Scalloped Cuff DIY

Scallopkey1Hi friends! Today I am proud to introduce our newest A Beautiful Mess contributor, Kara of I Just Might Explode. Kara will be sharing ideas for our Project ReStyle section this coming season. (yes, we're revamping Project ReStyle… hooray!) Today she has cooked up a sweet addition to any sweater. These removable cuffs are so cute. Here's how she made them… 

Scallopsweater11. You will need a sweater (I picked up mine at at thrift store!), a cute fabric, and coordinating embroidery floss. 2. Begin by tracing the half circle of a lid or other circular object onto paper to make a scallop pattern. I used a spice lid on a newsprint, but any circular object on paper works just fine! Start the new circles immediately next to the one before and keep a certain distance between the top of your circle and the edge of the paper so the scallops are even. My cuffs were 9 inches in width, but you'll have to adjust your width depending on the size of the scallops and the cuff size of the sweater. Again, the dimensions of the height of the cuffs depends on the look you're going for. Mine were 7 inches from tip of scallop to the opposite end. 3. Next, cut out the pattern and pin it to two back-facing pieces of your fabric. 4. Cut out around the pattern. 
Scallopsweater25. Next, hand stitch a top stitch around the edges of the scallops. (You could also use Fray Check on the edges of the scallop to keep them from fraying!) 6. Then, with the front-facing pieces touching each other, fold the fabric in half. Pin the edges. 7. Using a sewing machine, sew the edge. 8. Repeats steps 3-7 for the other cuff. Now it's time to stitch onto the sweater! Slide the inside-out cuff into the sweater half-way and fold the cuff upwards to make sure it looks how you want it to. Unfold the cuff and pin the fabric to the sweater and handstitch the cuffs on. I did a quick stitch because I plan on switching out the cuffs for Fall-Winter time. Currently, the floral fabric is perfect for pretending it's Spring!
Scallopkey2Scallopkey3So fun! I love this look for transitional weather. I don't know about you, but in Missouri we are still slipping on sweaters in the evenings until, like, May! Thanks for the sweet idea, Kara. And T.G.I.F. to everyone! xo. elsie 

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