Rachel’s Daisy Quilt



I can't believe that I've never shared photos of this incredible quilt that Rachel handmade for our wedding. It's grey with daisies and I absolutely love it! It has been the inspiration for mine and Jeremy's bedroom, which we are still perfecting. The only problem is… I'm afraid to let anyone touch it! (In this photo there was another sheet underneath for protection) I might love it too much. Thank you, Rachel. You're amazing. 

Photos by Janae Hardy

  • Amazing blog you have here, i’m sure this can attract lots of readers over the net for the cool write up. After reading your blog, I might feel that sometimes, Quilts helps to spend sometime with our closed ones.Thank you so much

  • goodness, i forget to check your blog for a few days and i have so much to catch up on. this quilt is so pretty and so is the lace briefcase and everything you’ve posted since. ha. your blog is such inspiration 🙂 and also, i love the blurb picture book. i’m longing for an iphone mostly so i can join in on the instagram fun. ha

  • What an amazing and thoughtful gift! You will have such amazing dreams in it–hopefully ones of vintage dresses.

  • What a pretty picture!
    Your photos always make me miss the luxury of having a close girlfriend (girlfriends if I were really lucky) nearby. We have to travel now for company.
    Congrats on everything that you have; it’s all very lovely!

  • Love the colors! Your so talented Rachel. Also, Emma’s dress is beautiful.


  • wow it really is a gorgeous quilt! quilts are so cool, cause you can keep them in the family for a long time and pass them down 🙂 quilts bring memories lol

  • Thanks for your nice comment on my blog again 🙂 This quilt is amazing… I have wanted one for years now, but they always seem to be too expensive the moments I spot a pretty one. And a handmade one, just for you, that’s of course the best kind of quilt you can have! I can imagine you’re really careful with it, I’d be too.

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  • What a special gift and great idea! I would want to keep it protected too, thanks for sharing!

  • That is lovely! How lucky she loves you so much to make such a beautiful gift! 🙂

  • How wonderful! I would feel the same if someone made such a magical quilt.

  • i’d love to see your bedroom once it’s finished, but i’m not sure if this is too personal for you to show here. i’m sure it’ll be beautiful and very inspirational! xx

  • No wonder you’re so protective of the quilt, it’s so pretty! I love both the colour combination and the pattern! And you guys look so amazing on the second pic! Love the atmosphere of it!

  • Seriously she makes the prettiest quilts! 🙁 I wish she made them for Red Velvet tehee! I would want to own a Rachel Denbow quilt! ;)Over here in Nevada, anything like that is REALLY hard to come by. (Not to mention I dont have that kind of talent! sigh) So jealous of you! xo

  • I love homemade gifts – they always mean so much, because a person has taken time out of their lives to create it. Hooray for homemade!

  • I’m collecting material at the moment to make my own quilt – may take a while though…;)

  • Wow I love creative things like that quilt! Oh-and I’m a recent English grad that would love to be considered for the task of editing your blog, which I love and am so inspired by.


  • i had seen previews of this on rachel’s twitter and was very curious to see the end result! rachel, if you’re listening, the quilt is amazing and i’d love to hear more about how you put it together. the giant hexies are amazing!

  • GORGEOUS! Rachel is so multi-talented:)

    Stephanie May*


  • It’s gorgeous! Very inspirational. I sew clothes but have never thought to make a quilt, even though most quilt covers in the shops are blahhhh. Yay I’m excited now!

  • Hi Ashleigh! Emma’s dress was designed by me. It’s something for the book we are working on, though, and not the dress line. One of a kind! 🙂

  • wow! it is beautiful! I want one. what an amazing gift!


  • Oh – and I also want to steal Emma’s dress. That collar is perfect. Do you know where she found it?

  • Hi. It doesn’t bother me that people point out my (many) typos. In the near future I may consider hiring a copywriter for this very reason.

    I’ve deleted the comments about this issue simply because I have corrected my mistake now and I would prefer to talk about the (BEAUTIFUL) quilt instead.

    Thanks to everyone who reads this blog. I love you all. Elsie

  • I have a real thing for quilts. I always admire them when I spot them at antique stores and flea markets, but having a quilt made by a dear friend is even better! I feel like the sunny daises capture your personality perfectly, and I don’t blame you for being a bit of an overprotective quilt-mama. 😉

  • this is what they call super girl friends! haha
    anyways, i like the quilt it look so cute and comfy.

  • What a beautiful quilt! I wish I had the patience/skill to make something that adorable!

  • What talent! I am so impressed by her sewing skills. What a sweet, thoughtful and time invested present. You truly have wonderful friends.


  • That is a stunning quilt! Rachel is so talented.

    Thanks and hugs to you, Elsie, for living out loud so beautifully! You really do inspire so many people.

    xo, Anita

  • ohhh my! it is gorgeous! I reminds me of eggs in a skillet and I think that makes me love it more.

  • wow, that looks amazing! i’m in awe of people who can make real, bed sized quilts. i stick to mini quilts 🙂

  • Aw, what a lovely wedding present! It might be an heirloom someday! You have such wonderful friends~

  • What a beautiful quilt! You’re so lucky to have such talented friends =)

  • Super cute quilt!! I would love to learn how to make quilts, they’re so beautiful. Rachel did a great job! xx

  • Lovely quilt–I have never pieced ones with hexagons. Is it tied?


  • Awe! 🙂 What a sweet idea for a quilt! I love the style of your photographs and your dress is stunning! xo

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