Scout Inspired Bow Tie: Craft Project

Scout-tie-03Today our contributor, Amanda, is sharing the most incredible scout inspired bow tie! You can make one too and it's so cute worn with your favorite vintage brooch! 
Scout-tie-suppliesSupplies Needed: Black velvet fabric, tie pattern, measuring tape, scissors, pins, sewing machine and thread. (Wouldn't be difficult to hand stitch if you don't have a machine.) You'll also need a pretty brooch! Download Pattern-scout-tie )
Scout-tie-step11. Begin by measuring how long you want your tie to be. Add one inch to the length to allot for a seam.
Scout-tie-step22. Fold the fabric in half and pin the pattern along the folded edge. The pattern should print out to ten inches on basic 8.5×11 paper, so add on however many inches you need (on the smaller end) to equal half the length you measured for your tie. (Ex. I measured 24 inches, so I cut this piece at 12 inches.) Repeat for the second piece. You should have two "Y" shaped pieces now.

3. Fold the pieces back in half (velvet side in), pin, and stitch along all edges except the smallest end piece. After you've stitched each piece, flip them right side out. Stitch the two end pieces together. 

Scout-tie-step44. Use your favorite vintage brooch to pin together your new scout tie!



Absolutely adorable! I love this project! Thanks so much, Amanda. Have the loveliest day! XO. elsie

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