Red Wine Pasta

How to cook pasta in wineDid you know you can cook pasta in wine? I absolutely adore risotto, which involves cooking rice in a wine/stock mixture. So why not pasta? I did a bit of research and found this article, which got me excited. This is a super easy way to change up or fancify (OMG that's a real word. How have I gone this long without knowing that?!) a quick pasta dinner. Doesn't red wine pasta sound very at-home-date-night to you? You can check out the recipe in the above article or you can make up something with what you have on hand. Here's what I did:
Red wine pasta recipeCook your pasta in boiling, salted water for 3-4 minutes. Drain and then continue to cook in boiling red wine (I used a Zinfandel) until soft and ready to eat. The wine will reduce some as you cook. If you would like to make a sauce from some of the reduced wine go for it. I decided to keep things light and simply served my red wine pasta along with some lightly sauteed (in olive oil) onion, garlic and red bell pepper. I topped with a little feta and a few Kalamata olives. Delish! xo. Emma

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