Red Velvet Hot Chocolate Recipe


Red velvet and pink hot chocolateWith Valentine's day steadily creeping up on us I thought it would be fun to make a little festive hot chocolate treat. Behold darlings: pink hot chocolate and red velvet hot chocolate! Share one of these with your bestie or your Mr. Tis' the season for chocolate, and pink, and appreciating the loved one's in your life.



Red velvet hot chocolateRed Velvet Hot Chocolate, makes 2 servings.


Needed: 4-5 cups milk, 1 cup dark chocolate chips, 2-3 drops red food coloring.


Pink hot chocolatePink Hot Chocolate, makes 2 servings.


Needed: 4-5 cups milk, 1 cup white chocolate chips, and 2 tablespoons strawberry syrup.


Red velvet and pink hot chocolate 2

For each of these beverages the method is the same: in a small pot heat the milk over medium heat. Add the chocolate chips and continue to stir constantly as they melt and incorporate into the milk. Add the syrup or dye. Serve with whip cream and cozy up with someone. 🙂 Enjoy! xo. emma and elsie


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  • By the looks of it, I think your chocolate recipe is amazing! I wish I could try that sometime.

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  • Great recipe! I have a few chocolate recipes of my own to share with the world.

  • I have never tried Hot Chocolate that’s Velvet Red or Pink. This seems interesting. I collect chocolate recipes to try and this is one unique hot chocolate.

  • So this means you can use any colour food dye to create a rainbow of hot chocolate! I must say, those mugs are just awesome. Where can they be purchased? Since they look like perfect hot chocolate drinking mugs. 🙂

  • SOOOOOOOOOO delicious and beautiful! I simply HAD to feature them in my “Five Fabulous Fings on Friday” Valentine’s edition post! You can have a peek here if you wish:

    Can’t wait to sip pink hot chocolate – good for any day that you need to make someone smile! 🙂

    Keep up the great work, I love reading this beautiful blog.

    Katie. xxx

  • Yum! I’m drinking the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate now, and it’s delicious! I had to add a lot more food coloring, but that could be because my food coloring is super old and might be a bit weak or something. Tastes good anyway 🙂

  • I can’t wait to try that one! My girl and I are celebrating Valentine’s in my house and I thought of making something like this to make our sweet tooth happy. =) Hope she’ll love this.

  • Well, while I’m sure the actual mugs in the picture are from a more glamourous place. I found very similar ones in the Dollorama 😉 So making red velvet hot cocoa tonight!

  • YUM! So delicious, can’t wait to try this! They look so sweet and pretty, I featured this tutorial on my blog, you can have a peek here if you wish:

    Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work! Katie. xxx

  • oh my dear god that sounds amazing!!! ahaha i dunno weather to thank u or not lol 😉 xx

  • The red one would be great with a bit of chilli to spice it up.

  • Super adorable! I just had to try the red velvet hot chocolate and it’s delicious. My hubby totally loved it too.

    Any tips for getting it that beautiful red color? I put in about 15 drops of red dye but mine only turned nice dark brown 🙁

    (sorry if this posted twice, something happened to my internet the first time I tried to comment)

  • Super adorable! I just had to try the red velvet hot chocolate and it’s delicious. My hubby totally loved it too.

    Any tips for getting it that beautiful red color? I put in about 15 drops of red dye but mine only turned a nice dark brown 🙁

  • I am thinking that doing the red velvet using coconut milk and vegan dark chocolate would be very yummy! Great thought and nice and easy technique for all holidays-just a few adjustments for the different holidays. Easy enough for the perfect way to enjoy hot chocolate-camping!

  • YUM! you always have such great ideas, but pink and red velvet hot chocolate? om-awesome! i cant wait to try it! thanx again for all your inspiration! you have made my day! xoxo chella

  • Wow! Those mugs look amazing! And I am dying to try these great recipes. I am drooling as I type! I have shared this recipe with my bloggy friends. Your blog is just gorgeous. I have put a link to your blog on my blog.

  • I love the look of the red velvet hot chocolate, a definite for valentines day breakfast in bed. The strawberry sounds a little sweet for my personal taste though. xx

  • I am surprised only a few drops of food coloring produce such a deep red color. How about orange for Halloween?

  • i really love hot chocolate and pink is my favorite color – so for me it’s really the perfect prefect drink.

  • WOW that’s so cool!!! love is in the aaaiiirrr!!

    (New blog needing some love and support:

  • Ohmygosh these looks so yummy! And cute! (which is always a bonus– and yes, I second that question^… Where are those mugs from! Gorgeous. I would love to see my tea and various hot beverages… 🙂


  • I definitely just wrote these ingredients down. I’m definitely going to try the red velvet with my honey and the pink with my bestie. Thanks girls!

  • Wow, red velvet hot chocolate sounds amazing but unfortunately I am on a cold soft food diet for at least a week. Frowny face.

  • What a great idea for Valentines day drinks! They look so delicious and easy to make.


  • OMG. This looks absolutely divine!! I might have to incorporate this into my Valentine’s Day girls only party menu… we WERE going to sit around and drink vodka, but this looks like much for fun (and probably better for us… emotionally) 🙂

  • oh my, these look ridiculously good. def. need to add this to my recipe queue!


  • What a great idea! So stinking cute!! I am obsessed with your love tattoo!!


  • Looks really yummy, not a big fan of Strawberry syrup but the Red Velvet sounds great!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • How totally cute!! And yummy. Two of my favorite things, chocolate, and the color red.

  • Love the Vday pink and red colors! Would not have thought of it for hot chocolate but looks tasty 🙂

  • This is so fun and cool! Nothing like pink chocolat milk to get you in the mood.

  • oh yum, these will be perfect for valentines!


  • Oh my, goodness me!

    I will be sharing these if you please!!

    OK enough with the Dr. Seuss, really I am going to add them to my Valentine’s Day Countdown (and make them for me and my sweetie this weekend!!)

    Look for the link-back!

    Thanks for always brightening my days!

  • This is so cute and sounds amazing! I actually have mugs just like this that I got for my wedding registry from BBB. Can’t wait to try it!

  • These look amazing! I am so excited to try this with my fiancé. Anything with red velvet in the title, he’ll go for 🙂 Thanks for posting!

  • Thanks for posting! Can’t wait to try this on a cold Minnesota Valentine’s Day!



  • oh so perfect for a valentine’s day coffee date. 🙂


  • These look so good! They would be perfect for a girl’s night valentine’s day too!

  • Think my kiddos & I will do a hot chocolate tasting this weekend!

  • this is PERFECT! our tradition for Valentine’s day is to get each other a mug! It eliminates the stress of having to spend a ton of money on something fancy, and it perpetuates our warm beverage addiction! I think this pink and red hot chocolate is a must this year!

  • These do look cute, especially the pink one. I can see coloring it just with strawberries for more natural taste.

  • yummm!!! this looks disturbing in an AWESOME way!!!! 🙂 it needs to be made this weekend!! in Norway we are having -15 today so its def the season!!

    love K

  • Oooh something of a brilliant idea! I don’t even think the Hummingbird does that? 🙂

  • I don’t know if I’d be able to drink the light pink one, it’s just too weird that it would be in any way chocolatey lol.. the red velvet one though, I like

    (I’ll probably end up trying the pink one too actually, just re-read and it DOES sound delicious..

  • Oh my this looks so extreme! I think I will give this one a try, even if flying solo this year 😉


  • I love the recipe, but I love the tattoo more! Emma does it belong to you? What lovely handwriting.

    On a handwriting note, this book is ace for design inspiration – Hand Job: a catalogue of type by Michael Perry

  • I am dying to go out into the freezing weather to buy a ton of chocolate chips!

    Thanks for sharing such a cute idea (:


  • Such gorgeous colors of lovely drinks!!
    How creative! I love ur recipes!


  • Such a great idea! I love red velvet and hot choc, so this is a perfect combo.

  • Those both look amazing!! I can’t wait to try them both out on Valentine’s Day.

  • OH MAN. I think the red velvet recipe could easily be veganized – I might have to give it a go!

  • I’m obsessed with hot chocolate! I’ve never heard of red velvet hot chocolate… I need to try this! It looks sooo delicious.

  • Hi Melissa, the mugs are from Bed,Bath & Beyond (wedding registry!) XOXO!

    Thanks for all the kind words!

  • Oh wow these sound (and look) so yummy! I’ll definitely be trying these this month. <3

  • My keyboard had a breakdown 🙂 This looks so good! I can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  • oh my god! looks deliciouuuuus!

  • Oh my I totally love this! And what a yummy anytime treat too! Hot chocolate and I are the oldest of lovers so I’m glad to try it out 🙂


  • Quite possibly the cutest drink ever! These look and sound so yummy! Must try these asap 🙂

  • I think I will have to make and drink both..on V day…being single..BUT ENJOYING CHOCOLATE. Win?

  • Gosh that is so cute! My little children will love this because they are my Valentines too.
    Thank you for the lovely idea!

  • Wonderful idea! Don’t drink it while wearing white… eek!

    ♥ sécia

  • Eep, these are adorable! (And I’m sure they are also delicious). I love the idea of pink hot chocolate

  • There is nothing better than red velvet cake and a cold glass of milk but I will definitely have to try this and see if it comes close 🙂

    I just love having sweet treats during such a sweet month that February is!


  • Oooo…Can’t wait to try these! Placing them in clear mugs is a must 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, pink hot chocolate?!?! With white chocolate AND strawberry goodness?! I might need to skip dinner and run straight to the grocery store…! Thank you for posting these delish recipes! 🙂

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