quick hellos.

i thought i would pop in and share a few pretty things….

flea market finds from last weekend: 
and this crazy sequin headband is from 'The Style'. It may have been owned by an aspiring tap dancer or a Branson performer (uh oh!)… anyway, it's just for fun. 
Blue tonight is e-mail night… i know i keep talking about my e-mail, but it's hard. i get into it and i spend tons of time answering questions ect… it could probably take up all 24 hours of my day, but i am going to master this skill someday… determined! i am trying to think of a proper reward for actually getting to the bottom of these boxes. hmmmm… ideas? 
and speaking of e-mail… check out my real mail! 
these are from the past few days.. i feel loved. 
(so sweet!!) 
and guess what? 
i'm glad because i like to read it. 
ok… i'll get back to my night full of e-mail. 
i have a good feeling, like something good is just around the corner. 
  • Hey possum!

    I hear you on the emails… I’ve been struggling with these so much, as I get over a hundred a day. Just as I clear them all out, back they come in again. I’ve experimented with a few things to make it easier for me…

    I’ve ended up using ZenHabit.net’s zen inbox approach… and loved it so much I made a little poster about it 🙂

    Have a delicious night possum!

  • wowza! that flea market bag is amaaaazing!!! great find.
    good luck on tackling the inbox. that’s my project for this weekend!

  • i think he’s going to propose!

    good luck elsie your blog is amazing!

  • what a beautiful bag! if you don’t mind me asking, what flea market do you go to? i’m in the springfield area and need home decorations.

    but if you don’t want to give away your secret spot, i understand.

    hope you get caught up on all of your email, and enjoy the weekend!

  • Isn’t real (fun) mail awesome? I don’t send it or receive it enough! And about emails, I’m the same way unfortunately. You know, it seems the “creative type” tend to have issues with some of the same things, email being one of them. A reward is a great idea. Maybe a new tattoo?

  • Chelsey… sure! I shop (like once a month) at almost all the thrift shops in town & the larger flea markets (STD & Charley’s are great!) DAV thrift shops are my fave. hope that helps! XOXO. elsie

    Laura! I like your tattoo idea. I need to try to find a new local tattoo artist this month & I’m nervous! 😀

  • Re the emails… Sad as it may sound ‘Time Management’ is the way forward.

    When you first switch on your puta for the day set yourself a target of 20 minutes (or even 10 to start with!) being devoted to responding to email.

    Don’t aim to answer them all, set an alarm to ring after 20 mins and then go onto something way more fun.

    Also try not to give essays as answers, keep it simple. Set your signature to sign off every email for you will also save some time.

    You will feel so proud of yourself for getting a time consuming chore out of the way at the begining of your working day, I promise!


  • Wow, real postcards and letters! I loved writing and getting them – ages ago! I miss those little works of art in my mail.

  • ahhh! Reading your blog SERIOUSLY makes my mornings!
    The first Thing I do is fix a gigantic cup of coffee, then the 2nd thing…Read your lovely and very much inspiring blog.

  • You really didn’t need to respond to my e-mail, but it was a nice surprise to see your name in my inbox 🙂

    Going to a GIANT flea market at the Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) this weekend, I’m sure “Ooo, Elsie would like that!” is going to run through my head a few times 😉

  • you two look really good together. 😀 and i love your blog. ^^ have a great day.

  • aw yay!! you got the mail i sent you! i hope you fill the little notebook with lots of pretty thoughts and i hope the felt heart pin i made you accessorizes an outfit perfectly!



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