Salvation Mountain

Some photos from our road trip to Salvation Mountain….
2 salvation mountain3 salvation mountain4 salvation mountainmy sister, her boyfriend and two of our friends drove three hours together to see this magical place.
i'll tell you a little bit about it…. first you should know that i am not much of a tourist. I almost never get excited about seeing famous places (not because they aren't cool, it's just not my thing) This was so beautiful and worth the trip. It was so silent when we arrived, it was almost creepy (in a beautiful way). It was so much bigger and more detailed than i had imagined….
5 salvation mountainpaint cans… 🙂6 salvation mountain7 salvation mountain8 salvation mountain9 salvation mountain10 salvation mountainand some photos from inside…
12 salvation mountain13 salvation mountain15 salvation mountain17 salvation mountain18 salvation mountain19 salvation mountain

(my pal jered)
20 salvation mountainand (saving the best for last!) pretty sure this is the coolest person i have ever met in my whole life!
21 salvation mountainLeonard King is the creator of Salvation Mountain. He has spent more than 20 years working on this project. His work is so beautiful and his attitude and story are even more lovely. It was a true honor to meet him and talk about his mountain.

Well, I am off to hang out with Emma for a few more days (and let's be honest…) work on some new things. Emma and I never stop working and we NEVER stop loving it! Have a great weekend, elsiecake

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