Scrapbook Sunday: Oink My Goodness!

Oink my goodness! It's a piggy scrapbook! Click through for supply listIf there is one thing I am learning about scrapbooking, it's that working on present day books is WAY more fun for me than trying to go back in time and scrapbook memories from five years ago. I do still aspire to be "caught up" someday, but for now I've resolved to kind of do both. So even though I'm still slowly chipping away at my archives, I am beginning to make new books about stuff that's happening now as well. This strategy feels good to me. I'll keep you updated as time goes on. 

So, this past weekend I took Emma on a birthday trip to Charleston, South Carolina. The surprise element of the trip was a little day trip down to Florida to play with Emma's and my favorite piggies from good ole Instagram @prissy_pig (they're also on Facebook!). Emma spent all of 2014 dropping hints to me about how badly she wanted to play with these pigs. So, like any good sister would do, I set up a play date. 

Here's a couple photos that their kind owner, Melissa, took of us. 

Piggy play date! Piggy play date! (Yes, they are even cuter in person!) 

Oink my goodness! It's a piggy scrapbook! Click through for supply list     As soon as we got home from our trip, I knew I needed to make an album for both our piggy play date and our trip to Charleston while the memories were still fresh! 

I realized that the coral 4×4 mini book we carry in our shop would make a perfect little piggy. I just used a little hand cut coral and black felt and some glossy accents adhesive to attach it to the cover to create a peachy pig face! It was about a ten minute project but I was "squealing" with joy by the time I was done. I mean, look how freaking cute! 

Oink my goodness! It's a piggy scrapbook! Click through for supply list     My favorite detail is the back! I used a crop-a-dile to punch through the bottom center of the book, and then added a little piece of hot pink rope to create a tail. 

I fully realize how cheesy this book is, but it's cheesy in my favorite possible way. I can't even wait to show my niece, Penelope! As soon as I completed the cover, I started brainstorming other ways I could alter the gray and mint 4×4 books. 

Oink my goodness! It's a piggy scrapbook! Click through for supply list On the inside of the album I kept it ultra simple and finished in just one sitting. I used my PIXMA iP8720 printer to print all our cell phone photos (plus a few favorites from their Instagram account) at 4×4 inch size. Then I made one page inside with journaling. 

Oink my goodness! It's a piggy scrapbook! Click through for supply list  Supplies used: Peach 4×4 album, Pink Alpha Stickers, 9×12 Ledger Paper (cute down to 4×4), extra 4×4 page protectors, and my favorite PIXMA iP8720 printer. All our photos were taken with the iPhone. 

Oink my goodness! it's a piggy scrapbookThanks for letting me share my little personalized album. It's a really pig deal to me. 🙂

In other happy news—I am amassing quite a nice collection of 4×4 albums between Scrapbook Sunday and all the books I made for our new e-course, Capture Real Life In 52 Weeks! (Yes- early sign up bonus kits are still available they include a mini stamp set, a mini ink and a mini journal. You can see photos on the product listing slider. Shipping is included.)

As much as I LOVE traveling, I'm happy to be back home catching up. Cheers to an awesome week, you guys!! xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Special thanks to @Prissy_Pig for letting us be your biggest fans. Album photos edited with Stella and Jean of The Signature Collection

  • This seriously kills me. Please give Dolly and Suki a little piggy sis or brother! 🙂

    How cute. Thanks for turning me into a pig lover, too! 🙂 Those little pigs steal my heart.

    love, polly

  • this is ridiculously cute! Those piggies are so cute! :3

    Katee @ xx

  • This is super cute!! 🙂 A friend bought me a piggie calendar a few years back so I feel the piggy love!!

    Oh and yay for scrapping while you are in the moment!

  • This is so cute! You got my creative juices flowing. I have TONS of scrapbooking supplies, a new printer and lots of empty books! Time to start scrapping!

  • I love these scrapbook posts! I’m getting so inspired to print out photos (finally!). I would love to print at home, I’m wondering what the cost of ink is for the PIXMA printer, and how many photos you get. My old printer I have now prints about 10 photos before it needs new ink and it’s just not cost effective with $40 ink! Maybe a post idea? Home printing vs shutterfly or the machine at target? And I would love to learn how to resize photos and make fun layouts for printing at home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is so cute! My friend recently took me to Florida and surprised me by taking me to Paradise Ranch, which is the mini pig farm Pris and Pop are from! I’m totally obsessed with piggies and I was stoked to see you guys met them! Heart eyes for DAYS!

  • This is a great idea, especially for a birthday adventure! I love the tail at the end of the book – perfect finishing touch!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • So cute! I love how the scrapbook itself is so simple. I think one of the reasons scrapbooking intimidates me is that the pages usually look so complex and time consuming!

  • gosh, you are forever inspiring me with your creativity with everything you put your hands on.
    Im all signed up and ready for the 52 week challenge e course. Im excited to challenge myself and capture life through the lense.

  • Sooo cute! Love what you did with the album! I am about to start my very first Project Life Scrapbook, so as a preparation I just read ALL of your Scrapbook Sunday posts- they were a great help and I feel a lot less overwhelmed now 😉 Thank you, guys! You are awesome!

  • This is just too adorable! So creative Elsie!


  • Ah! I love pigs! There’s a guy around here who takes his pet pig on walks downtown. He has a leash and everything. It is the most adorable thing EVER. Love the pig scrapbook you made- so cute.

    Also, this new mobile layout is sweet! So much easier to navigate!

  • I love your scrapbook. I think I want to create a doggie album like that for our Cupcake 🙂 So cute!

  • This is the sweetest thing ever! And the piggy personalization is adorable. Love it!

  • Such a cute idea! I love the idea of mixing it up by keeping up with new photos in addition to getting caught up. So often I feel so overwhelmed by my backlog that I just end up stalling out.

  • I’m sooooo excited for Scrapbook Sunday’s on A Beautiful Mess… This little pig is so cute & the simplicity of the memory presentation inside was great! I hope to see/hear more about the scrapbooking process- tackling “now” stuff, while still making back log process. And I love mini books, but I need inspiration about how to use/store them cutely once finished. It’s so much easier to put photo albums on a shelf & give mini albums as gifts, but if love to do do mini books for me without them ending up as clutter around the house. 🙂

  • Ahhh! So cute! I have loved pigs forever. Adding this to my crafts list.

  • A whale? So cute!! I was thinking about a puppy one for the gray. Eek! Now I need these albums in WAY more colors!

  • Haha! No worries! It takes YEARS to build a collection. I am still filling my first shelf 🙂

  • This is the cutest notebook I think I’ve ever seen! I’d never considered doing mini journals for memories but it’s such an amazing idea

  • They are SO cute! The piggykiss made me go all “awwwww”.
    The scrapbook is perfect, if only I had a bigger house! I’d probably bury myself between books and the scrapbooking I’d like to do. I’m trying to contain myself here.

    Eithne on the Moon | Lifestyle, books and travels!

  • Pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


  • This is exploding with cuteness! I could just imagine all the possibilities! Although an “Oink My Goodness” scrapbook is indeed very adorable.

  • Great idea. The grey book could be for a whale watch trip ? Or mice? Just thinking out loud.

  • Thats soooo cute! I wish I had a big sister to have fun birthday dates with 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I can’t get over how cute this is! I feel like I spend so much time customizing The inside content that I often forget about making the outside special too! Thanks for the inspiration Elsie!

    Hope you ladies had a wonderful trip!

    xx Kathryn

  • Such a lovely idea! How very clever- simple yet imaginative and the album looks really fun.
    Lovely photos as well! Did the piggies have names?
    Claire x


  • Yes! I am finding that these mini books make great albums for mini vacations and events! :))

    Thanks for reading Hilary Ann!

  • So adorable… LOVE! And most of all, I love the ‘in one sitting’ and ‘while the memories are fresh’ approach for busy bees like me. I have an ongoing Project Life for everyday memories (Sunshine edition, of course 🙂 but I am digging on the mini book idea for more ‘time bound’ memories, like a trip, a holiday or when my folks come to visit for a weekend. I can’t WAIT for the mini book challenges as I progress through the new course!

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