RVA peeks & ’10 things i love Sundays’

hi! i wanted to drop in and share with you a few peeks of our update (scheduled for Monday AM!), photos from the Cupcake & Bubble Tea Party and the newest edition to my blog “schedule”…. 10 things i love Sundays!!

First of all, here comes the cuteness:

1new toys made of vintage spools of thread & wood.
3new paintings!



and my bubble tea flavors….



my new favorite sunglasses in 5 cute colors….

8rachel’s lovely painting + new prints!

and a few photos from the party….

(i wish i had time to edit them allll… soon!)

9cupcake cones!
10bubble tea 🙂
11funny friends….

and happy times.


10 things i love Sunday:

1. I love it that one of my very favorite artists in the world has decided to take commissions for custom portraits! Jeremy & I were lucky enough to get our portrait made last autumn and it’s probably my favorite thing in my home….


2. i love my grandpa. he turned 81 yesterday!!


3. i love twitter (so much more than i expected!!). fun.

4. i love it that Audrey Kitching wore yarn in her hair….


5. i love this painting of my mom’s…


6. Blueberries!


7. That my boyfriend is starting a blog!

8. Toms


9. cute signs business signs:


10. it’s a tie between….

staying up late, pancakes and Mary Blair. Back to work for me. Love youuuu. Elsie

  • Loving the new paintings… there lovely, love how you have split them n to two halfs… xxxx

  • I have been wanting to order a pair of toms for a long time, be honest how comfy are they, I need a bit of smoosh on the bottom.

    I emailed them a bit ago about kids shoes!

  • so much good stuff. i love “10 things i love sundays” because not only is the stuff all cute, but blog land needs some sunday love. the pictures from your store party look great – adorable – fun.

  • lovely stuff…and pancakes have got to win! especially with syrup and peanut butter…yummio!

    Love the new paintings and I can’t wait for Rachel’s painting to have prints!

    Tell you grandpa “happy rockin birthday”!!

    and totally yummy cupcakes, I have never made cupcakes in cones, it looks cool!

    xoxo Kimi

  • Oh my, my!!! What fun you are having!! I have loved Audrey Kitching for like…ever!!! Glad you mentioned her. I can’t wait to see the bubble tea & cupcake pictures from the party! I’ll b checkn you out on Monday morn~

  • Oo, I love old road signs like that. I found your blog becaue I’m friended with you on myspace. Your creativity is truly inspiring!

  • Those sunny spring floral brooches by Elsie & Erin are just adorable! I’d make one for myself but that would mean stabbing myself in frustration haha. On a side note, I’ve been following your blog for a while already and I think you’re one quirky and adorable lady 😛

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