Review of My Handheld Vacuum

My Shark handheld vacuum is something I bought for myself during Black Friday sales this past year. I’ve shown it on our Instagram a few times, and every time, I get loads of comments and questions about it! I honestly had no idea anyone would really care about (what my grandma would call) a dust-buster.

But I was sold on the product after seeing Mrs. Hinch use hers over and over again on her Instagram, so I guess the joke’s on me. Ha.

Here’s what I love about my handheld vacuum:

-Easy to use and store. With a standard vacuum, it can feel like a chore just to get it out of the closet and move around the room, but this little guy is so lightweight and small that it’s easy to just grab it and pick up crumbs or dust anytime. It takes just seconds and doesn’t feel like I need to designate time to clean a whole room in the process.

-Surprisingly powerful! I showed this on IG, but one day I was vacuuming under my couch cushions and my Shark even picked up one of those decorative glass beads that had fallen into the couch abyss. I was shocked. She really packs a punch.

-Easy to clean/remove dust trap. I just hold the vacuum over my kitchen trash can and release the dust compartment with a little button on the front (there are only two buttons—it’s very user friendly) and it pops open and empties itself. Simple.

There are two drawbacks to this handheld vacuum, in my opinion. First off, it’s a little pricey (again, I waited for a Black Friday sale … not that it’s THAT expensive, but I’m chronically cheap). And second, I wish the end would swivel or adjust over surfaces.

It’s easy enough to do this by moving your wrist, but there are times I think it could work just a little bit better if the end had some kind of nozzle that adjusted to the surface you’re cleaning. But again, not really a major thing. I still really love and (clearly) would recommend this if you’re looking for a handheld vacuum.

I store mine in my closet—it comes with a charging dock that you plug into an outlet. I feel like this way it’s super easy for me to reach for, but doesn’t feel like it’s out on display, like a decor feature. I do like the design of it, but not enough to put it on display in my living room. Ha.

I currently don’t own a standard size vacuum. I will probably get one some day, but at the moment I haven’t felt the need. I have all wood floors in my house, so a broom and dustpan have been enough. I use my Shark to spot vacuum rugs, corners of rooms, furniture, counter and tabletops, and lots of other little random nooks that seem to collect dust now and again.

I have yet to use it to vacuum my car out, as it’s been cold and I’ve been a little lazy. But that’s on my weekend list to do soon (exciting life I lead, I know!). xo. Emma

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Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • You know you’re getting older when a vacuum review excites you haha – I am looking for something new because our Dyson is on the fritz. I really like the design (you can take off the longer floor-vacuum part so it’s also a handheld), but I have a ton of cowhide rugs and the Dyson thinks the sucker part is clogged because they’re so dense, and it just turns off. Drives me bananas haha.

  • Have to share how much I LOVE my cordless Dyson for both hardwoods and carpet. I have some little (and big!) mess makers in my home and the vacuum changed my life! ? The reason I chose Dyson over a Shark was that our local vacuum shop said they are able to get parts to repair Dyson vacuums, but that Shark does not sell replacement parts. Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming arrival!!

  • Thanks for the review! How loud is it? I have a cheap one right now and I won’t even let my kid use it because it’s SO LOUD.

    • Hmm. I would say average to pretty quiet? I would certainly not call it loud, but I am not sure you could use it while a light sleeper was napping, it’s not quite that quiet.

  • I’ve been looking for a vacuum for my van. I looked at a shop vac and a Dyson. Love that the Shark is more affordable.

  • My full size shark has a microfiber roller bar on the leading edge specifically for hardwoodfloors and 2 pile settings for rugs. I use mine daily, even in the kitchen and never bother using a broom for anything. LOVE shark products. We had a Bissell and a Dyson and the shark has outperformed both.

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