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This is the last post of shop peeks for now. These are many of my favorite displays! I love designing displays almost as much as styling photo shoots (SO much). It's super fun. These are our Autumn displays. I'm so glad we got these photos to remember the Autumn displays because Christmas is just around the corner (literally, we're swapping displays this weekend… eeks!). The vinyl in our shop was custom made for us by Vinyl Fruit (i HIGHLY recommend them for custom vinyl) and the super cute vintage TV (turned sign…) was inspired by the looovely jaymipop (she was our booth's next-door-neighbor at Renegade SF). 


Thanks, again, for the overwhelming support and kindness we've received! You're amazing….β™₯ 

XO. elsie 

Photographs courtesy of Float Away Studios.

  • seriously, you could post 1200+ photos of your shop from every angle and it still wouldn’t be enough for me! I’m a Pacific NW girl and wish I could see it all in person. You = spectacular!

  • Everything looks so adorable and you have it right in taking photos of all this for it will all too soon disappear/change – great reference for future πŸ™‚ I love the travel typewriter you have there next to the green trays – reminds me of the one I used to write my ‘novels’ on yonks ago πŸ˜€

    Would love to know if the old owners have taken a peek at your hard work and what they thought…

  • Wow, your shop looks stunning πŸ™‚
    However, i’m assuming your across the pond in big ole U.S.A?
    I wish i could see it all in person

  • I must say I’ve really enjoyed seeing the photos of your shop. More than that I’ve loved hearing about how your dream has come true after lots of hard work. I live in Australia but visit the states at least once a year so I’m hoping that I may one day get to visit your amazing shop!

  • ah-MAZING! I LOVE LOVE the display with the old radios and gadgets and I absolutely adore the chalkboard grand opening sign. It’s so cute and approachable at the same time?

    I think I would normally feel a wee bit out of place in a vintage store (even though I’d be jumping up and down inside) but this store looks so cozy and INCREDIBLE!

    Talia Christine

  • WOWZERS! this looks like the most amazing place… ! chock full of wonderful things! you can see the love in it.



  • I want to work there…I want to live there…Everything is so beautiful and your creativity is so inspiring! Good work! πŸ˜€

  • So love how it looks! If I would live anywhere in the US I would come and have a look. It looks fantastic! Love the paperleaves in some of the displays!

  • FAVORITE part= Newlyweds gifts from the 1960’s!! So much fun! The store looks wonderful!

  • Elsie how in the world do you not just keep everything for yourself?! Question, did you guys make the flag bunting yourselves? Is there a tutorial for that? Thanks!! :]

  • Wow!! wow. That wall of vintage radios & such…that bike & grannies. Goodness. Your shop rocks! I wish to one day see it in real life, but goodness…I live so far away! lol. Thanks for posting the peeks so we can visit vicariously…:) The photos are so stunning!

  • Elsie, the whole store is like a wonderland…it’s so pretty! I *wish* I could go road-tripping and come visit, but because I live in Australia, my trip would involve flying for almost a day and then a couple of smaller flights or road trips to get to you, which I can’t do right now :((( Oh well, at least I can visit in my mind πŸ˜€

    Congrats girl…you so deserve this.

    Karen xx

  • Your shop looks like a total wonderland! Such beautiful and creative displays. (And I love the Betty/Peggy dress rack!) If I am ever in Springfield I will be sure to stop by. Congratulations on the opening πŸ™‚

  • I bet my husband is glad I don’t live closer to your store because I would spend every dime we had in it! I LOVE everything in your store! My favorite things however have to be the radios, cameras and typewriters! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images!

  • Everything in your store is absolutely pristine! I wish I lived closer! It would be my favorite place to shop!

  • Hi Elsie! =) Congratulations on the shop opening, it looks great! I love how you organized it all, and it looks like it’s in a great place! (the ceilings? gorgeous.) Much love and luck as you enter this super exciting time!

  • Love the vintage caameras, hat boxes and your beautiful display of photos in jars! I am collecting jars to make a similar display at home.

    Can’t wait to see how your christmas display turn out, when I worked in retail creating and maintaining displays was something I look forward to and enjoyed soooo much.

    Well done!

  • I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore your shop! I wish I could visit in person – I think I could spend every day there. Congratulations!

  • this store, i tell ya Elsie….WOWEEEE. it’s so inspiring. i love seeing these pictures. i can’t wait to see the xmas display…’s one of my favorite times of year!!


  • your store is beautiful elsie, you and your family have worked so hard.

    its a true inspiration, i can only dream that one day it would become a reality for me πŸ™‚

    Cant wait to see the winter displays πŸ™‚

    have a beautiful weekend xx

  • Your store photos made me want to travel to Springfield right now! It’s a place full of vintage magic, lovely! Great job! Good luck and thanks πŸ™‚

  • Wow, that place looks huge and yet it’s filled with lots of everything, so cool! How do you manage to get rid of som many treasure? I wouldn’t want to let anything go!

    Congrats again! πŸ™‚


  • Wow!! I can’t wait to see Christmas display pictures. If I ever get out your way I will have to stop into Red Velvet. I have two favorites, I love the house with the balloons like the movie Up and the bookcases/displays with old/vintage book pages on the back.

  • i think i spotted a couple dozen things i would buy….i really wish i didnt live so far away (tx)….maybe a roadtrip is in order soon. looks great elsie…congrats!

  • seriously: your shop makes me feel amazed every single day. the bad thing is that i live very far from usa, because i would love to eat the magic sweets of emma, and to buy pretty clothes to me and to my boyfriend in a such nice place.

  • seriously love love love the store.
    i think the balloons on the doll house might be my fav. thought of up and started to cry a bit.

  • soooooo inspired by you right now !!!!!

    your shop looks utterly Amazing !!!!!

    blessing you with happy times

    dommie x

  • Your store is absolutely magical. If I lived in your town I’d be there everyday! I want to come visit so badly! <3

  • One of these days I will have to visit the shop…when I have enough dough for a road trip. I absoluteley love the UP! doll house! Perfect!

  • Arrrrrrrrr!!! so amazing.

    I ever has good time in Branson,MO
    If i know about your shop in Springfield i will visit you.
    I love vintage and your shop very very pretty.


  • oh my gosh! really, really, it looks amazing! congratulations, i can’t wait to stop by when i come out (mid)west to see my family for the holidays.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! The Shop looks AMAZING! I wish I lived closer so I could see it in person. Keep up the good work.

  • Youre store just looks so AMAZING! Where in Ameraica is it? If I ever go to the USA I have to find youre store and have a look.

  • The store is absolutely breathtaking! I really wish I could plan a trip to visit in person. I agree with the above comments on how I could NEVER see enough of these photos!! Wowzers πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting these, and congratulations x 1000 to you guys! πŸ™‚

  • Elsie, I can only imagine how much work went into this. It looks fabulous. Everything is so neatly displayed and looks so appealing to wander around in. I madly want to visit! I can’t believe you’re swapping the decor for Christmas already. That will be so much fun though. I can imagine it being a total Christmas wonderland.

  • I wanna go visit your store so badly! My daughter just got married to a Springfield boy – I told his parents we would be coming out to visit – of course I have ulterior motives πŸ˜‰ Hope to see you in April!

  • Love your store and wish I lived in your town as I love vintage things and would be there all the time. Hope the season goes well and look forward to seeing the christmas season displays

  • BEAUTIFUL! Amazing! Delightful!

    Awww, and thanks Elsie for mentioning my TV display as inspiration! All credit for the idea goes to my husband. It means a lot <3

  • I’ve seriously been loving these posts, I’m sad that they’re over! Can’t wait to see more posts on your Christmas displays!



  • i know i’m a little late.. but OMG!!

    i hopepraywish i can visit your shop one day.

  • This is very inspiring to me. I am hoping to open up a craft boutique in my hometown and hope that what I come up with ends up with adorable.

  • Sooo jealous of your amazing store ! hoping one day to visit and explore in person πŸ™‚ Ginny xx

  • My dream has been to open a vintage clothing/decor store. I am drooling over these photos. Very inspiring!

  • Love, love ,love it! Can you post a picture of your business card…..Where are you located?

  • Hi there! I am loving everything in your shop! I wondered do you ever ship anything or have an online shop? The celeste sewing machine caught my eye! If you do, I would definitely be interested if its still a running machine!

  • You are such an inspiration! The store looks beautiful. I hope everything is going well thus far! xx

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