rainy saturdays are for l o v e r s!


rain gives me such a good feeling. i can hear the cars driving by and it's wonderful.
Welcome to Saturday.
tonight i have big plans of staying in all night, making pancakes, drinking chamomile tea and painting a big canvas.

here is some eye candy from the week that makes me feel really inspired. hope you enjoy….
new orla kiely for Spring



in love with the dress…


although, i think i love both colors equally!


and this bag…. be still my heart.



ok… snap back to reality…
the orla kiely stuff at target is adorable.


everyone was getting so obsessed with it that i tried to resist, but i could not.
i grabbed a few things last week.


this little cutie.


and some tablecloths which i am actually using as curtains in my kitchen!

hope you are feeling inspired on this Saturday. i am looking forward to creating all night. 

Maybe I'll share some peeks? Loves, e

  • it’s rainy over here too! i looove it! i love the orls!! tha’s a great idea for curtains! and i love the purse!

  • I was looking at those LOVELY Orla items yesterday, and I SO want that yellow dress…:)

    i love the idea about using the table cloth for curtains! Genious!!! Rainy days and hot tea …perfect!

  • Not rain, snow! Big fat flakes of snow!

    I am in love with that yellow dress from the Orla line. AND, where are the tablecloths at Target? I couldn’t find them last time. MUST MAKE A QUILT OUT OF THEM.

    Enjoy the pancakes!

  • I loooove the Orla pears at Traget. Too cute. I also saw some cute pieces at Anthropologie last weekend when I was in the city. *swoon, swoon*

    There’s a Betsy Johnson store in Walnut Creek (a near by city) and I’ve been meaning to stop in there.. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Orla is a pretty hot thing these days… I was just into target yesterday and picked me up a media box for like cd’s..I’m using it for something else though. It’s beautiful.

    I too plan to do some creating. I just picked up some movies and will be throwing one in the computer and I’m going to start scraping. Have fun tonight!!!

    Hey my friend Linda from our local scrapbook store told me that she wrote you and that you replied. That was nice… I know you have such a great amount of e-mails all the time and it gets hard to reply to everyone. It really says alot.

    Happy painting tonight. Pancakes sound delicious. I think I’m making goulash.

  • Oh. my. gosh.

    I was just admiring all of the cuteness that is OK at Target. I was close to buying the oven mitt. I was way too ridiculously obsessed with the pears.

  • Elsie-

    It sounds like you are going to have a great night! I plan on doing some painting and jewelry making later tonight and pancakes do sound good! Do you know of any place in Springfield that sells bubble tea besides Bambu?

  • Holy jeebus! I absolutely *love* Betsey Johnson, and as I’m having a big ol’ traditional wedding next October, I am in total lust after that wedding dress…{sigh} Why can’t we have it all?


  • ali,
    no… i am afraid not. and i am not even that into the bubble tea at bambu… i like the kind that is flavored tea without the dairy.
    come to our party next friday night. i ordered stuff to make bubble tea for treats!
    xoxo. elsie

  • Where is that bag from? It’s beautiful, and I want it. πŸ™‚ Also, the idea of transforming that very cute table cloth into curtains is fabulous. Always full of good ideas, you are…

  • Love the yellow dress (I’m obsessed with yellow lately)! Too bad it’s sooo out of my price range. LOVE the Orla Keily at Target. I got the coffee mugs, drinking glasses, and big pear bowl. They go so perfectly with my apartment.

  • Dear Elsie,
    I think you are a fantastic artist and I really admire you a ton! I would love to see more of your work, as it totally inspires me! And I couldn’t be able to believe that you have never done an art journal. As I want to start one, I just need to see some of your ideas because otherwise I just feel like I will run out of inspiration! Could you please post them? Thank you!

  • i love that table cloth. i have a really small table so i just bought the dish towels that match, but using them as curtains is such a good idea! it is going to be so cute!

  • had to laugh when i saw your comment about the orla keily stuff…i brought home the seat cushions the other day along with a couple of drinking glasses(with orange pears)…i maybe gave out a little “whoot” in the aisle…yes they had to be mine…my scrappin’ glasses and seat cushions…*sigh*

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