Red Velvet Children’s Section






This magical little section of the shop was styled by Rachel Denbow. She did such an amazing job. There is tons of pretty handmade for kiddos (also available online). The tree is my design that we had custom built for our last shop. The super pretty felt board was Rachel's creation. It's the perfect way to keep kids entertained while their mamas shop! XO. elsie

Photographs courtesy of Float Away Studios

  • It’s adorable! I love, love, love the stuffed sewing machine!

  • I remember that AMAZING desk from a REALLY REALLY old post of a tour of your last home/loft.

    So amazing.

  • LOVE IT! Being a mommy, I think it’s my favorite part and I want everything in it!!

  • If this isn’t perfection, I don’t know what is. And a note about your sweet shoppe- has your baker ever tried maple syrup cupcakes with BACON?! They are divine and are perfect for a brunch!

  • the tree is great! i love how creative all of the displays are. and i want one of those foxes!


  • Racheal has such a fun style. I love the foxes! I want one and I dont even have any kiddie yet! Teehee

    Megan Michelle

  • I cannot wait to visit and buy super cute things for my girls! Congratulations on such a lovely shop!

  • Gosh, this makes me wanna be a kid again! I love how you’ve catered for their needs (:

  • love all the sections you’ve been showing, but this one HAS to be my favorite. Everything is just adorable. Love the foxes + sewing machines! And the felt board = GENIUS! 🙂

    Sarah M

  • Oh Elsie. The shop is so beautiful. I am looking all day at your wonderful shop. It really is magical.

  • OMG! I’ve loved all of the “sections” so far but this one is my favorite!
    The felt board and the stuffies (especially the little sewing machine) are so cute!

    You’ve done a lovely job!

  • I would love to know about the felt doll board. Is it DIYable or for sale in the shop? I looked at Red Velvet’s online shop already, but didn’t spot it.
    Thanks in advance!

  • this is just SO pretty Elsie! I LOVE the little personalized desk and your tree, so cool.

  • what a gorgeous looking place. I wish I lived nearby…. I’ll check out the online shop!

  • Oh I wish to be a little girl to play and buy from this corner of your shop! It would be amazing!

  • Paper dolls, sweet dresses & thank adorable sweet kidlet school desk! Takes me on a magical ride to a land full of dreams, play, & creativity! :>

  • I adore that little felt board! I would love to have one for my little boy with a fireman & fire truck or something….I will have to check out Rachel’s stash!

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