random things to share before CHA….

some people have been asking to see sneak peeks of the new Love, Elsie products before CHA this coming week…. i am afraid that per usual, you will have to wait until the first day of the show….. i am locked away in the studio creating samples with the new goods that i can’t wait to share!!! 😀 I will tell you that we have some VERY exciting new collections…. soon soon soon i will share every little detail….

So, a few random things (just for fun) while you are oh-so-patiently waiting…..

first of all…. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly…. *sigh*… this film has been spinning in my head for the past two days…. so lovely, sad and inspiring! plus, i love french films. watch the trailer here.

I want to share some new photos with one of my favorite people in the world, Jeremy Larson. This new relationship has me over-the-moon happy!

We took these photos in Nashville togther.

oh, and the coolest grandma wall paper i have ever seen? xo. elsie

  • Love all that eye candy! And I saw an add in the special issue of CK magazine with the new line. It looks awesome!

  • It has been awhile since I stopped by to see your ‘offerings’ A new book!!! Can’t wait!!!!

    Will it hit Australian shores in May aswell?

    Love your blog…I have never left a comment before… 🙂


  • hi!! Thanks for sharing with us your photos, they are always so beautiful!!!

    I look forward to see your new line!!! I’m very happy about it!!!


    by paLLina

  • I wish we had big scraping event shows in Australia. They sound like so much fun.

    Your photos are gorgeous. I love the browns. Beautiful. You both look like great friends.

  • OMG…Jeremy looks like Dave Grohl, you are sooooo lucky. Thanks for sharing. you are such an inspiration…oh to be 25 again.

  • love the jeremy and emma photos..so real.. and quite beautiful..very happy for you…looks like life is really good for you right now

  • Hi Elsie! One of these days can you please explain to us why it takes sooooo long to get all the Love Elsie goodness out to stores/shelves?! I have to wait until MAY to get your new book! *whines like a baby* NO FAIR MAN!!! ME WANTS IT NOW!!!

    Yep. Instant gratification is my middle name! lol. Can’t wait to see all the goodies! *hugs* Nan

  • Fabulous pictures, can’t wait to finally see the sneak peek. I’m so impatient but I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

  • Hey girl! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the reveal of your new lines! 🙂

    Love the new pics, you two are adorable together 🙂

  • Pics of you and Jeremy remind me of the movie “PS, I Love You”.

    Counting down until sneak peek days!

  • I have been missing girly!!! I knew you were busy with CHA and all and I just can’t wait to see you there!

    Be Blessed!

  • thanks for all the *eye candy*! glad to see you happy, girlie! can’t wait to see the new goods at CHA! i will stop by the booth and say *hi* if thats ok!



  • Hi Elsie,

    Love the pics!I actually saw your friend Will at local Lawrence Photo with his camera last week. I was going to say hi to him when I recognized him from pics posted on your blog-but thought it would weird him out-so I didn’t. LOL

    Take care you.

  • sigh…looked at your flikr pics with jeremy. so sweet. i’ve never commented before, but have been reading your blog for over a year. you are an inspiration for life. 🙂 take care.

  • Looks like you made a trip to Nashville! Just down the road from me in fact! How long will he be here? I might try and catch a show. I’ll be on the lookout. I suppose I might catch you in the audience too? Lovely house he’s staying in!

  • ok elsie…

    i don’t think i’ve ever commented here and i am not sure why.

    but the grandma wallpaper got me.

    you’ll have to see my post today…of what i am stripping. it’s almost the same.

    i don’t hate the paper but it’s just too much and it just needed to go. and it has matching drapes too.

    but i do feel a bit sad about it.

    i thought it was funny.


  • wow Elsie! i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos of you and Jeremy, how did you get the colors like that? i love the way they have that “antiquy” feel to them.

    i just love your stuff, you’re such a creative and inspiring person, thank you for sharing parts of your life with us!

  • OMG! Elsie, my Grandma or “G” as I used to call her, had that exact same WALLPAPER in her dining room!

    With blue & green shag carpet! I loved that room when I was a kid! Thanks for posting!

  • Love the photos, Elsie! The ones with you and Jeremy are great! What kind of filtering did you do on those pictures?

    I didn’t even recognize your sis until I read it. Awesome pics!

    And the wallpaper… LOL… I think that too. Grandma paper for sure.

  • cool pictures 🙂 i want to see that movie to!! thx for your links to great movies, love that 🙂

    And BTW thx for your comment on my “elsie” layout on flickr 😀

  • I spy a new banner … I like it, I like it alot … suits your photo perfectly …. have fun at CHA, can’t wait to see some sneak peeks!

  • Dying to see your new lines!! AND LOVIN’ the new banner! have a ball at CHA this weekend! WOOT!

  • I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely ADORE your new blog banner… beautiful.

  • Your stuff is amazing & so much fun to look at! I enjoyed going through your booth at CHA in Chicago this past summer…definitely one of my favorite stops! Any plans on offering your designs to digital scrapbookers? I know they would be HUGE!!

  • I so want to see that film. I read the book in French years ago – the author was the editor of French Elle, or was it Vogue? Anyway…… it was terribly moving and I can’t wait to see how they bring it to life. Thank you Elsie 🙂

  • I love reading your blog…it’s always fab! You are an awesome artist…I love your photography and scrapbooking. It’s really cool how far you’ve come. I remember seeing a few layouts of yours in magazines, which I ripped out to put in my fav layouts idea book. It was an awesome surprise to see your first book…and now your paper line. Too cool! Congrats!

  • I like that saying, thanks!
    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

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