Renegade Chicago: Day 1

We are having so much fun! 


new skeleton shirts!! (yea… they glow in the dark!) 


real cute new goods by rachel… plus the best Autumn hair bows…


Jeremy modeling with himself and his twin… huh? 


Our tables were so full.. it was really hard to fit it all in. 🙂 ha! 

IMG_2056-SM IMG_2068-SM Prettiest-tattooand the cuuutest tattoo! she let me take a photo of it because i told her my sister is thinking about getting a sewing machine soon. so adorable. 

so, it was an amazing first day! i had so much fun meeting some adorable blog friends and doing a little shopping! i'll share the stuff i picked up soon too. it's really pretty. plus… i have some new RVA tote bags, but i want to get cuter photos first! 

it's been a crazy, busy week. next week i am looking forward to staying here in Chicago, while Jeremy rehearses, relaxing, working on new design ideas and catching up on all the stuff i want to blog about. yep… i'm so nerdy, but i really look forward to that. but first….. another BUSY and inspiring day tomorrow at Renegade. Please come say hi to us if you're at the event. 

ps… the weather is puuurfect! 🙂 XO.

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  • Too bad for the gals who were too shy to meet Elsie!… she was a real gem. Took the time to chat with me [someone she’s never met but who knows too much about her from blog reading], introduced me to her man, and let me snap a photo with her so I could show it off. It was so great to be able to touch the pretty things I only see pictures of online. I purchased a glam feather hair pin from her booth.

  • It was so nice to meet you, Elsie! I’ve already gotten compliments on my new hair bows. I love them 🙂 You’re a real inspiration… keep being true to what you love!

  • LOVE the tattoo…oh, i want a tattoo of your design! your art is soooo beautiful and makes me so happy. how can i contact you for more info on commissioned work?

  • so wish i could have been there..i bet it ooozed funness…can’t wait to purchase new rva goods..

  • oh wow. how much fun! I so want one of those skeleton t-shirts.

    Her tattoo is fabulous! 🙂

  • I was also to shy to say hi – “I love your blog and I am a RVA stalker” 🙂 The booth looked great and the weather was SOOOOO much better than last years rain. Hope you enjoy Chicago. It is a great city !!! I also thought your 2010 journal was so awesome in person. Unbeleivable amount of talent you have !!!

  • thats me, thats me, thats me in that photo!!! elsie, i was wayyyyy too shy to talk to you in person but i love, love, love your blog & your stuff and wish that i could’ve kicked my shyness away. but making a candid browsing photo (mint green t-shirt above) is pretty awesome.

    hope renegade was as successful for you as it looked to be!


  • What a cute stall you have – the picture of your boyfriend is uncannily like him too!! The sewing macjine tattoo is incredible!!

  • I hear my boyfriend paid you a visit for me. I love your stuff and am so excited to see whatever he is suprising me with… I also hope to get to the store one day… but PA isn’t sooo close 🙁 hope you enjoy the 2nd day

  • Hi!

    It was lovely to meet you. I’m so terribly shy at first meets, so I apologize for my quietness. I told you I took your spring class!

    Hopefully you have another fantastic day at renegade, and it would be lovely to meet up with you and jeremy for some coffee and craft talk.

    Glad you had a fantastic first day.

  • Looks super fun! Makes me miss the market place back in Halifax! You’re stuff would do so good there!

  • aww! wish i could be there to buy some of the many pretty things you have for sale!!!:) love the new stuff!

  • Hi Els!
    Oh how it KILLS me that Chicago is 6 hours (one way) from me! (AND I’ve thrown my back out…if not, I’d be up for a road trip!)

    Anyhoodlyhoo, I LOVE your stuff! You guys keep me inspired…how DO you continually come up with so many cute ideas? Red Velvet Art is da bomb! lol

    Enjoy your week(s) in Chi-town!

  • wow! love all the artwork you’re done. i one of ur fanatic fans in Malaysia. Hope can see you!

  • Love the bows and the tshirts. So cute! And thats got to be one of the best tattoos I’ve seen! Looks like you’re having so much fun!

  • Looks like so much fun! I love the new hair bows.

  • all your stuff is adorable, and you’re gorgeous!!
    The renegades, I have gone to both, here in SF have always been a ton of fun, great stuff and I’m happy local/indie events that go national like these, happen.

    that tattoo is super, even if SF is tattoo mecca, that is quite unique. very cute 😉

  • I’m really glad you showed a pic of your table all set up. It gave me some ideas on how to display my stuff in a couple of weeks when I do my own sale.

    I can hardly wait to see the new things that have inspired you and your purchases.

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