Q+A (part two)

Q: Hello, hello! What’s your favorite color to wear these days?

A: red.


Q: favorite icecream topping?


Reeses pieces

Q: what is your dream vacation?

A: I want to visit my friend Sarah in Austin & also see Daniel Johnston.

Q: puppies? or kitties?

A: puppy!


but i think these kittens are beautifulllll!


Q: favorite toy growing up?

A: omggggg! i love these. why do i not have a very large collection of them right now? i don’t know. 


Q: When will there be a little elsie and jeremy running around?

A: ha!

Q: What is your favorite thing to get at the food court at the mall?

A: these questions are awesomely random! i sometimes get Starbucks at the mall… or sushi because i’m afraid that if i don’t eat there it will go out of business (as food court vendors often do..) actually, i haven’t been there in a few months.. it may have already gone out of business, but i hope not.


Q: what’s your favourite flower?


Q: Hi elsie! Um, you’re my girlcrush. Question…who’s yours? 

A: Jenny Lewis.

Q: When coming up with a new painting, do you sketch it alot before putting it to canvas??

A: No. I usually don’t do any sketches at all. If I mess up, I paint over it.

Q: My question is, as a business woman AND artist, how do you manage your time and organize yourself?

A: It’s incredibly challenging to handle both sides of an artistic business. Fortunately, I have a wonderful team of people here who understand that my first priority needs to be creative work in order for our business to grow & evolve. I could never do all of this without the entire RVA family. Everyones role here is so important and I am constantly aware that other people are making sacrifices so that I’ll be able to make art. That’s very inspiring to me. I am naturally very relentless about my art and creative process. I can never get enough, but that unbalanced nature is a part of a bigger picture because people with others strengths are working with me to create something that works.

Q: My question is….What is next for Miss Elsie?

A: This year I would like to finish one art book and one children’s book and develop a line of toys. Those are my biggest goals for the future. Owning RVA is very satisfying and I plan on doing this for a long long time.

Q: How did you and Rachel meet?

A: I met Rachel’s husband (then crush) Brett in India in 2001. He and I became friends instantly and I couldn’t wait to meet Rachel. We were close long-distance friends for about six years until they moved to Springfield last year and made my life a MILLION times better. love them.


Q:What is your BIGGEST dream? and why you always have a positive energy..? what’s the secret 😉

A: My biggest dream right now is to make my illustrated characters into different products. I want them to be books, cartoons, toys, ect…. I would also really love to grow as a painter.

Positive energy… i can’t give some cliche formula for happiness, i just think that living your life the way you really like to is important. for me that means making a lot of stuff and having a lot of goals. i think if i wasn’t doing those things every day, my life would be a little bit sad.

“We must create what we most need to find.” -Sabrina Ward Harrison


XO. elsie (off to choose more winners!)

Thank you so much for being involved here today. It was really fun and magical to connect.

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