Red Velvet in ReadyMade Magazine!





We're so thrilled to be included in the brand new issue of ReadyMade magazine! There is a three page spread about our boutique makeover, so be sure to visit Barnes & Noble for a cute little date and check it out! I've been a fan of the magazine for years, so that's always fun. Thanks, Readymade

  • I just had to go and by this issue. 😀
    So freaking awesome.

  • I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a copy today. What a great article and beeeeautiful pictures of you and your sis AND of your shop!!! Congratulations!

    P.S. I’m working my way through your Blog Love e-course right now. Good stuff! I’m learning a lot.

  • WOW! I am so excited! I’ve been a religious RM reader for years now and to think that you gals are featured by them is so perfect! I love it when my inspirations come together 🙂

  • Congrats Elsie – can’t wait to get my hands on the mag to check you out.

  • Congratulations! That is wonderful and very well deserved — you must be over the moon.

  • dang! I went to the video store to get my copy to day and they don’t have the new one in stock yet. Can’t wait to see you in the pages of yet another one of my favourite magazines.

  • OOooh! SUCH a big deal, congrats!

    Can’t wait to get home and check my mail:)


    Third Street Photo

  • Congrats! I love Ready Made! Great to see how you are growing and being noticed!

  • How very exciting! I am obsessed with Readymade and am just waiting for my April/May issue to come in the mail. Congratulations!

  • ahh! i’m going to get my copy tonight when i go into work. readymade is one of my all time fave mags. fun!

  • That is wonderful! I cannot believe my ReadyMade subscription just ran out…I will have to renew it even more now!

  • That is so fantastic! You deserve it! RM is a fab mag…congratulations on the props~

  • Congratulations, that is wonderful! I am excited to get my copy in the mail and read the article!

  • congrats, you guys have been blowing up lately 🙂

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • that’s so wonderful – congratulations!!

    ps, I have the same shoes from ModCloth (:

  • I love ReadyMade! That is so neat! Can’t wait to go pick up the new issue.

  • Way to go ladies! I’m a subscriber, ReadyMade is a fantastic publication. You both should be very proud.

  • Wow! It’s my dream to one day be featured in a magazine. Congratulations ladies!

  • aww 🙂 I wish I had a sister 🙁

    congrats on the feature!!

    love, polly

  • That’s wicked! Love that magazine. Holy crap you’re busy lately! Great job guys!

  • Oh, definitely must read now. And I want that lampstand on the cover. The bluish one. Looks straight out of the 70s!

  • Oh my gosh. My favorite magazine and my favorite blogger/crafter/handmade-er. 🙂 This is great. I can’t wait to get home from my travels and find my copy on my bed. I’ll flip right to your feature!


  • my favorite magazine! I have a subscription but this issue hasn’t come in yet. I look forward to reading it though, and congratulations!

  • Congrats! I love ReadyMade mag! 🙂
    Will have to grab a copy to see the feature

  • Congrats girlie! That’s pretty exciting!!! I’ll make sure I go buy a copy. Happy day!

  • congratulations! i get ReadyMade and i absolutely love it. what an awesome experience! you totally deserve all the good things that come your way 🙂

  • thats really amazing! I love that mag too.. so many great DIYS Congrats!

  • This is so awesome!! I just subscribed to ReadyMade a week or two ago, so fingers crossed this is the first issue I get. Congrats RV! xx

  • yay! i get a subscription in the mail, cant wait for it! so exciting! proud of you girls 🙂

  • things are seriously happening now, wow, you are so inspiring! thanks for all the creative wonderful stuff you post, i love your style:)

  • that’s awesome, congrats! love that magazine and excited to see this issue in my mailbox soon!

  • Do you ever have moments where you & your family just want to pinch yourselves to see if this is a Dream? It is amazingly inspiring to see how your dreams and goals have manifested from such tiny seeds of ideas, your early beginnings to now! Wonderful. Congratulations! It’s like a good book – I can’t wait to see what happens next! xoxo, T

  • gosh, it must be hard falling asleep with so many exciting things happening! 😉


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