Red Velvet Tattoos!



Emma got her Red Velvet Tattoo yesterday! It's an adorable 60s style hand mixer. Now that we all have Red Velvet tattoos I thought it would be fun to share the entire collection! 




Here's my pin cushion and buttons.




Here's Rachel's vintage sewing machine. It's on her back shoulder. She was the first one to get her tattoo all the way back in 2008! 




and here's Holly's crochet stuff that she added this past Autumn! They're so pretty. 


Fun fun! Have a lovely day… elsie


  • Never found such informative articles

  • They all look amazing! I love the sewing machine. The details are simple but still beautifully done. Has the color remained the same since 2008? Thank you for sharing!

  • It’s so beautiful! I have a tatoo too and was criated for me! Look here:

    And I won creat one more in september.

    Thanks for this.

    Lidiana Braziolli

    Belo Horizonte – Brazil

  • AH !! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love the Tats! I was just brainstorming for my next one. It makes more sense if you knew me, but I too want to get something that fully represents my passion and it’s a calligraphy pen w/a feather! I think the cartoonish, and colourful take is super cute!

    I look forward to reading more, and seeing more!

  • Hi there red velvet girls! =) I am Shai (not Shy… Haha) all the way from Philippines and I just wanna say that I am in love with your blog and everything about it. I love everything vintage, colorful and hand made. Your blog always brightens up my day and keeps on inspiring me.

    I was just wondering if it is possible for you guys
    to design a tattoo for me? PRETTY PLEASE? i’ve had one on my back and i’ve been aching to have another one done but I just can’t seem to find an artist that I really like, except for you. Just lemme know if you’d consider it… I know it’s out of the blue (and probably
    Too much to ask) But I really love your work and It would be an honor to get one of your designs inked. So yeah, that’s it! Thanks again and keep up the good work inspiring people like me all over the world.

    Tootles! =D

  • I love that your tats all have the same significance and a similar look, but are all totally different! They all look gorgeous, and very well done!

    Just found your blog and am loving it!

  • These are all very beautiful, I like very much

  • would love to know who the tattoo artists were and where they are located. love the story!!

  • They are all amazing! Just gorgeous! I’m mulling over a new one and was wondering if you might think about designing it. It’s a simple one, but I’d love to have you work on it. I’m sure you’re crazy busy so just let me know and if you are I can wait a while.

  • i agree with emily that these should be made into temporary tattoos! also im getting my first tattoo soon and im really excited! i always thought tattoos were kind of tacky because i never saw how cute they could be until i saw yours on your blog! then i knew i wanted one! theyre so adorable! LOVE THEM!

  • oh my good gracious! I am a tattoo nut and these are absolutely gorgeous works of ART!

  • Oh, I’m just so in love with these. So cute and retro and so special!

    *sigh* I can’t wait to get some more work done on my forearm. I had to put the majority of the design on hold to pay for college last year.

  • I love them! The colors are amazing–you don’t usually see such strong tones in tattoos, but those are wonderful!

  • These are gorgeous! I love the personality of each and every one. I love how feminine and personal they look. Inspires me come up with such a cool design for myself.

  • Oh my goodness, this is just one of the greatest posts ever. Congrats on your cute RVA tattoo, Emma! I really love the design and colors!

  • Love your pretty ink! I’m scheduling my crochet tattoo very soon! Have a great weekend ladies.

  • haaa. lovely. i’m about to get some thread and scissors and needles if i could just find someone to do the design for me. the style is gorgeous!!!!

  • Oh my gosh, I love these, so unique! I’ve never even considered getting a tattoo until I saw the sewing machine and the pin cushions. Absolutely stunning!

  • I absolutely love your tattoos. They’re punky and domestic, all in one. Brilliant. The handmixer, what a great idea. I’ll keep that in the back of my mind for my next tattoo.

  • Swoon. I love all of them! Possibly the most feminine and beautifully executed tattoo designs i’ve ever seen! Makes me want to get an artist’s palette and paintbrush on me somewhere!

  • Hi there,

    Just wanted to ask permission to show one of your pics on my blog as a way to publicise what is inspiring me right now. (To be honest there’s LOADS on youe site that inspires me. I really love your style!) I’ll be sure to fully reference your site and also provide links back to it. Thank you, Claire

  • Pretty tattoos!

  • Goodness! All of you have such lovely tattoos. What a beautiful reminder of the love you all share 🙂

  • How fun! What a great way to feel connected to your gals. 🙂 Pretty!


  • Congrats to Emma! Every one of those tattoos is so cute! I love the theme and how each one matches its wearer’s personality and interests. 🙂

  • I love all your tatts!!
    Who does them? I’m taking a road trip to Graceland this summer and hoping to make a detour to Red Velvet!!! I’d love to get a tattoo done while I was out there!

  • Gorgeous tattoos ladies! I love that you’ve each embraced the Red Velvet theme in your own way. (And Emma…I know they hurt, but you most likely WILL get more! Haha.)
    xo Lesley

  • So pretty. Can’t wait to get another after this baby comes! My little girl (not yet 2) has been saying “tattoo” and it’s so adorable! I need to show mine in honor of her new word!

  • Emmas is so pretty I have always wanted a mixer as a tatoo and this is great inspriation

  • Wow! All of your tattoos are so pretty and colorful, not to mention incredibly well done.

  • I think it is so fun you all have these tattoos. Emma’s is great!! I love the color she chose for the hand mixer.

  • I love Emma’s new tattoo, it’s gorgeous! What a cool idea to have your favorite crafts as your tattoo!

  • hey
    the last one is amazing
    i want one too

  • i love love love that mixer, its so perfect! congratulations emma!

    all of you have incredibly gorgeous tattoos

  • that’s so wonderful! i’d love to have a tattoo sisterhood like that 🙂

  • I love how unique each of them us, but they also look cohesive together. They’re just perfect!

  • this post makes me want to take better photos of my tattoo!! Hopefully we can take some photos of the 4 of us in May. :):)
    I love Emma’s tattoo!!

  • All of your work is very pretty and nicely done! Those will have sooo much meaning for you forever! 🙂 I am looking forward to the day my business is established and flourishing so I can can get my company tattoo…I gotta try to keep a space open, I nearly have full sleeves as it is now! 🙂 Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • so amazing each tattoo is so personal and pretty, they are gorgeous!


  • All of them are so unique and so pretty–much like the ladies showcasing them. 🙂
    I am itching for a tattoo.

  • You all are so dedicated and so inspiring. I love this mutual show of support and faith in each other as well as your business. If this kind of love and devotion can’t make good things happen, nothing can. 🙂
    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin – A Toronto based personal style blog

  • Congrats Emma! I like the color of the mixer. They did a really good job!

  • I am digging the vintage tatoos! The colors are really gorgeous, and I love how each is unique to your interests! LOVE!

  • i’m typically disinterested in tattoos, but these are all GORGEOUS. really!

  • Ahhh!
    I loove emmas sooo much!
    It’s so adorable that you all have themed ones

  • oh my laws….I LOOOOOOOOVE love love love love LOVE Emma’s!!! I’ve always wanted a vintage pin-up with a mixer like that, so this is just my favorite ever! But they are all glorious.

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