Road Trip Nostalgia….

it's been a few years since i took a road trip with my sister. when she moved to LA we made some videos (mostly starring our grandparents) along the way. here's my favorite…. 

(i know, it's ridiculous!) today we're driving to San Francisco together and are going to make a road trip video with the iPhone. yay!

& here are some cute photos of Emma and her pug from yesterday… i lve pugs! 



Love Love will be driving home to Missouri with us next week. ha! I can't wait. ok.. off to get breakfast and drive-drive-drive. XO. elsie

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  • you two are just lovely! reading this blog always makes me smile 🙂


  • Great video! Your grandfather absolutely cracked me up! He looked very jolly : )

  • Such a cute video! I am coming to Renegade in SF on sunday! Hopefully I can meet you!I have been reading your blog forever and it would be great to say hi in person 🙂 Have a safe drive!

  • I love this video!! Makes me nostalgic for my own past road trips. And miss my little sister!! Awww…

  • hahahhahah i loved the stuffed panther! (well, not that they stuffed it) but the fact that it was in that restaurant is HILARIOUS

  • the two of you are practically identical!
    it’s precious. 🙂
    i hope you have a beautiful time!


  • I checked out your other older videos, you’re so adorable! 😛

    haha, you should make more videos again 🙂

    xo, stefanie

  • ummm, how is it ridiculous? I thought it was really rather cute 🙂 I just wanted to say that since last september I have been following your blog and you have been such an inspiration to me. (I reckon you’re a huge inspiration to so many others too.)

  • Elsie, I hope you have an amazing roadtrip. One a side note, do you have a link to all your tutorials? If you don’t, you should! :] It’s hard to go back and find them and I am finally ready to try some out now.

  • The footage you have of your grandparents is sooo very special – I wish I had more footage of my Gramps (he passed away 4 years ago). Love love this idea!!!

  • Haha such a funny video! Loved it! Except the part where your grandma’s car breaks down… hah! Did you try any of Gus’ Really Good Fresh Jerky? Bahaha!

  • love this video! totally motivated now to finally make my road trip video (for a trip taken in june). thanks for sharing!

  • Um that roadtrip vid totally inspired me to do one, I have a 3 day trip a week from today when I move to Chicago!!
    What program did you use??


  • We love Pugs!!! My neighbor has a 4 mos old Pug named Bella and our Pug is Mary (she’s 11 yrs):) Mary screams for cheese! ~Vanessa W

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