Quilted Mother’s Day Greeting Cards

Quilted mother's day cards 1Want to make a pretty handmade card for Mother's Day? Here's a simple how-to for quilt inspired greeting cards! You can use a sewing machine, or stitch them by hand like we did. Your mother will love one! 

Quilted mother's day cards 21. Supplies: blank note cards, fabric scraps, scissors, double sided tape, paper, pen, needle and embroidery thread. 2. Begin cutting out squares of fabric and attaching them to the front of the card with double sided tape. 3. Continue adding fabric in the form of a pattern. We started in the middle and worked our way out when doing the diamond pattern, but other patterns might work best from starting on the side! 4. Once you've filled the front of the card with fabric, begin top stitching each fabric piece to the card all along the edges. 5. Next, trim off the extra fabric so it fits the square perfectly. 6. Then, make more designs! Try out a regular quilt pattern, a heart stitched on the top, or a herringbone pattern. Get inspired by quilt designs online for your cards! 7. Lastly, Take small strips of paper and write a sweet note, then stitch onto the front of the card. 

Quilted mother's day cards 3Quilted mother's day cards 4Have fun crafting something special for your mom! xoxo. elsie + emma

PS. Here are a few DIY projects that would be fun to make for a Mother's Day gift… this scrapbookthis calendar, these wine corks, a canvas portrait, this vase set, these flower pots, this notebook or this sentimental book.♥ 

  • Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.

  • What a lovely idea, and my mom is going to love these! Very good working and wonderful job, it would be awesome to use paper scraps too. Really great idea!

  • You have shared a unique wishing card idea,its adorable.

  • Wow, I never saw such beautiful and creative greeting cards like these ones. So cute and lovely. I’m now encouraged to make one.

  • I like this so much! Thank you! I’m going to make one for my daughter’s birthday.

  • thanks for this! I made one for my mum and she loved it. I sewed the pieces together first and then to the card so us kids could write on the back. 🙂

  • Wow… here is the nice collection of Mother’s Day Greeting Cards…………

  • These are awesome! I would love to try and make one of these for my Mum this Mothers day! Except I don’t have fabric :o( Nevermind though, I do have craft paper, and this has given me a genius idea!!

  • okay, this is amazing… I need to do this before the weekend!

  • I’ve been giving my mom darling ecards for the past few years. She really does love them a lot and I’m glad, because they’re within my reach. These are absolutely stunning cards, but I don’t think I’m good enough to make them.

  • OOh my Gosh what a stunning crafting and they are just adorable. Love the colors you have chosen, 

  • love this..i have the perfect floral fabric scraps in mind!

  • This is SEW COOL! (heh…!) It was Mother’s Day aaaaaages ago in the UK, but I’m gonna whip one up for my mama anyway, just because 🙂 Great idea, thanks for sharing! Katie. xxx

  • Really pretty, fun project. Do you have to avoid sewing through the double-sided tape? And what kind of needle do you use to go through the card? Thanks!

  • Such a cute idea! Both my mom and I quilt so she’ll totally love this. 🙂


  • We mother love getting hand made gifts from our kids. This is great.


  • What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, these cards are adorable.

  • Great idea for a heartwarming gift to your Mom, I was searching for something unique and smart cards to make, but this is the best!

  • so cute and personalized! it looks (and is!) so much more thoughtful than a regular paper card! great idea.

    <3 http://dlezr.blogspot.com

  • Stunning! Just wish I had my sewing kit…

    – Angela Marie @ http://sunkissedivory.blogspot.com

  • My mom is going to love these! 🙂


  • Does mothers day land on a different day in the U.S…we celebrated mothers day in march over here in the UK,cute idea though xx

  • What a lovely idea! I know my Mum would love this 🙂

  • What a great idea! Love it! It would be awesome to use paper scraps too! 🙂


  • So nice! I was looking for some nice idea for something to do for my mum. I guess I just found it 🙂

  • What a cute idea! I have to start a project for mother’s day soon!

  • i just posted a diy mother´s day gift idea- magnets that look like your family 🙂

  • Very sweet!
    I was just with my mom…she’s the best. 🙂


  • this is beautiful! i just love the look of it and great for using up scraps.


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