ReStyled Men’s Button Up: Two Ways

MENS BUTTON UP DIYYesterday I shared my ReStyled backpack, and today I wanted to share how I ReStyled two men's button up shirts. I love how cozy an over-sized button up can be but I wanted to add a little personality to mine. First I thrifted two men's shirts, then here's what I did:Plaid collageSupplies: Men's button up shirt, lace, scissors, sewing machine.

Begin by fitting the sides to fit you correctly. If you're worried about messing up the measurements, move inch by inch to create the perfect fit. Be sure to never cut the excess off, until you're positive it's the right size! 2. Take a piece of lace, cut it into an elbow patch, then top stitch it on!IMG_4009-2IMG_4009-2IMG_4009-2Super simple but a fun little detail for a flannel or plaid shirt. Next I challenged myself to create a skirt from a shirt! Here's what I did:Plaid skirt collage 11.Supplies: Men's button up, lace, sewing machine, scissors, sewing pins.

2. Begin by cutting off the sleeves and neckline, creating more of a square frame. 3. Flip it inside out and stitch the sides where the arm holes use to be. 4. Hem the top of the skirt by folding over the top of the of skirt 1 inch.Plaid skirt collage 15-6. Hem the bottom and any side splits there might be. 7. Next, at the waist band of the skirt, remove the top bottom button and sew it onto the opposite side of the fold so that you can now use it to button the skirt. 8. Lastly, sew a layer of lace onto an existing pocket, or if your shirt doesn't have one create a new one! We made our edges clean, but you could top stitch it as well to create a more handmade look.Skirt 1Skirt 1Skirt 1Now I have two new-to-me items for my winter wardrobe. Stay cozy! xo. Kinsey

  • How do you fit the shirt to yourself… Is that where you turn the shirt inside-out and sew from the arm pit down?

  • so gonna trie this!my aunt n uncle are always bringing up boxes of clothing.They are such a blessing to us <3

  • I discovered this blog a few weeks ago and love it – especially these DIY posts. Very cute post!

  • Love the skirt! What a great idea. It’s really cute with that lace pocket – thanks for the ideas 🙂

  • I love these cute DIYs using a men’s button down.
    The idea of reusing and recycling is quite lovely when it comes to clothing. It’s always nice to take something that you wouldn’t wear and make it fabulous and fantastic in a new way!
    Those lace elbow patches are too adorable! They add a really cute little girly touch to the flannel top.
    As for that skirt, I definitely didn’t think of that at all. The only think that I would be worried about is warmth with the skirt. Shirts don’t tend to be super duper thick so if you wear one a a skirt, I would probably say that some modesty shorts and a pair of tights are probably in order.
    Now, I just need to go learn to sew to make one of these cute little pieces for my wardrobe! 🙂


  • So… I’m thinking I’d like to try the 1st idea… I see the sides are taken in. Anything special about the sleeves? I look like I should be on a football feild!:)

  • Very cute! I love that sweater you are wearing in the second shot, by the way!


  • Adorable! Heading to do some thrift shopping this afternoon, hoping to find a few things to restyle! 🙂

  • Love the lace elbow patches!

  • I love this idea!!! I’m wondering what size men’s shirt to buy though, any ideas?

  • I love this! I always love the patterns on cozy men’s shirts, but didn’t want to look frumpy. The lace elbow patches and tailoring are perfect solutions.

  • So funny. I was thinking of doing this for my boyfriend (of course, not w/ lace) b/c he loves the elbow patch and sometimes it’s so hard to find ’em or expensive! These are cute! Love the lace!!

  • Love this idea, being a pregnant momma at the mo, I’m totally going to pinch one of Steve’s shirts to do this with!Rx

  • I love the lace elbow patches. I have a lot of lace laying around I’m going to try out that idea. Thanks ^-^

  • great post! i’ve been wanting to add elbow patches to some of my shirts.

    love your boots too!

  • Love! Definitely going to try both as soon as I find some lace. xo

  • LOVE the little added patches! So cute!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Really cute re-purposing ideas! I love the lace elbow patches on the plaid shirt 🙂
    Rachelle x

  • I’ve seen a few men’s shirt to skirt DIYs and I’m determined to try it when I’m home for Thanksgiving break. This seems like a pretty straightforward project to try, thanks for the instructions 🙂

    Can I ask where you got your sweater? I absolutely love it!

  • I absolutely love the lace elbow patches..this is a great pick-me-up for shirts and sweaters, and a great, easy fix for when I “hate everything in my closet” 😉

  • Wow! This is so cool! That is what I’m going to do when my father wants to trow it away!

  • If anybody is interested in a shirt to skirt DIY with a closed front placket and elastic waist band, I did a DIY a couple months ago! I LOVE the lace pocket detail Kinsey included in hers 🙂

    You can check it out here:

  • Oh my gosh I need to try this!!! I love your guy’s blog!!:) Your so creative!! I’m doing this project as soon as I can!!

  • I love how mens shirts can always be transformed into something totally wearable for us girls. Or just be worn as is, but seriously the possibilities are endless!


  • great ideas! I’ve taken in many of my husband’s shirts that he never wears! It’s the best!
    xo Emily

  • now all i have to do is have a body and face transplant to be as cute as kinsey, and im SET! 😀

  • These are super cute! But then … your DIYs and restyles always are. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the lace mixed with the plaid, so cute! Ahhh, this time of the year is the best! Just need some hot cocoa to go along with my fall wardrobe 😉

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