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Recent readsHappy weekend, everyone! Just wanted to share a few recent reads I’ve been enjoying lately.

1. Sherry and John sent us a copy of their new book Lovable Livable Home and, not surprisingly, it’s awesome! If you’re in need of a YHL fix, I recommend you check out their book. Also, and this is a random side note I guess, I recently listened to their interview on the Lively Show podcast and thought it was really interesting to hear their perspective on what they’ve been up to and why they decided to move their career paths away from full time blogging.

2. I love Rachel Khoo. She is just the cutest ever and her cookbooks inspire me. I’ve been loving her latest book, Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook.

3. Elsie bought me a copy of What Katie Ate on the Weekend, and I LOVE it. I think the food photography is just SO inspiring.

4. I recently finished an awesome novel, Station Eleven. It’s set in an apocalyptic world, it’s got cults, comic books and lots of surprising, lovable characters.

5. I just started (but am loving so far) Mary Karr’s latest book The Art of Memoir, which is all about writing or just appreciating memoirs. I love a good memoir, so it’s interesting to learn more about the process many authors go through to create them.

If you have any recent reads you’d like to share, feel free. Hope you have a great weekend! xo. Emma

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