Red Velvet Lookbook Video Autumn 2011

I am so proud to share our Autumn Lookbook video! We designed it to be a big sister to our Spring Lookbook. I love the vignettes of my favorite Autumn traditions like pumpkins, caramel apples and halloween costumes… I hope you enjoy it!

Dress Update: Dresses from this collection are for sale on our site. A couple designs are sold out and very close to selling out. We were thrilled with the response to this collection! Thank you so very much! Oh… and you might notice a heart + arrow caplet in this video. It’s a design that had to be cut from this collection, but we are currently working to produce it through another source. I’ll blog more about it soon. It’s a very special piece to me!

Credits: Directed by Brandon Goodwin. Music by Jeremy Larson with guest vocal by Stacy Dupree-King. Shoes courtesy of Seychelles Footwear. Models: Sarah, Laurel and Morgan. Styling by Elsie Larson.

Special Thank You*s to Seychelles for sending us some increble shoes. xxoo, elsie

ps. Feel free free to post our video on your blog… we’d be honored! Just please link RV in your post. Thank you.

  • SUPER cute!!! Great job – everything looks amazing!

  • The vid looks great. You guys have so much colorful things, and it’s quite fun to watch. It’s like eye-candy: so sweet! In any case, congrats on being close to selling out, and here’s to hoping that all the designs get sold out!

  • I need that caplet!! Hope you can have it out by winter!! It’s so adorable..just hoping it doesn’t sell out before I can buy one 😉

  • OMG, girls, you are sooo creative! Love your collection and the video turned out great!

  • Please can you set up a shop in the UK?? We need you! Love the video and the music is darling!

  • congrats elsie! it’s gourgeous. And as soon as I saw it I thought I have to ask about the caplet in the comments, so great that you are trying to produce it!

  • I love it all! Your lookbook videos are so addicting to watch, they’re just so pretty! I also really love the song!!

  • The confetti at the end was the perfect finishing touch 🙂 Everything to do with your creations, you & your store are always the most adorable, sweet, light hearted things, I love it!

  • omgosh the turquoise is fabulous. the looks are adorable and that red head is too cute!

  • For those who don’t know, the singer is in the band ‘Eisley’. I’ve loved their music for so long.

  • i follow your blog and have never commented but i just had to!
    this video is simply fantastic! the content – wonderful!
    i am so proud of red velvet right now!

  • Wowza! That was SOOO GOOOOD!!! From start to finish the whole preview/little video was spectacular & such a visual treat!

    All your hard work & planning certainly paid off and you should be very proud of yourself, Elsie! You are such an incredible inspiration to any independent artist/business owner!

  • Oh my goodness! The video is so cute! I love the heart patches on the pants. I saw a sweater once that had heart elbow patches. Have you seen the music video for Electric Twist by A Fine Frenzy? The lookbook video sort of reminded me of it. It could be because the model with the bright red hair sort of looks like Alison.

    P.s. I am really trying to justify getting the Blue Velvet dress. It’s soooooooooooooo pretty!

  • The video is TOO CUTE! You have such amazing creative visions that you execute flawlessly! You should be so proud of your amazing product point of view, creative concepts and whimsical feeling that you have poured into your collection.

    Congrats on following your dreams and inspiring others!



  • So adorable! I love the pumpkins and leaves, and that kitty cat “costume” is so cute!

  • Love the green shirt with the white sailor’s bow and I’m in LOVE with the white tights that have hearts running horizontally.

    You have gotten me SO hooked on colored tights, Elsie. In fact I’m actually trying to find a maroon/purple pair for my engagement pictures next month. I wish you were closer, I want to visit your shop. On second thought…I’m trying to save for a wedding 😉

  • I love all those dresses! pity I can’t spend much money right now, i would have loved to buy them all 😉

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! The video is so adorable. The outfits are gorgeous. The music was great.

  • Everything about this is so awesome – EVERYTHING! I absolutely adore the kitty clip at the end – she’s adorable! 🙂

  • omg i love this video and these dresses! ok i have to admit my favorite pieces wern’t even dresses but hey – what i ♥ the most is.. the olive green seriosuly retro top ya know with the cream collar and the jeans with button waist and the super wow moment of red hearts at the knee! can’t help it they make me feel warm and fuzzy! checking out your shoppe now.. thank you very much! posting your video here.. (at my end of rainbow)

  • OMGoodness! Great job on the new lookbook video- it’s awesome! I have to share that I had a good chuckle when Katie (I think??) was dressed up in cat makeup and did a cat rawr at the camera. Too funny and super cute!

  • omg. the capelet!!!! I want it, Elsie!!!!!! 🙂

    the video is beautiful, just like you and everything you touch!

    love, polly 🙂

  • Oh, my! So beautiful! Everything about it is PERFECT! I think that it captures perfectly the vibe of you business. So colorful, happy, cute. And the song… magical! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in this amazing project! 🙂

  • Hey Elsie and all at Red Velvet – great Lookbook, really magical vintage feel to it! What a super way to show off a collection. Big shame the hearts and arrows capelet couldn’t make it to the collection – lettuce snow when you can produce it, so that I can own one! 🙂 Absolutely loving the Geometry Class dress, that is numero uno pon my wishlist. Keep up the great work! Katie. xxx

  • it came out so beautiful! love it! i also want to hear more about this caplet! it is so darn cute! 🙂 -Lo

  • it’s perfect!! Yes, I want to hear more about this capelet! It looks like something I will need for my wardrobe. 😉

  • Each season my favorite dresses were those where you designed the fabric. I would love to see a line where ALL the dresses are made with fabric you design.

  • So lovely. Autumn truly is my favorite season.
    I’d love to purchase some of your items, but I think all the dresses are far too short for me.

    Do you do custom work?


  • I’m sharing your video on my blog tomorrow. I just couldn’t resist. It’s SO fun!

  • This is amazing! I love it, the video is magical and the dresses are adorable.

  • so perfect! it’s fun to see the dresses move and shake…and oh my jeremy’s song! eeep! so good.

  • The video is KILLER DILLER!… I’m am so proud, once again, of my Red Velvet Girls!

  • WOW. Too cool! Clothes look perfect (oh boy that caplet!) – the styling is dreamy… Clever concept too! Absolutely awesome.



  • I love it all. And how cute that suki got a part in the play….yeey…!! Great stuff elsie 🙂
    Jeremy: awsome song!! and it fits perfect!!!


  • wow – yet another lovely lookbook-video! i guess you are so proud, this is great. (: the cape is really lovely, too!

  • your blog such a candy landd.. i lovee youu.. ^^ thanks for the inspirationn.. 🙂

  • that cape is gorgeous i would be willing to pay for it before production..your line is amazing!!!

  • so perfect!! it’s so fun and bright and wonderful! i want to buy e v e r y t h i n g!! especially the heart cape. i die.

  • Elsie! This is super! You guys did such a wonderful job on it. 🙂 And the song……ahhhh Stacy and Jeremy, it’s soooo great.

  • This is such a lovely video. You ladies did a great job. I’ll be doing a post about you and Red Velvet on Friday. I have to share this super sweet film!

  • This is amazing!! Everything about it is just…wow! It’s perfect! That capelet is beautiful, I hope to see more of it soon. Great job, Red Velvet!

  • Such an amazing video!! I want everything!! 🙂 And the music, Oh my…I LOVE it!!
    Congrats on the fall line, you are such an inspiration!
    Much Aloha,
    Monika 🙂

  • Love, love, love it! You really are such an inspiration to me. I am excitedly awaiting the delivery of my very own Library Date Dress!

  • It makes me happy that you are going for all your dreams! It is such positive inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us 🙂

  • I could not love this any more than I do!!

    I need that cape thing!? is that something you’ll be selling? Love love the music and first I thought it was some french 60s pop 🙂 lol at sarah as a fierce cat 🙂

  • Love it love it love it. I’m SO happy I got the flower shop dress. I have never ever loved a dress so much in my life. And I’ve owned a lot of dresses. 🙂 CONGRATS!!! It’s all just so dreamy.

  • What a fun video! I hope that heart and arrow caplet becomes available in your next collection, it’s a cutie patoots! <3

  • That caplet will be mine! Aghghgh! So amazing! I totally loved it. I am about to go wicked overboard with the exclamation marks…but seriously, this is just absolutely heartmeltingly adorable!!! Congrat’s ladies…you’ve smashed it out of the park once again. You inspire me to do great things. Hearts and Cheers, Babydoll’s! Janna Lynn

  • The grey bibbed dress has really caught my eye! The lovely high-waisted jeans with the heart kneepatches are also lovely! Well it all is, but those are my favourites 🙂

    Jem xXx

  • That caplet is AMAZING! I can’t wait to get it when it’s available in the future! 🙂

  • OH MAN. The video is so cute! AND THAT SONG! So good!! Where can I get the record! Seriously!

  • j’adoooooooore!
    which is the French for “oh my god I love it so much, it’s so great” etc. ^^

  • wow elsie, it’s gorgeous! love it! i love how all the vignettes come together so splendidly! great work!

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