saturdays are magical.

Photobest Jeremy Larson quote (like ever): "i'd rather go to every flea market in Missouri than go to the mall." 

and so we did (maybe not every one….) and he found a vintage recorder and i found 2 pretty vintage pyrex bowls and a huge framed paint by number painting. oh.. and buttons. 
Um… and how nerdy am i? i just joined a flickr group for Pyrex (it's SO pretty!)
pictures like this …. 
in love. in love. in love. 
oh yes, and i have a couple more loft photos to share. these are from the landing on my stairs…
wells…. this is a way old photo but my studio looks just about this scary right now: 
and i have to make it cute tonight…. AND make my 2010 planner with the new kit.
actually, i'm really looking forward to both of those things! 
LOVE.LOVEs. happy Saturday. Elsie

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