Red Velvet Autumn Collection


I'm so thrilled to share the Autumn collection for Red Velvet! I've already shared two dresses with 3 Ways To Wear It and the rest are coming this and next week. Our team is working incredibly hard to finish preparations for our launch on September 1st. Which dress is your favorite? xo, elsie

  • I adore orange, and that dress is so fun! But the long backed top with the blue skirt is delicious!

  • Bottom left dress is a winner! Bottom right hair piece = thumbs up!!

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  • Definitely the blue velvet- reminds me of a dress I had when I was little. Love it!!

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  • Such lovely looks! Your style reminds me of Zooey Deschanel in ‘New Girl’, very feminine but not too sexy. The black&white dress and the bourdeaux with the white collar are to die for!

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  • cute! i love how unique your collection is:)

  • Great dresses, love the way you put the colours together 🙂 x

  • Bottom left! This blog is amazing and has super uber inspired me! <3 well odne ladies X

  • Where can I buy these clothes? I LOVE the blue pen-skirt!!!
    And I really want to by it!! Is that possible? I live in Sweden.

  • inspired, lovely, enchantment.
    Im in love with your blog and your shop. I wish i could traveled to know it

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  • love the collection, especially the pops with white collar.

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  • second from the bottom on the right side. the pattern is right up my alley, i’m in love

  • I love ALL of these… but especially the blue floral coat/dress at the top. Well done to Red Velvet and the interns – some very talented designers 🙂

  • Bottom left…looks like I’ll have a TON of competition getting my hands on it though! Congratulations on another great collection!

  • I love love love the bottom left and the top right! So cute! The mod theme you guys have this season is adorable. I’m definitely digging it.

  • I’m in total love with the green top/blue bottom with white tie! Drooling here. I just need to get my pre-baby mama body back and I can rock it!

    Love them all!

  • I love the yellow geometric print dress. Very cute!

    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog!

  • yay! Can’t wait! I love the blue pencil skirt with the olive green top (or is that a dress?) whatever it is, I love, love it!!!
    Congrats girlie!

  • Such a lovely collection! My favorites are the 3rd and 9th dress 🙂
    NEW POST: Miu Miu Resort 2012

  • How cute!
    Just went to a fifties party- your style was a definite influence:)

  • I love the third one, but I also love the second to last one. Great job, this look amazing! It’s so fun to watch peoples’ dreams come true.

  • elsie. seriously. you’re incredible! i am IN LOVE with the bottom left ♥ it looks like spools of thread.

    need. to. have.

  • Yay! I’m so excited to see all of these new dresses! I love the bright pops of color, unexpected patterns, and amazing bell sleeves! So cute! In love <3

  • I love the bottom left. Sleeveless dresses and I are such pals, and I just love the cut on that one. And the fabric! My goodness! 😀

  • I have a maxi like the first one ! I should model it better ! Also what do you think of huge housedresses should it be belted ?

  • I’m in love with the green and blue dress (it looks like separates, but I’m guessing not?)! All of them are great, though! 🙂

  • I love both crushed velvet ones and the geometric patterned one! How will I ever choose! I cannot wait to purchase a dress this time around! I am so excited for you ladies, they look incredible 🙂 -Lo

  • Your blog is spectacular. I wish I had your style! I have just started a blog, I hope you will check it out. I added you to my favorite blogs.

  • O, they’re so beautiful! I am absolutely in LOVE with the bottom left. In LOVE!
    And my second vote goes to the light blue with white bib. You are a really talented lady, mrs Larson!

  • I love the blue one with the lace bib and the triangle pattern one!
    It’s a tie, I’d buy them both.
    <3 Ashlynn.

  • bottom left please!! 🙂 and that green top with the blue shirt is a very close second!! I love them all…congrats on a lovely collection!! I cant wait for the launch!! 🙂

  • love, love, LOVE!!! the top left corner, the one you previewed last week.. blue floral print.. so want one!

  • ohhhh I LOVE them all!
    but i have to say the grey & black are my favorites 🙂

  • I die.

    I love the green top, the fishtail top, the slim skirt, the flower shop dress AND the little geometric print dress.

    Oh Elsie. Whatever shall I do 😉

    (saving my pennies starting: NOW)

    Sara Sophia

  • I LOVE the geometric one on the left and 4 down. It reminds me of a super Psychedelic Kaleidoscope! So excited to see more.



  • The one on the bottom left with the spool of thread print is my favorite. Is that the print you designed?

  • omgsh! Does anyone know when these will go on sale? I am in love with the blue dress! *swoons*

  • These look amazing! Congrats on your fall line! Can’t wait to see the 3 ways to wear it 🙂

  • bottom left… but now seeing that everyone else loves it, i’ll have to jump to buy it!

  • They are all so great, but I really hope I can get my hands on The Library Date Dress :)! I’m really into grey lately and I adore the white bib-like collar thingy ;).

  • Dear Elsie,

    Congrats on your new dress line! I like the black and white dress in the upper right corner and the maroon one in the lower left corner best.

  • I love the library date dress, and the 2 velvet dresses look so lush! I’m a huge texture person when it comes to clothes.

  • Absolutely beautiful! There’s definitely some pretties there I want to snap up as soon as I can. Excellent work 🙂

    Aoife x

  • The Bell sleeve dresses are adorbs! I love the collar on the maroon one! but I think my fav is the two tone one (green top blue bottom) that looks like separates. It looks like something a hot 60’s teacher would wear 🙂

  • What a great collection! Congrats!!!
    The bottom left is my favorite. The shape is great and the print looks really cute!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • You are completely beautiful and gorgeous and awesome, and my heart jumped when I saw the Bloglovin button.
    You have a new follower. Keep up the great work!

    – s

  • Hey, new poster here! I just wanted to say I’ve been stalking your blog for months and I finally wanted to let you know how fab it is! Congratulations on the wedding and the new line of dresses. I especially love the first one, I can imagine wearing it with HUGE platform shoes (which I have already, so it would be a shame not to buy said dress…) and hair all piled high. 🙂 Keep up the good work Elsie! xXx Amy

  • Swoon! Love all those dresses – especially the floral one.

  • I already know which one I must grab! Definitely the spools dress! But I also love the Library dress…Hmmmm..

    I love your collection 🙂

  • The crushed blue velvet has my heart! It’s so adorable!!! *Squeals in delight!*

  • I am absolutely head over heels in love with the thread spools print dress! Also loving the black dress and geometric print dress! Keeping my fingers crossed that i can get my hands on one!

  • Everything looks so cute, but I especially love those little velvet numbers!

  • also, i had no idea you were a mom. you are a hot mom! 😉 what a cute lil fam

  • geometric print and blue floral are equally adorable!


  • bottom left is so popular but also my favorite!!! I love the combination with the yellow belt though and the print!

  • Oh, WOW! The collection is amazing, Elsie, congratulations!! I honestly can’t choose a favorite – they are all fabulous.

  • OK I need one of each for sure!! Love them. CONGRATS!!
    Will you be offering wholesale at all to other stores?

  • a tie between the color block alove and blue, and the spools of thread. maybe i’ll get one before they sell out this time.

  • ohh love the velvet. I would never think to wear that for fall! Digging it!

  • Love! The bottom left is my fave too! I think that print is fantastic!


  • Congrats! These look great! I love the one with the blue skirt and green top. I am also into the floral top with the blue skirt – love the interesting silhouette.

  • oh no! this didn’t happen to me last time – there are two that i’m obsessed with!! the library date & the one with spools of thread 🙂 glad i have a week to decide.

  • all these dresses are brilliant!!

  • all of them are exquisite! but the library date dress will be at the top of my purchase list for this fall!!

  • My favorite is the bottom left! The pattern on the fabric is so cute. I love seeing how many different favorites people have. Congratulations on another great collection!

  • elsie, you are so inspiring and your fall line is absolutely gorgeous!
    congrats on another beautiful line!

    ps. the spool print dress is my favorite!

  • Really LOOOOVE #4 dress! I love both colors and how they fit together. 🙂 All dresses are adorable!

  • I love the 3rd dress for it’s shape/structure and the 8th for its amazing pattern! I can’t pick just one of these two 🙂

  • just love that blue velvet one – I know exactly how I’ll wear it already!

  • this is so so exciting! i think they are all so unique and beautiful. i really hope i can purchase one myself! i would be one happy lady for sure. i think my favs are the grey one and the dark red one with the print. though i would gladly wear any of them. 🙂 congrats elsie! you are awesome!

  • Even better than last year’s and I’m dying DYING over the spool dress. I NEED it. Need, need, need, need.

  • Ohmygoodness – they’re all so sweet! 🙂 *Love* the colors, too!!

  • SOOO cute! I love them all. How much are they going to cost!?

    xo, rv

  • very first one! I loved it the moment you first showcased it!
    Can you give us a heads up on sizing so that on order day we know what we’ll need as well as pricing of the pieces? (so we know how many we can afford!)

  • Ooh, the bottom left, the bottom left! Well done, girls, you’ve excelled once again 🙂

  • i love it!! i like the grey one and red dress.. 🙂 can i buy it?? :p
    Irene wibowo

  • Love all of them! Especially the bottom 2! So excited for September 1. And secretly hoping you’ll do a re release of your spring line.. I was too late! I would kill for some of those 🙂

  • I’m gonna fight someone for that triangle dress! The orange velvet one is gorgeous too.

  • Oh my gosh! Elsie!! This collection is amazing! <3 I love the bottom left dress, and the top right…..and the dress with the olive green top…..and the blue velvet. Haha I love them all! What a super cute collection, I’m so excited for them to launch! xoxo

  • The black and white one and the secretary one are both adorable, but the dark red with the thread spools is to DIE FOR!!!

    Stephanie May*

  • A tie between the library dress and the spool dress! Starting to save my pennies!

  • I’m so in love with this new autmn collection in all stores! Can’t wait to wear it! 😉

  • I’m lovinggg the first one (the blue floral dress). Superrr cute! You should sell the patterns to past collections. I’m a design student and would love to play around with some of these in my own fabrics!

  • The thread dress is amazing! I am gonna snatch that up asap! Sept 1st hurry and get here.

  • I’d snatch up that triangle dress in a second, but sadly, I’m sure it won’t be large enough. 🙁

  • The top right one is gorgeous!

  • These are all so wonderful!
    If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the black and white one on the top, it’s so simple and classy but at the same time very unique.

    Great job Elsie!


  • Awesome collection of pretties:)
    For me it’s a tie between the top blue floral(love the sleeves), and the dress on the bottom left….I Love the collar on this dress:)

  • I am totally smitten with the maroon and white patterned one with the amazing collar. I’ll be trying to snap that one up on the 1st for sure! The collection is amazing. The hard work has certainly paid off

  • So cute! I really like the one with the green top and blue bottom. The collar is so sweet, and the colors boldly work well together.

  • Love, love, LOVE the orange velvet! (But they all look wonderful! Great job 🙂

  • The dress with the yellow geometric pattern is sooo dreamy! Also, I love the pattern on the spool dress. I can’t wait for the line to come out, I hope I am able to snag one!

  • As much as i love all of the pretty colors, (especially that gorgeous shade of blue) i just cant take my eyes off of the black one, i want that one for sure. I cant stop thinking about all the fun ways i could wear it

  • they’re all so cute!
    I think the bottom left dress and the triangle dress are my favorites (:

  • yay so excited about this post! i love the black one with the collar!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • The olive-green/blue dress with the white collar and tie. I’ve been searching everywhere for a top like this to wear with pencil skirts–how cool that it’s a dress!

  • i want the spool print one! do we know the prices? i just want to make sure i have enough cash on hand to buy when its available sept 1

  • These dresses are all SO CUTE! Gosh, it’s so hard to pick a favourite. If I had to, I’d go with the top right and bottom left. Absolutely adorable!!

  • Wow! This is ”magnifique”! My favorite one is the black and white dress!

  • I’d wear any of them, but I’ve been lusting the blue floral-y one since you posted it the other day!

  • I love the green and blue one!! hopefully I’ll be able to catch my very own before you sell out!

  • I love the turquoise skirt and dress. that is my favorite colour. Nicely cut!

  • I adore the black one! living in England i missed out on the summer one i wanted 🙁 hope i manage to get one this season. They are gorgeous well done.


  • great dresses! I especially love the blue one (the sixth one), it’s gorgeous!

  • Lovely Elsie, congratulations! I have been so looking forward to seeing the new collection. My favourite is definitely the library date dress, the bib front detail is just gorgeous <3 x

  • Adoring the bell sleeved dresses! Gorgeous! The geometric print is wonderful as well

    Congratulations on another perfect collection!


  • Oh gosh! I’m so glad I stayed up or I would’ve missed this. It’s such a hard decision! The black and white triangle dress seems like a good layering piece, but my heart is really excited about that triangle print color dress! The velvet blue one in the corner is giving it a run for its money too. Good choice on cut, I’ve been looking for a dress with a 3/4 sleeve like this for ages!

    Pure excitement for fall.
    <3 Linda

  • Elsie!! Congrats!!!!!

    They are all fabulous!!! I adore the maroon one with the yellow belt!


  • it’s actually too hard too choose a favorite D: I do really like the blue floral and the velour(?)one but i also love the pointy pockets on the black and white…and the green an blue one TOO HARD!

  • Love at first sight with the dress with the triangles! I want to have it!

  • Second one down on the right. Love the contrasting colours & white collar!

    Kelly @ 
    Elegantly Academic

  • I think the colorful one with the triangle-print and the sweet sleeves is really pretty. I would definitely love to wear this dress (although the library date dress is more suitable for daily use, I suppose).

  • I love the green top and skirt sor far that is the outfit I am going to try and buy – I very sadly missed out on the penpal dress in my size in spring.

  • I LOVE that dress with the triangle fabric!!! You did an awesome job, as always 🙂 YAY! I’m so excited….

  • They are all so great! I love the geometric print & blue velvet best of all.

  • Is that green top with the white collar a dress or separates? Either way, it is my favourite. Beautiful collection, can’t wait till the 1st!

  • i love the green top and the dress with triangle print. (: the dresses with the trumpet sleeves are all so cute…

  • The green one is gorgeous! Definitely my favourite, followed closely by the black one.

  • I love the Library Date dress, but I also love the top right one too! So pretty 🙂

  • definitely the bottom left one. love love love the collar! and the fabric reminds me of a japanese one i’ve seen a couple months ago. super cute! and the length is perfect for autumn 🙂

  • I love them all! But as a librarian, I think I have to choose the library date dress. It’s so pretty!

    You all have been so hard at work making such lovely things!

  • I just love bottom left one! Oh I hope I can get my hands on one! It is just so perfect!
    Sophie x

  • great work red velvet chickees love these! have my heart set on the triangle print dress and the bottom left one too. good luck for the launch! xoxo

  • Bottom left for me too! Is that print showing spools of thread? Very cute. I love the collar too.

  • all of them!! ok, ok, if I had to choose my absolute favorite, my heart goes out to the lovely blue velvet dress on the very end! soo cute :] I’m sure your autumn dress line will be as big of a hit (if not, bigger) than your last one! 😀 best wishes :]

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