10 things I love on a Friday…..

1hey-llo. thank you so much for the crazy wonderful update this week! you really have no idea how much your support and encouragement mean to me. thanks a millionnnn! 

10 random things that make me happy on this Friday: 

1. Cotton Candy lip gloss.

2. kelli crowe.


3. wild sweet orange tea. 

4. blythe dolls with glasses. 

Picture 1

lovely photo found here. )

5. dreaming about eating this apple.



6. embroidery. 


(towel by miss HollySarah)

7. sunshine & thinking of springtime.

8. making kits for my class in Italy!

9. hearts. 


10. more time spent sleeping & painting. 

that was fun. :D 

XOXO. elsie

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