Rag Doll Halloween Costume D.I.Y.


6a00d8358081ff69e2016760d13993970b-800wiIt’s that time of year. Time to dream up the perfect Halloween costume! Today Katie of Skunkboy Creatures is going to share how she created this amazing mother + daughter costume set. It’s rag doll inspired and oh-so-cute! Perfect for trick-or-treating or a cute costume party…


4You’ll need: 
-yarn in the color of your choosing cut to desired length (mine was 40 inches)
-felt strips (10 x 2 inches)
-embroidery floss or thread
-2 hair combs per wig

6a00d8358081ff69e20168e5d29b8f970c-800wiHere’s how to make a simple yarn wig with a middle part: Steps 1-3: Gathering your yarn together, find the center. Using your felt strip as backing, begin sewing small sections with a backstitch. The area you are stitching together will end up being your center part.

Steps 4-6: Continue sewing on small sections until you reach the end of your felt strip. Once it is completed, flip it over. Starting at the same spot you began sewing on the yarn, stitch a comb onto the “front” of your wig. After you’ve gotten the comb on, trim the ends of your wig and try it on!


Optional bangs: Taking a shorter length of yarn, find the front/center of your wig and stitch that on in one chunk. Just like real hair, you will need to trim them to the desired length.

8To complete this super cute look, style the wig with pigtails, braids, bows and flowers! Wear a fun outfit and be sure to OVER-accessorize by adding bows, aprons, tights and cute details. Enjoy..

Check out more Halloween costume ideas here! xo. elsie

  • Your little girl is so cute <3 <3 <3. And yes I really liked your innovative style of tat wig, it was very creative of you 🙂

  • i love this idea i think this dressing has special feeling of Halloween.
    i want to try it

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  • Hi!! This looks like our Emilia from Sitio do pica pau amarelo! It’s a
    children’s books written by Brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato!!
    Check it out!!

    I love it!!!

  • hihi, that;s soooo cute!! i totally love carnaval, i made a butterflie kind of outfit this year 🙂


  • Thank you so much for posting this. We had a blast creating and even one second place in a costume contest! Fantastic idea…so much fun. (http://bit.ly/rvTxjt) xoxo

  • Thank you for the awesome tutorial. Check out my Strawberry Shortcake Wig. http://bellakates.blogspot.com

  • I Have the best Husband ever* He started making the red Yarn for the rag doll for me & is going to finish for me by this Sunday* He is much better than me trying to be crafty*~ kudos to my Hubby!~

  • So cute! I had to do it right away!

    i was wondering if Katie can tell us how much yarn she used. I used almost a whole skien and it isn’t nearly enough to cover my daughter’s hair. you can see her hair underneath.

  • This tutorial convinced me to be a raggedy doll, and I just made the wig today! I’m not very good with crafty things, but this actually turned out really well! Thank you for posting!!

  • I was trying to think of something awesome to do this year! Last year was AMAZING – me and some friends were the Ghostbusters, plus some ghosts. We did a little skit at each house, music included. We had ENCORES and got way more candy than the other trick-or-treaters 😉

    This looks really cute – my only problem with wigs is that its hard to hide all of my hair, it’s really long and pretty thick…



  • On season 7 of Project Runway one of the contestant made a dress with petals exactly like the one above BUT the judges didn’t like it at all and she was almost eliminated!


  • I love this costume! The red yarn wig is beeeautiful!

    My husband is Popeye, I am Olive Oyl and our 8 month old is going to be Sweet Pea. I still need to put mine together but I store-bought the others. Halloween is my favorite holiday!!


  • Bombastic idea. I have never seen anyone in this getup this is a very different idea

  • Love this D.I.Y! I’m in the midst of sewing a less-lady-like-than-that-lady-bird owl costume to complement the owl mask I made http://leotielovely.blogspot.com/2011/10/diy-owl-mask.html

    Thanks for the inspiration! x

  • I just discovered your blog through Katie’s blog and I am in love! I just recently started a blog and as I’ve just been “winging it”, I am now convinced I should take your blogging course! I’m feeling so inspired! Thanks!


  • Hi,
    your blog’s awesome!! I linked it on my blog http://www.everyday-treats.blogspot.com, just to tell you.
    I could stroll around here all night long, love all the categories! Guess you just won another obsessed reader, haha 😀
    Anyway, carry on doing such a great job here!
    xoxo, Judith

  • I love this! I used to have a Raggedy Ann doll and I loved her to pieces (literally!) It also makes me wish I had a daughter!

  • The ragdoll mother daughter costumes are SO adorable! Katie is very talented and awesome. Also, so is the Lady bird costume from last year that I’ve never seen! So creative!

  • this is sooo cute!
    okay, i dressed up as this in high school with my mom’s old costume, so cool and so 60’s. NO ONE KNEW WHO I WAS! Oh high schoolers. i that time i was so embarrassed and ready to run home and take it all off.

    i love this costume!


  • Next year I’ll have to copy this! 😉 I love it!!! I just finished my very first Halloween costume — Little Red Riding Hood for my daughter. http://maureencracknellhandmade.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-little-red.html

  • Oh my goodness! I’m going to have to convince my three year old she has to be a rag doll for Halloween. Her Granny would love this!! Thank you! <3

  • I love this costume idea, but i don’t have a daughter. do you have any costume ideas for couples? my husband and I are still trying to come up with one.

  • So cute !
    But the tutorial says you need 2 combs/wig, and in the tutorial there is only one comb spoken of… did I miss something ?
    Anyway, cute cute cute ! And quite cheap too, for a great result !

  • Just a note to say that your blog has become my favorite blog on the web! As an artistic person who would someday like to open her own shop/cafe reading you has been very inspiring. I’m tempted to take an e-course and find out how you get everything done in a day! Thanks for being you.



  • It’s that time of year. Time to dream up the perfect Halloween costume! Today Katie of Skunkboy Creatures is going to share how she created this amazing mother + daughter costume set. It’s rag doll inspired and oh-so-cute! Perfect for trick-or-treating or a cute costume party…

  • I LOVE THIS!!!

    I’ve been thinking of being a gothic rag doll this year and this really does help – I could just switch from red to black and add crazy goth-y accessories instead of cutesy ones!!!

  • TOO CUTE!!! Halloween is not a big thing in the UK though, we just give candy if anyone knocks on the door, otherwise it’s a quiet evening on Halloween night.

  • Totally awesome!! They’ re sooo cute!! 🙂 A wonderful DIY, thanks! 🙂

  • This must be the cutest Halloween DIY costumes I’ve ever seen! And such a great idea to have a mother-daughter costumes. If there was a halloween party coming up, I want to be a rag doll too!!

    Fang Ting

  • I love this! I had been thinking about doing a rag doll costume as one of my month of costumes ideas, and now I can because of this awesome tutorial!

  • Wow this is beyond cute! Thanks for sharing with us such a unique idea!

    Maria xx

  • Haha awesome! Cool and slightly creepy (which I think Halloween costumes should be!). Brilliant tutorial!

  • This is definitely the cutest thing ever! It’s such a fun take on Halloween and it’s still “dolled up”! Get it… 😉 She looks gorgeous!


  • SOOOO adorable! Little Hope is the sweetest!

    Stephanie May


  • I love the wigs and makeup!

    –Jaclyn T
    TrickArt: Nature Inspired Jewellery

  • u continue to be my hero.. I am being a detroit lion lion for Halloween. I am making my own costume even though I work at Halloween City. I bought yarn to make a wig out of but didn’t know how.. 🙂 u rock.

  • my brother & i were raggedy ann & raggedy andy for halloween once, when we were little. you’ve inspired me to put those photos on my blog. thank you! 🙂

  • what a cute idea – love the mom & daughter costume – makes me smile!

    this year my childhood dream is coming true – I’m going as a rockford peach! Being a serious softball player growing up the movie “A League of their Own” was only like the best thing that ever happened. Finding a costume that seriously looks like their uniform – score!!!

  • Not sure if anyone posted this idea yet but it would be so cute to make the owl costume with a bunch of old ties as feathers. When I first looked at the picture of Hope’s costume, that is what I thought it was made from.

  • Oh my word! This is just the BEST ever! Katie you are just the cutest!! Hope you are as precious as can be!! 🙂

  • oh so cute.. I love the idea.. 🙂 really nice to celebrate hallowen.. 🙂


  • When the year comes that I can convince Georgia to wear a wig she will surely be a rag dolls as well. It’s such a fun little costume. And Katie, how much are you going to love these photos for the rest of your life?! Such a sweet mom and daughter moment. Love it!

  • This wig idea could be translated into so many costures and colors. Awesome.

  • Oh too cute! The rag doll costumes sent me back in time to the Raggedy Anne and Andy costumes my mother made us when we were little. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :>

  • So, so, so excited for Halloween this year! I am working on making costumes for myself, baby girl and hubby. We are using the owl costume idea from last year for myself and daughter and my hubby is going to be a tree! Can. Not. Wait. Thanks for always being inspiring!!

  • SO cute, and I love her makeup with the ragdoll outfit!


  • oh my goodness!!!
    that is just about the cutest thing ever!!!
    Katie is so talented!!
    And her and Hope are just darling together!

  • So cute! I was thinking of being a doll. I found the perfect dress last year. Now I just need to make this! xo, rv


  • You have no idea how precious this is. I absolutely adore it. I’ve already purchased my costume this year (SAILOR JUPITER!!) but I will save this for next year and share it.

    Also, I purchased your e-course Blog Love when you mentioned the update and I have been learning so much. I bought a little notebook and everything to make notes and even bought a new agenda (from Moleskin, love it!) to plan out my posts (before I was making it up as I go). I’m going to do my best to start implementing everything. It has been so helpful! I am so grateful. I’ve loved blogging so much recently and reading your course has been giving me so much helpful guidance. I will definitely be recommending it to friends when I’m finished.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Cutest mother-daughter duo ever! Love the red yarn wig and the stripey tights 🙂
    Not sure about Halloween yet…trying to get a gang involved to dress up as the Breakfast Club. Hope it comes together in time!

  • Super cute! Wonder if I can convince my daughter to be a raggedy doll for Halloween…


  • Hands down prettiest DIY Halloween costume ever! You girls are so creative and I love the styling of this photo shoot! Hope, that apron dress was made for you! 😉 Great job, ladies!

  • Cute! I think I may go as ‘quailman’ from Doug. it just occured to me today. hahahahaha.

  • Absolutely the cutest costume ever!!! I just wish I had a daughter to do this with me:) Boys aren’t all that interested in wearing dresses!

  • This is so darling! I was going to be Little Red Riding Hood, but now after seeing this – I’m not so sure! 🙂

  • This is seriously the cutest costume DIY ever! Katie and Hope are so sweet, love them!

  • oh my goodness! I just think they are soooo adorable!!! I love it, love it, love it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • oh my goodness, i wish i had a little girl to dress up with! this year our little family is being “old mcdonald had a farm”. my baby boy is a cow, im a pig, my husband will be the farmer 🙂

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