never seen I would choose The Flaming Lips or Animal Collective…. or Beck.

Q: Here’s my Q: It’s about Salvation Mountain. Were there a lot of visitors there? I just can’t picture in my mind how visiting it would be. Do you just walk around randomly and happen to stumble upon Mr. Leonard or is he running up to greet you? I look around on roadtripamerica.com a lot and would love to hit it up one day.

A: The day we visited there was only one other guy there & he was interviewing Leonard when we arrived. As soon as Leaonard saw us he came over and gave us a little tour. I think he really likes to meet young people & we were, of course, THRILLED to meet him, chat and take photos. It is honestly the most magical place I’ve ever been in my life… 100x more magical than any other ‘site’ i’ve seen! It’s almost hard to believe that it’s a real place. It’s a dream.


Q: what’s your favorite dinner to cook?

A:pancakes & breakfast food!

Q: If you could rule the world, what would you do first?

A: Well, I’m no Obama, so I would probably change the yellow stripes in the streets to pink or send everyone in the world a Valentine…. I don’t think I would be a great world leader, but it’s ok… you can’t be good at everything ;).

(that answer was a joke… you know that right? right.)

Q: would you rather live on a mountain or live in a tree?


Q: When Is The Next Elsie Online Class???? Very soon I hope!!!

A: September. We can’t wait!

Q: Would you ever do a duet with Jeremy?

A: never.

Q: Random question: If you had $50 to spend anywhere right now, where would you spend it and why?



Q: what is your favorite meal your mom cooks?

A: tacos!


XOXO. elsie 

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