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1The Sweet Shoppe is endlessly inspiring. Emma has been baking up a storm! I'm so incredibly proud of her. The shop is styled like and old fashioned candy shop mixed with a 1960s housewife! Her treats are amazing. It's the only place in Springfield that serves (real) Bubble Tea and her Heath bar caramel apples and cupcakes are the yummiest! I'm just so happy to offer a cute local place for girlfriend time, mother-daughter dates and cute couples to share treats. It's a very happy spot and I'm proud to have it as a part of Red Velvet! Xo. 

Photographs courtesy of Float Away Studios.

  • What is the address of the sweet shoppe? I have looked and can’t find it anywhere. I see it is in Springfield, which would make it a great place for me to stop in on a road trip! Thanks in advance!

  • this little (not so littl haha)shop is sooooo cute!love the style and the treats look delicious!

  • I love baking and actually want to go to a culinary school to open up a bakery one day. I alwasy wanted like a vintage themed thing and when i saw these pictures i almost cried of joy. This is beautiful and HUGE inspiration for me,. thank you so much. The bakery is BEAUTIFUL.

  • oh gosh i wish they had places like this is australia.. i so want to come over there for a visit!! maybe one i could convince the boyfriend to travel!! love it!!

  • wow. it is unbelievable. I love it so much . Thanks for your sharing. cool .great. I sure I’ll come back soon.

  • Hi!
    All i can say is woooww. Infact i am speechless. I am from Scotland and something like that here would be amazing and go down a storm. I love it. I am so happy looking at it!


  • Elsie, I’m curious as to why you call yours ‘the only “real” bubble tea in Springfield’. (I’m not from Springfield, so I don’t know what is there). I just know that bubble tea (or boba) comes in all forms, even in Taiwan, where it first originated. I have a bloggy friend who lives there & I’ve seen her post pictures of it in all flavors & combinations, from green tea with jelly stars, to lychee with black tapioca pearls, from frozen to liquid. There is no ‘one true’ bubble tea, so I wonder how you define “real”.

  • Nothing has been cheering me up quite as much as coming to your blog and seeing pictures of your store, family and cuteness.
    Thank you for brightening my day.

  • The shop is so cute and look at all the delicious treats. Emma looks sweet dressed up in 50’s gear.

  • one word. WOW.

    more words. However i am confused as to what BUBBLE TEA is?! looks intriguing.

  • It looks so lovely!

    I wish you weren’t so far away, I’d love to sit there with a bubble tea and a sketchbook!

  • It’s so nice to see the place with customers enjoying the treats. I’m sure Emma deserves to be successful! 🙂 Hope lots of people keep coming!

  • Emma, Emma, Emma…’re a superstar!

    Tone –

  • DYING OF CUTENESS! sooo amazing! what a beautiful shop, i wish i could visit!

    jessica, bubble tea is a drink that came from asia and it consists of “bubbles” (they are often called pearls though) of black tapioca sitting at the bottom of a slushy fruit or milky tea drink! there are endless combinations and sometimes it has jelly in it too!


  • Wow. The photography by Float Away Studios is superb, and makes me really wish I could see your store firsthand. I do have a pal who lives in Springfield, so I should make sure she pays you a visit.

  • I am flying to Kansas City in December and my sister and I plan on driving down to your shop before heading to her house in Kansas… I CAN’T WAIT!

    I am going to die of anticipation! 😀

  • everything looks delicious, I’d definitely spend many an hour their with my girlfriends (if I lived on the same continent 🙂 )x

  • OK, now I want to pack my stuff, and move to Springfield…
    I don’t think my family will agree to emigrate though…

    Love this shop!

  • Congrats Emma and Elsie..

    I still haven’t had bubble tea as in Aussie land they don’t sell it! arrhhh

    One day I’ll get there…

    Shop is too cute!

  • i loveee bubble tea! well, in California we call it boba. but it’s all the same goodness 🙂
    very inspiring!!

  • Love it! Al of the images of the shop look AMAZING! I can’t wait to come in person to see for myself how you’ve transformed the STYLE spot. I keep trying to piece the photos together. Can’t wait to take it all in with my own eyes!

  • Emma is seriously soooo purdy <3 I love this post… and I love those cute little tables and the whole deal… everything is sooooo cute. eeek

  • I adore the photos of Emma…I love how she’s dressed. YOu guys need to frame some of these and have them up in the shop!!! Love the one of her in front of the counter at the top and the black and white!

  • in. love.
    she’s done such a great job, and I’m proud of her too. I want a cupcake! 😉

  • I am petitioning for a mother/daughter roadtrip to your shoppes. I would to shop + eat sweets in the same visit. Maybe one day, fingers crossed! 😀

  • i think your sister is the cuteness! i love her blog so so much! cant express how excited i am about your shop!

  • Ah, I LOVE the shop! I wish I could visit. I would drink bubble tea, buy a cute vintage dress, and eat a cupcake.
    -Lauren (from San Diego)

  • the shop is just so magical i wish i could shop there. so happy for all of you. best of luck for success!

  • Your place is just the cutest! I so wish I lived near Springfield so I can stop but I make it a goal to do so one day. Evrything you girls do is inspirational.

  • Everything looks so amazing, but being a baker/cupcaker [: I LOVE your sweet shop!!! SO cute and perfect! I hope to one day be able to visit your shop! Texas is just SO far!

  • i must make a trip to your store. i’m drooling over these delicious treats!

  • Oh, goodness…I want to come and sit all day and talk to the ladies in the last picture…and eat a salted caramel cupcake and have some bubble tea (I’ve never had it *sigh*). I love your new place!

  • SO AWESOME! i’m hoping we can swing by when we’re driving out to oregon to move! i NEED one of those cupcakes!

  • The shop looks beautiful, Emma looks beautiful, it all looks … beautiful!


    Aoife x

  • This IS so inspiring! It’s beautiful! So bright and welcoming! I want to come in from a cupcake….all the way from Melbourne! xx Happy Opening! I wish you many many sweet treats of success! xo-Simone

  • gosh, it’s SO darn cute!! i can’t get over how cute it is. i can only imagine what it’s like inside…*sigh* one day i hope to visit and come spend lots of monies at the shop. i love everything about it. it’s great!!

  • adorable Emma!

    please join my international giveaway:

  • my mouth is watering looking at all of these amazing sweets. and emma is so adorable!

  • This looks amazing! It has such a great feel to it!! Open one in NY please 🙂 Great blog- now following you on bloglovin’

  • I would probably hang out here all the time if I lived in Springfield!
    Such a lovely place!!!

  • That is the cutest thing ever!!! That is a must visit if I’m ever around the area!!!

  • it looks so awesome! i love going to old fashion treat shops! they are perfect for a date night! i oh wish i lived closer!


  • I can’t stop looking at all these photos!! I want to come visit sooo bad! Ever think about opening a shop in North Dakota or Minnesota? Haha 🙂

  • I totally wish I could come and pay a visit! I wish there were stores like this near me (: It looks so adorable and the perfect spot for a catch up with friends.

  • We loved the cookies and cream cupcake, and the peanut butter cupcake! Will be back for more soon, and to shop again as well. Love this place!

  • GORGEOUS! I just showed everyone here at Myshape and they all want to come to Missouri now to visit and taste and shop!
    Seriously, beautiful!
    Looks like home.

  • looks yummy! 🙂
    I really love the spot! It would be perfect for a little date with my boyfriend 🙂

  • This looks just so magical and wonderful! I would love to come and visit your shop one day. I love all the pictures of your new shop, you have all done such a great job!

  • Oh my stars!!
    It just keeps getting better!!
    The fish bowl of yarn……. genius!!!

  • Omgosh how amazing. Emma is so adorable. I wish I could come see you both! Maybe someday.


  • geez, i’ve gotta stop reading your blog, all these delicious pictures are making me want to eat all the frosting on earth and that’s not gooood 😀

  • okay I know I just said it with the last one…but THISis my favorite spot 😉

    Everything abotu it screams CHARM!!

    I wish I lived closer so I could grab some yummy treats with my kiddos!

    Sarah M

  • I am loving all of these shop peeks! I would love one of Emma’s cupcakes. They look delicious and adorable!

    Megan Michelle

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